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Flea medication

Ashley SkalaAshley Skala San FranciscoMember Posts: 92
edited 27 June, 2007 in Cat Health
Mom hasn't exactly done all of her research yet, but thought in the mean time I could ask you guys. (I hope this is the best place to post about this) I was curious if anyone has had better results with any of the following kinds of flea medication: Revolution, Frontline, or Advantage. I have taken Revolution and didn't have any problems. And started taking Advantage before I got Feline Hepatic Lipidosis. (I mom was seeing some flea dirt and saw one flea on me at that point and gave me one dose of it.) Since then I've been trying to get my health back, my mum was by the vet specialist, to hold off using it again until I am feeling better. But the problem is that I started having the liver problems after seeing the vet and getting the Advantage. I don't know if it had to do with the stress of going to a new vet, or if the flea medicine didn't bode well with me. At any rate, mum is a little apprehensive using the Advantage again. I haven't tried Frontline before. And my normal vet (the one I saw before the specialist) said that Frontline is more geared towards outside kitties so it protects against ticks as well. I'm an inside cat, so Advantage seemed like the way to go. So I guess mom's question is, have any of you experianced any health problems after taking flea meds? I know that this stuff is important to keep fleas away, but isn't it basically like a poison? If I did lick some off could it affect my liver which breaks down chemicals...? Hope someone might be able to give some insight....:-k Meow MuShu!


  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
    edited 22 June, 2007
    I checked with our meowmy, and she has never had a cat get sick following appilcation of flea medicine (and she has had cats for over twenty years). However, it does not mean they could not affect some cats health. Meowmy uses Revolution on us, as we live on a property with 17 acres, and my brother Louie walks my meowmy twice a day, and my other (adopted) brother Benny Grunch goes outside also. Continue to check with your vet, they are always the best source of info on kitty health. Perhaps another of the cats on CATSTER has had this problem, and might have a suggestion. Take care, Emma
  • Nancy PattersonNancy Patterson Member Posts: 134
    edited 23 June, 2007
    :-k You look well loved by your humans - even in that silly blue sweater! I had a very serious reaction to the Hartz brand flea control that is marketed to look like Advantage. The emergency vet who took care of me and wrote a nastygram to Hartz - said they are very different chemical approaches & Hartz is very risky to kitties! My family has used Advantage without any problems....but, you have something else so scary going you really need flea control indoors? Maybe you could wait? Sometimes my human skips it for quite a long time, because we have no evidence of the little critters. Then she gets religion and puts Advantage on all of us...especially if we are going to be exposed to other kits, like at the vet's. Get well!! We'll be purring for you! |:|
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 23 June, 2007
    I have some input for you... Revolution is used to guard against heartworm, fleas, roundworms, hookworms and ear mites. I think this is a bit unnecessary for an indoor kitty. (Just my personal opinion). Advantage only kills fleas. Fronline kills fleas and ticks. Initially mom put Advantage on me. I had a weird neurological event. I was kind of wobbly for several hours afterward. Since then mom has only put frontl;inf on me, and I have had no more of those episodes. I have heard of a couple of cats that experienced similar things as me, but I am unaware of any kitty getting liver problems from Advantage. Your Hepatic Lipidosis is most likely form the stress of your vet visit and then presumably your lack of eating. Whatever you decide, stay away form Hartz Bio Spot or Spot On. (Anything that can be purchased OTC). These are not safe and have been linked to seizure and death in cats.
  • Ashley SkalaAshley Skala San FranciscoMember Posts: 92
    edited 23 June, 2007
    me-ow-ssage from my momma, Thanks Emma, Biscut, and Hunter! I haven't seen any fleas as of lately. And acutally the only flea I actually did see was on MuShu. I didn't fog the apartment because neither me nor my boyfriend got any flea bites. So I am definitely going to hold off for a while since we're just now getting MuShu back on track with eating and everything. I just wanted to see if anyone had any weird affects. I tried hartz a while ago before I could get into the vet, good to know that that stuff is bad news I'll NEVER try it again. It doesn't seem to do the trick anyway. That's terrible that it has such bad effects! We love our MuShu very much and only want the best things for him. I appreciate your input! Oh and Biscut...MuShu says: Yeah, I don't like the sweater! I started trying to give myself a bath, since I've been feeling better, but I keep getting my to tongue caught on it! It's getting all fuzzy around the arms- hehe. Well Mom says, on Thursday we go in for a blood test, and if my liver levels are back to normal level I can get this tube out and the sweater off! Thanks for the Rosette!
  • edited 24 June, 2007
    Yeah, NEVER use Hartz. I saw it kill a kitten before. It's rotten.:-# We use Frontline Plus
  • Ashley SkalaAshley Skala San FranciscoMember Posts: 92
    edited 25 June, 2007
    What do you guys think of "Flea Away" Natural flea powder? (I saw it on anyone out there tried it and had good results?? It seems like a good alternative to the chemical stuff out there...the question is if it is effective. :-k Thanks for the input! Meow! MuShu
  • Bobbie ColeBobbie Cole Rock Hill, SCMember Posts: 1
    edited 25 June, 2007
  • Nancy GraceNancy Grace near Ft. WorthMember Posts: 104
    edited 26 June, 2007
    Yeah, back in the 1980s (I think) it was the cats that were dropping like fleas with Hartz. They have not had a good name since. Mommy used Hartz kitten formula on me this week only because she didn't have time to get to fight the traffic to PetSmart for KMR. Mommy, otherwise, is afraid of Hartz. Frontline is what Dr. B suggested, and he prefers RX to OTC because it is such a toxic chemical if not administered right, especially on little kitties. Remember we have had weird weather patterns for awhile and ticks can get in the house too. They usually drop on humans from trees. Mommy had one on her pant leg just before adopting me. That is why Dr. B put me on Frontline.:^:
  • Sharyn BergSharyn Berg PensacolaMember Posts: 79
    edited 27 June, 2007
    Just this weekend somone was telling me that Advantage caused problems in Greyhounds. Since they were talking about dawgs I really wasn't paying attention. But I think they said it was a kidney or a liver problem caused by Advantage. Good to know about Hartz! Daddy bought some but Mommy hadn't put it on my yet. Now she's not going to and dispose of the evil stuff. At the TNR clinics Mommy works at Alley Cat Allies uses Frontline Plus.
  • Adrienne HynekAdrienne Hynek Burlington, MAMember Posts: 10
    edited 27 June, 2007
    My sister and I use frontline. We have had no reactions, and I react to almost everything. Our first vet,(not cheap), says that Frontline is the best! Our second vet, (much more affordable), ;c; agrees. Good luck!
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