Can she be shaved?

Holly RachelleHolly Rachelle Member Posts: 1,896
edited 15 June, 2007 in Grooming
Princess Kiara's mom talking: Okay so i dont know, so i am asking. Can you have a domestic long haired cat shaved, and the hair will grow back long again? I just dont want to have her shaved and her long hair not grow back!


  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
    edited 12 June, 2007
    MOL. Why would you want to shave a girly furry kitty? Poor thing, she'd be embarrased of her nakedness! Anyway, the answer is yes it will grow's just like humans cut it and it shall return! They actually shave cats for certain surgeries at the vets too!
  • Holly RachelleHolly Rachelle Member Posts: 1,896
    edited 12 June, 2007
    Well mom says when i get older she might take me to the groomers and get me a lion cut or something because my hair is so fine that it gets matted very easy!
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
    edited 13 June, 2007
    Abbie and Sasha used to get the lion cut (full tail is best, otherwise they look like Dr. Suess characaters). I started doing it for Sasha as she got older and wouldn't let me brush her. Her mats were so bad on her tummy that it was the only option. Even though I brushed Abbie all the time, it was still difficult to keep her mats away as she got older (and fatter). She couldn't groom herself very well, and even once-a-day brushing didn't stop the mats. So, she got the lion cut, too. Both cats seemed very happy with their haircuts and the fur definitely grows back. Don't worry about that! I would do it in the summer so the fur would be full again by winter. Sasha had to take a sedative, though. Abbie actually loved the process. If it would be too much stress for your kitty, you might as the vet about a mild sedative.
  • Hazel_LucyHazel_Lucy PurrsvilleMember Posts: 6,156 ✭✭✭
    edited 15 June, 2007
    Anycat can be shaved, and the fur grows back. Mom shaves my rear once in a while, as the fur there is longer and gets messy sometimes. Here is a great thing! Mom bought The Furminator. It looks pricey at $25 but let me tell you, you will never need a groomer. I already look 2 pounds lighter. Mom used it and before you knew it, there was a giant furball that looked like a mini-me! It does everything it says it will. You can't use it for mats but once those are gone, it's amazing. And now that we have it, she won't need to shave me either! I feel wonderful with a much light coat!
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