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Is mom overreacting?

Christine UnversawChristine Unversaw EvanstonMember Posts: 3,321
edited 21 June, 2007 in Cat Health
She does that alot...hehe. She got me a new collar a few weeks ago and, to my dismay, I hadn't been able to get it off. There were two spots on my neck I kept itching and itching..and appears that I've scratched off my hair in those areas. She took the collar off, the scratching has stopped. There's no open wound or anything...I've just got two small bald spots. Considering the collar probably just irritated my skin a bit, and I scratched like this really anything to worry about? Meow- Captain


  • Grace McLeanGrace McLean Member Posts: 406
    edited 8 June, 2007
    My mom is a worrier too, and even she suspects you are probably fine. The collar probably made you itchy and so you scratched, and the hair loss is probably from the scratching. If you are still unsure, then I would just confirm with the doctor.
  • Christine UnversawChristine Unversaw EvanstonMember Posts: 3,321
    edited 8 June, 2007
    Hehe, that's what mom thought..but then she started thinking it could be something big bad and scary...haha. I've always had really thin hair too..ever since I was a little kitten, so my neck has always shed more than anywhere else on my body because that's my favorite spot to just scratch sometimes. Second opinions are always good..thanks! -Meow! Captain
  • lynn spicerlynn spicer marysvilleMember Posts: 271
    edited 10 June, 2007
    Something to consider is that maybe you're sensitive to the material of the collar (nylon, leather, whatever it may be). Not a major worry. It wasn't a flea collar, was it? If so, you could be sensitive to the chemical. I would try a collar made of something different.
  • Ann HallettAnn Hallett Costa MesaMember Posts: 144
    edited 10 June, 2007
    I had to spend the night at the vet recently because he suspected I was affected by the bad pet food. I had to be on an IV all night. When mom brought me home she noticed that I had lost a lot of fur around my neck! She felt really bad because she didn\'t notice it for a couple of days and then was afraid that something was really wrong with me. She called the vet and he confirmed that I\'d worn a \"Victorian\" collar because of my IV. Mom was so relieved! Your problem may be the same thing. Mom says that I lost a whole lot of fur in just 1 day.
  • Christine UnversawChristine Unversaw EvanstonMember Posts: 3,321
    edited 11 June, 2007
    Thanks for all the responses! My hair is growing wasn't a flea collar...I just don't like to wear ANYTHING! :D I'm not microchipped though, and mom wants me to have something to ID me, at least until she is able to get me a chip. Guess I'm just a sensitive lil guy :D -Meeeeoooow! -Captain
  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
    edited 12 June, 2007
    I simply refuse to wear a collar. It drives my mommy crazy, but I just cannot tolerate them. When she first bought me one, I kept taking it off and hiding it. Every single day, we\'d play \"find the collar\" but I guess after a while I wore mommy down because now she doesn\'t even try. I got so I could get it off in seconds and hide it from her. She\'d have to look for a long time sometimes and then I\'d be out of it almost as soon as she put it back on me. It was fun, but mommy didn\'t see it that way. :)) Now I just have a microchip even though I\'m an indoor kitty. She hates that I won\'t wear a collar, but she respects my wishes. Good luck with your mommy. If you destroy enough of them and hide them really good, maybe she will just give up like my mommy did. Purrs, Mama Kitty
  • Jennifer RiebelJennifer Riebel Member Posts: 8
    edited 21 June, 2007
    Angel is quite happy being my jingle baby, but Spot refuses to wear his. He's got a beard, so his hair is really thick around the side and bottom of his neck, but really thin at the top. The last time I tried to make him wear it, (also playing find the collar, which was really hard because as soon as it came off, it became a toy..) but he started getting sparse spot on the top of his neck, where the collar was rubbing against his skin. So, now, when I hear jingle bells, it's Angel, if I don't, it's Spot.
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