Cat on the sWheat Scoop box

Rita Anne ProvenzanoRita Anne Provenzano PhilapawMember Posts: 635
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Hey, everykitty! Can anyone tell me what type of cat that is on the front of the sWheat Scop box? PLEASE? Mommy, Daddy and human sister went to the SPCA to volunteer and there is a 3 yo boy who is the twin of that cat! Even the 'aqua' eyes are identical. Thanks in advance!


  • Elizabeth BanchiElizabeth Banchi MorristownMember Posts: 3,382
    edited 5 June, 2007
    Hmm...We're not even really sure if it is a breed... But you could always try contacting them!
  • Rita Anne ProvenzanoRita Anne Provenzano PhilapawMember Posts: 635
    edited 5 June, 2007
    Thanks, Wally! By all research, it seems to be a Tonk mix. That's what the cat was at the SPCA. Thank you again, Nico
  • Gimli_TGMGimli_TGM HurstMember Posts: 29,929 ✭✭
    edited 5 June, 2007
    Hi Nico, the kitty may just be a Siamese X tabby with lynx points and blue eyes like me, only this kitties eyes are more aqua than mine. My mom works at Target in the pet department and she always thinks of me when she sees that box. It almost looks like me when I was younger. Purrs, Nigel
  • Rita Anne ProvenzanoRita Anne Provenzano PhilapawMember Posts: 635
    edited 6 June, 2007
    Oh My KITTYCAT! You could be the cat on the box! Wow! You are one good looking dude. I'll bet the females LOVE you. This cat at the SPCA has honest to goodness aqua eyes, like my sister, Ava's but deeper. They have him listed as a Tonkinese mix. BUT they also have him listed as chocolate point and there isn't one thing chocolate about him. They followed the description from the shelter in which he was transferred. So, Mommy takes everything with a grain of salt since that other shelter listed my brother Dash as having gray points (what are 'gray points'?) and he is nothing but a chocolate pointed siamese. All I know is my family loved this kitty! If they bring him in this house, I'll have to show him the ropes. From what they were saying, he's a lap cat. I'm the lover in this family, so he and I are going to have to strike up some type of plan here! Thanks again, Nigel. Later! Nico
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