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We need help!

Traci WagonerTraci Wagoner St. PetersMember Posts: 3
edited 20 June, 2007 in Cat Health
Our kitty Casssy will not stop peeing on our carpets. HELP please anyone. We've tried everything from taking her to the vet for a check up to crating her for a week with a litter box in a great big crate. We've tried putting the litter near spots she's peed on and moving it back to its original location. Right now we haveno other kitties for her to compete with. But this has been a long time problem. My husband and I are at our wits end and are at a loss at this point. My husband says if we can't figure it out we will have to put her up for adoption. Please help anyone! I don't want my kitty to leave but we really can't take anymore of this behavior.


  • Phoebe McPhoebodyPhoebe McPhoebody Member Posts: 744
    edited 13 June, 2007
    Phoebe's Mommy here: In my never to be humble opinion, torties are very smart...but also very tempermental. If the SLIGHTEST thing (or perceived thing) is upsetting their schedule then it is not uncommon for them to show displeasure by not using their best litter box habits. Double check with the vet to rule out any physical problems. If it is ruled to be strictly behavioral, then check if there are any last things you can try (maybe meds) that will help her compulsion.
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,807 ✭✭✭
    edited 14 June, 2007
    Make sure you treat any urine spots with a good, enzyme-based cleaner. If there's even a slight trace of urine smell left, a kitty will think it's a good place to go again. Make sure you don't use ammonia-based cleaners, because they can mimic urine scent. I'm assuming she's spayed? You can try a product like Feliway, which is a synthetic version of a cat's facial pheromones and can make a kitty feel more at ease in her environment. It can be especially helpful if the urination is territorial. It is a bit expensive and doesn't work for all cats, but it would be worth a try if nothing else is helping. Good luck, Cassy! Keep us posted!
  • Sharon BraatenSharon Braaten Great BarringtonMember Posts: 842
    edited 14 June, 2007
    I LOVE peeing on the dog\'s bed. Then mommy cleans it and cleans it and cleans it, and the BAM I pee on it as soon as it is clean again. Hahahaha! It is so funny! (Mommy doesn\'t think so). I went to the vet and got all kinds of tests - everything was FINE. The vet said it was behavioral and to try Feliway spray. Mom says the most important thing with cleaning cat pee is to use an enzyme cleaner like Nature\'s Miracle. If the area still smells like pee, cats will pee there again. The nature\'s miracle works very well to get rid of the smell, but it takes patience. You have to soak the rug/bed/pillow/etc completely and let it AIR dry. This can take days or weeks to dry, but the smell will be gone. I have also found that Feliway works very well for this problem too. Mom was going out of her mind with me peeing on furniture and the dog bed, but the combo of using the nature\'s miracle followed by the feliway spray really works. Feliway is a pheromone that chills us out. Mom sprays it where she doesn\'t want me to pee or scratch and i take one sniff and walk away. It is kind of expensive (about $30 for a spray bottle) but mom has been using it for months. You don\'t need much at all. Please try these products. Mom knows how you feel, but giving you away is sooo sad! I would hate to see you end up at a shelter! I have stopped peeing outside the litter box for at least 4 months now. Keep us posted.
  • Ann HallettAnn Hallett Costa MesaMember Posts: 144
    edited 14 June, 2007
    If your litterbox has a cover on it, take it off. It's a long shot but it was sure an issue with me!
