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Kitties and human pregnancy

Georgie LiGeorgie Li Member Posts: 48
edited 13 June, 2007 in Cat Health
Hi everyone! Well, this is more a question about my girl than about me. She wants to know if any of the humans here became pregnant but still continued being their cats' sole caretakers? I guess one big thing people have against us during their pregnancies is the whole toxoplasmosis thing. How did you human mommies get through the whole 10 months with your cats? For example, were you still all snuggly with your kitties? Did you still sleep with them? How did you clean the litterboxes? Please share! (And don't say my girl will have to get rid of us!!!)


  • Shellie DeanShellie Dean BadenMember Posts: 330
    edited 7 June, 2007
    Of course your she doesn\'t need to get rid of you!! The only caution is litter-box duty; she should either have someone else change it or wear gloves, and of course wash her paws well afterward. But the feeding, petting, and snuggling can go on as before. And there\'s new research that says babies and children in houses with pets tend to be healthier and have less allergies. So breathe easy, my friend.=;
  • Katina VentimigliaKatina Ventimiglia HUDSONMember Posts: 36
    edited 7 June, 2007
    I think as long as you wear gloves while cleaning the litter box you should be fine. When I was pregnant the only thing I didn't do was clean the litter box. I still cuddled, petted, and slept with my cat as well as feed him. I hope that helps. Another thing when you go for your check up speak to the ob-gyn. He/She will have some tips and stuff. Good Luck.
  • Julia HarrisJulia Harris Member Posts: 185
    edited 7 June, 2007
    Also, the only risk you have for infection of toxoplasmosis is if you've never been exposed to it before. It only is a risk to the baby if you're exposed to it for the first time DURING your pregnancy. Since you've had your cats for a while already, cleaning their litterboxes etc. You've more than likely already been exposed (which poses no risk to the baby). Wear gloves when doing the litter, just incase, but otherwise dont' worry!
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 7 June, 2007
    You can have your doctor test you for exposure for toxoplasmosis. This is what they did with my mommy since she works ina vet hospital and is exposed to many different kitties litter boxes.
  • Georgie LiGeorgie Li Member Posts: 48
    edited 7 June, 2007
    Is it true that our being indoor cats does reduce the risk?
  • Ashley ThomasAshley Thomas Member Posts: 11
    edited 7 June, 2007
    I think from what i've ready indoor cats are very much less exposed, since it's transfered through rodents. Indoor cats can still carry it, and you shouldn't worry about not cuddling with your kitty! ^_^! You should talk to your OBGYN, and congrats on the baby news!!!! I find out in a couple of days if I am too. :c9
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
    edited 7 June, 2007
    My mommy took care of Abbie and Sasha when she was pregnant. She wore disposable rubber gloves to do the litter box. When she got put on bed rest, she payed a neighbor girl to take care of it for her. Also, daddy helped out some, but not much. Mommy's pregnancy was very high risk, but she never considered finding the cats new homes. They were her first children and were very good with the baby when she arrived. You can p-mail mommy through any of our profiles and she will give you tips on getting the kitty ready for a baby.
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,807 ✭✭✭
    edited 10 June, 2007
    That's partially true about being indoor kitties, Sophie. Cats most often pick up the Toxoplasma gondii parasite from eating raw meat, usually prey they kill themselves while roaming outside. Indoor cats can still contract it if they're being fed raw meat (humans can also get it directly from eating raw or undercooked meat). ] If you've already been exposed, you should be all right. And, as it's also been said, it can't hurt to take sensible precautions like wearing gloves while cleaning the litter box.
  • Alex KondosAlex Kondos TulsaMember Posts: 600
    edited 10 June, 2007
    My dad is a doctor who has been in practice for quite some time (and in a variety of areas- urban, suburban and rural). He said the only time he has seen 'toxoplasmosis trouble' in a pregnant woman was a woman from another country (with no cats) who ate raw meat on a regular basis. I don't think you should have any trouble... but it is a good excuse to have someone else clean the boxes for awhile!
  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
    edited 10 June, 2007
    My mommy has a friend with nine kitties and she cleaned the litter boxes during her entire pregnancy with no problems. Her kitties were indoor and outdoor kitties too since they lived in a farm-like area with little traffic. Her doctor told her under the circumstances, she\'d most likely been exposed already and just to wear gloves while cleaning the boxes if she wanted to. She was fine and her baby loves kitty cats!!
  • Georgie LiGeorgie Li Member Posts: 48
    edited 11 June, 2007
    Thanks so much everyone! Our girl was given a blood test today to see whether she's immune. But in any case, she has been using the disposable gloves (not that she used to play with our poop before haha...).
  • Carrie ComerCarrie Comer Page CountyMember Posts: 888
    edited 12 June, 2007
    Mom took care of us the whole time she was expecting and we were very helpful to her by being extra snuggly. You are fine-yes indoor cats are less risk of toxo, but good handwashing is really all you need. You can get the kitty tested for it. And use caution when planting outside (outdoor kitties will potty in your flower bed mulch-eww) and when you mess with raw meats (these little toxo germs hide in meats). She didn\'t adjust much for the new baby from our standpoint. And while we had little knowledge of what in the world she and dad brought home with them-we were always the first to run to see the little guy if he woke, we sat up with mom for all the night feedings, we liked to sleep under the crib, we were very protective and loving with him. Then over a short time it got up and walked-quickly. We still like to watch him sleep but we avoid him during waking hours. Mom would be glad to give you tips and things that worked for her and us two cranky old cats when we got ready for our baby-just pmail her. We had a worse time with that dang pup than we did the baby! And we never did steal any breath:^: Tom
  • Kelly UnruhKelly Unruh Southern CaliforniaMember Posts: 7
    edited 12 June, 2007
    My human Mom is about to have a baby any day now. She didn't clean our liter box, Dad did that, but she still played, fed and snuggled with us. It got to be a bit difficult to sit in her lap as the baby grew, but I tried. My brother, Redley, has had a bit of a rougher time adjusting to Mom being pregnant. He had a few accidents where he pee'd outside the liter box. The Dr. said it wasn't medical, but behavioral. We thought it was because Mom and Dad brought in sents from other cats into the house (we're both 100% indoor), since what he pee'd on had been near other cats. Then last month, he pee'd in the baby's room. Mom and Dad weren't too happy about that, so now we aren't allowed in the room unless they are with us. I think his behavior has something to do with Mom's hormones or something. Just something to think about as the next 9 months pass by.
  • Georgie LiGeorgie Li Member Posts: 48
    edited 13 June, 2007
    Thanks so much everyone! Our girl just got her test results back; it seems she's immune to toxo. But she intends to continue using her funny gloves and washing her hands properly :^:
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