Can Kitties Kiss? Just Look into Their Eyes ...

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I read this great article on Yahoo by Pam Johnson-Bennett. It is really interesting... "You may or may not be aware of cat kisses, but they're something cat lovers have talked about for years. Some believe in them and some don't. I happen to be a believer in the ever-subtle -- but extremely endearing -- cat kiss. If you're envisioning your favorite feline puckering up and planting a whisker-tickling smooch on your cheek, you're on the wrong track. A cat kiss is actually a very slow blink of the cat's eyelids. Cat kisses are given to other cats, and to some lucky humans. It's usually reserved for a companion with whom the cat is familiar and friendly. You can even return a cat kiss with your own slow blink. The next time you're sitting on the couch and your kitty is relaxed on the chair across the room, pay close attention -- because she may be offering a cat kiss. Her posture will be relaxed with her facial muscles also relaxed. Her eyelids will ever-so-gently close and reopen. You've just been kissed! Don't attempt cat kisses with unfamiliar cats or ones who are stressed and anxious. You don't want to offer a direct stare to an unhappy or conflicted kitty. Reserve cat kisses for those relaxed and happy moments with the cats in your life. When my first child was a baby, I would exchange cat kisses with my cats while I was busy bottle-feeding my daughter. I believe it helped my cats feel connected to me while I was occupied doing things in which they couldn't participate. Have you been kissed today?" - by Pam Johnson-Bennett
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