  • Irene CoughlinIrene Coughlin Jamaica,Queens, New YorkMember Posts: 160
    edited 14 June, 2007
    Well, as long as the litter box isn\'t kept in a high traffic area, placing the litter box in the bathroom or another area of the house that is easily attainable will do. If you have a large house-maybe putting 1 litter box on every level will do. Sifting the litter of clumps between changes and changing the litter completely at least once a week will do too. Your cat may just be very picky about the cleanliness of the litter box, so you may have to sift it everyday. A litter deodorizer like Fresh N\' Clean or the one made by Arm & Hammer for cats is good, keeps the litter smelling fresher. Also, if you have an old cat, the litter box you have may be to high for them to get into now- so, you might want to think about getting a ramp or a litter box with sides that aren\'t so high & are very low to the floor. OR, if you have an overweight cat- the litter box may be too small to use now. If you have one with a hood, you may want to try one without a hood. Crating is good as long as the food & water bowls, and sleeping area aren\'t near the litter box. However, if medical problems are ruled out & you\'ve had your cat tested for feline urinary tract disease; you can try to ask your vet about litter attractants. They are powdery-like based that you add & mix into the litter. But they may be messy. There\'s a very good litter that may help with your problem -it\'s on PetSmart\'s website & it\'s called Dr.Elsey\'s Cat Attract-it already is a litter with the litter attractant made into it. It\'s guaranteed to make any cat that has difficulty being trained & re-using(assuming there\'s no medical issues) the litter box to start using it again, and they have a money back guarantee right on the litter package. I\'m also assuming you don\'t change brands of litter often-because that can mess cats up. If you do change their brand of litter-do it over a gradual period of time(2 weeks) and just mix & increase the new brand with the old brand until there\'s hardly any of the old brand mixed with the new brand.Urine-Off for Cats are good urine remover spray & wipe combo especially designed to get at removing cat urine-they can be bought from; Nature\'s Miracle is very good too. Feliway is good for marking( but make sure it\'s marking & not a medical issue) It\'s also good to prevent scratching certain areas and does calm them when traveling inside a carrier or when being introduced to a new pet, or going to a new home. And, you can always check for yourself if there might be a medical issue- Scientific Professional(found on is a litter that tells you if your cat has feline urinary tract disease. Lots of Luck, hope I was of some help|^| |bb|
  • Cathy AudorffCathy Audorff Janesville, WisMember Posts: 3,812 ✭✭
    edited 14 June, 2007
    Mommy just read about the litter at Pet-smart in one of our groups. It's called Cat-Attract-it or something like that. Probably is worth trying if there isn't a medical problem. Hope you get this problems fixed before long.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 16 June, 2007
    First determine it's not a medical problem by getting the urine tested, not just an exam. If it turns out to be a behavioral issue then start working on modification. Cat Attract litter is a good recommendation. There are several more listed here:
  • Toni TurcotteToni Turcotte AustinMember Posts: 593
    edited 18 June, 2007
    I was having problems with the litterbox too. Mama got the Cat Attract for me too. I loved it! Now I'm back to using the box full-time. I only have had one "accident" in months. It was mostly Mama's fault. Things had gotten so hectic that she and daddy hadn't had a chance to scoop out the boxes. So I made my own box :))
  • Amanda FlanneryAmanda Flannery Redford, HollyMember Posts: 29
    edited 19 June, 2007
    I'm quite the professional pee-er myself. It can be pretty stressful on mom. My dad has made the threat of giving me away, too. Things we can think of off the top of our head is: For whatever reason the initial peeing happened, once a kitty has peed somewhere - repeat performances are hard to stop. Cat smells pee, thinks pee. Your best bet might be to try and come up with ways to keep the cat out of the offending room(s). I am usually banned from the basement for this reason. If containing the cat isn't possible, some ways to try and curb it are to make sure you avoid cleaning the pee up with amonia based products. Those also remind kitties of pee. Another trick is to try putting a bowl of food in the offending area. Cat's don't pee where they eat. Also think about kitty litter and box. Has anything changed? Supposedly kitty litter switches can a cat angry or a stinky covered litter box. My initial outburst was a bladder infection, but mom also thinks I do it when I'm mad at having too much time to myself. We were doing well with mom unemployed, but just had another outburst after mom left me home for 36 hours without a sitter. Hope this helps!
  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
    edited 20 June, 2007
    Everycat has given really good advice. I pee all the time becuase I get urinary infections. Testing my urine for stones isn\'t enough. The vet has to do a full culture on the urine to see if there is another kind of infection. My bladder wall was infected, but my urine looked fine at first glance because there were no crystals. Also, mommy uses Nature\'s Miracle and it helps but takes a long time. She switched to OdoBan and I haven\'t peed in the places she\'s used it. It really works. We also have the Feliway plug in things in several rooms. My sister likes to attack me when I\'m in the box, so that doesn\'t help my problems at all!! Now we have a lot of boxes and she can\'t always find me. MOL Also, I refuse to use the box if it isn\'t clean. Even though we have lots of boxes, we all like to use just one, so mommy has to clean it every day. Good luck. Make sure your mommy tells your daddy it\'s not fair to send you away just because you are having a little problem. Just help them get it fixed. Purring for you, Felix
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