Vomiting mother cat

Melissa ThomasMelissa Thomas College ParkMember Posts: 647
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I took in an abandoned mother and her six kittens. They were diagnosed with giardia and treated. However, two of the kitties still had diarrhea and there was a huge brown puddle mess in the middle of the bathroom floor. I assumed it was mama diarrhea and brought in stool samples for all of them; the fecal analysis came back negative. Now I think what I saw was mama vomit. They had been eating prodigious amounts of wet food for the first week; then they seemed to cut back and eat half of what they were. I suspect she is still overeating . . . not sure what to do. I give all of them 2 6 oz cans of wet food three times a day, with dry food always on offer . . . any advice?


  • Jennifer RiebelJennifer Riebel Member Posts: 8
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    My little Angel had a lot of vomiting problems and really FOUL smelling poop. The vet suggested Science Diet Sensitive Stomachs cat food. Science Diet is frickin' expensive, then I found Purina One Sensitive Systems at Wal*Mart. Both Angel and Spot transitioned to it very well. I'm not sure that it contains all the stuff a nursing mother needs, but it's worked for my baby.
  • Phoebe McPhoebodyPhoebe McPhoebody Member Posts: 744
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    Any diet change will always cause some problems initially. I was going to ask about a parasite possibility, but you already addressed that. If I pick up one of the Baileys not long after one of their meals, I inevitably hear some rumbly tummies. And the most fun is when the kittens really start to eat the regular food and do some of the most silent but deadly farts! %:D% Just keep an eye on things. It sounds like you are doing what you need to and the amount of food for the size of the litter is certainly not excessive. BTW...how old are the kittens?
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