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Vet stories

Nicole FoxNicole Fox PawsvilleMember Posts: 3,777
edited 29 June, 2007 in Cat Health
Can you share any funny stories that has happened at the vets or if you are a vet or vet tech the stories that you have to share.


  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 24 June, 2007
    This is Delyte. This is a little funny, but sort of creepy, too. My late companion, Peri [died 2003] had been a very unhealthy cat since she was a kitten and was always going to the vet. She did, however, not have any problems with eating, and mostly was described as a "black beach ball with legs." The vet that we had gone to for years had a serious accident and broke his back, so local vets were trying to help him keep his business open by filling in for him. You never knew who you were going to get when you showed up. Our person showed up with Peri in the carrier and got a strange doctor. When she took her out of the carrier, the vet said, in a very disapproving tone of voice, "Madam, this cat is pregnant." My person said, in an even more disapproving voice, "She had better not be, because you people spayed her last year!" Fortunately, the guy immediately backed down, but said that with her round shape and losing fur on her stomach, she did look pregnant. But she wasn't, and she did live a pretty long life, in spite of having constant bladder and kidney problems and having only part of one kidney working for many years. The vet was not so lucky, in that he never recovered use of his arms and legs, and had to sell the practice, and died soon after. He was a good vet, too.
  • edited 24 June, 2007
    MOL! Once we took Todd to the vet for his first shots. They said he was a very cute cat and they calmly walked him to the back on their shoulders, he was very calm and he seemed happy. So mom and I waited for a while and then we heard this screeching and scrabbling and yowling in the back. "I feel bad for that cat." I said "Yeah, thank goodness Todd isn't like that." "He's so collected, I love him." The vet came back, her hair seemed slightly more gray than five minutes ago. "He's a bengal alright." she said. "What?" "You heard that yowling?" "Yeah." "That was him.":)) Todd isn't like that anymore, but he frieked out at the sight of a needle for the first time.:))
  • P IngramP Ingram EaganMember Posts: 7,400
    edited 24 June, 2007
    Hey Todd us Bengallys got to stick together. I have a funny story. Mommy took us to the vet a few months ago. She was really taking Winnie, but she took me along in case Winna was sick and I needed to be treated to (she wasn't btw) so I was the moral support kitty. My vets office had just moved into a new building and the sweet techs werent quite used to it yet. Now let me say I am what mommy calls a "flirt" at the vet, I give all the nice ladies my "look* and melt their heart. I play and jump on things like I am at home. So after they held me and told me how handsome I was they turned on the sink for me to play in the water, while they checked Winna. They forgot however that next to the sink I was playing in was the brand new motion activated hand soap dispenser. Until they heard the wirring noise.....ooops. I had covered myself in hand soap. Good thing I like water cause they had to give me a bit of a bath to get it off. But I didnt care, I just kept playing and walking around the room with a wet side. Still handsome as ever :))!
  • Nancy GraceNancy Grace near Ft. WorthMember Posts: 104
    edited 24 June, 2007
    Mom used to have two cats named for her grandparents (her grandpa liked yellow cats), Fluffy Norman and Shadow Nellie. Shadow looked like a yellow version of Gator and had pure 'catitude' most of the time. Fluffy was 90% hair and a very sweet lover. Anyway, at the time, Fluffy was known as 'FluffaNellie' because no one could tell his gender through all that hair and Shadow just didn't want anyone looking down there. So at the open clinic, the vet tech asked what sex they were and mom said she didn't know. "What do you mean you don't know!" asked the lady rudely. Dad explained the situation and the lady attempted to look. She grabbed Shadow's tail and barely had time to let it go before Shadow tried to claw her. Fluffy just wanted to be loved so he wouldn't stand still and the wind kept blowing his fluff over appropriate areas. The vet tech responded "we'll call him a boy." Fortunately she was right. Can you imagine what the vet went through trying to fix those two! Poor Fluffy was hit by a car a few months later (8 months old) and Shadow disappeared last winter. :((
  • Niki MattsonNiki Mattson St. PaulMember Posts: 20,360
    edited 24 June, 2007
    :)) Mommy is so surprised at how good and well-behaved I am at the vet. I let them fondle me and stick the thing up me and poke me and she kept bragging, after my first checkup how well behaved I was, Grandma told her to stop talking about it. But she got to see for herself a year later, when I was getting too heavy and Mommy had a hard time getting me on the bus, she's small, I'm about 13 lbs, so it's hard for her. Grandma was so surprised too. Even that one time when I would not come out of my carrier. Mommy brought a toy, shook it at me, the vet had treats, I would NOT come out! So they had to take the carrier out just to get me out. Then last summer when I was sick and the vets got to know me pretty well, they kept giving me fluids, like 2/3 times a week for like three weeks, Grandma had the notion that I had been through enough, and it was hot outside, so she said "Let's let her out of that carrier" while we were in the lobby. Mommy said "No, I don't think that's a good idea" smart answer! But of course, mothers have this "power" over their children, even if their children are over 30! Mommy finally gave in to get Grandma to shut up. They let me out of the carrier and I walked around a bit, and hid under a magazine table in a corner. The vet tech came out and told us we were next, so Mommy called me, Grandma called me, every one was ooh and ahhing over me (and why not!) but I would not come out and Mommy, and only Mommy, had to dig me out, again. That was the time we saw this extremely obese man. I mean extremely, like you don't know how the guy could even get out of bed, extremely. He was so obese, he was wearing a DRESS!! Mommy had never seen that, and when she first saw him, she thought he was a huge woman, than looked again, and thought a circus sideshow had come to the vet! (Maybe their elephant was sick? In St. Paul? Really!) Mommy tried not to look, but it was so funny and weird Then when the vet suggested I take Pepcid for my tummy virus, the humans were talking to a lady with another cat who had almost the same situation and who also took Pepcid. Mommy was a little skeptical about giving me Pepcid at first and the lady said that it was alright, her cat took Pepcid and she took Pepcid too! She said that every morning they both have their "Pepcid Moment!"
  • FelixFelix Member Posts: 45,573 ✭✭✭
    edited 24 June, 2007
    Great stories, everyone! Most of my vet visits have been pretty uneventful - I'm not crazy about going, but I don't go berserk like my predecessor, Critter (Mom could write a book about him). There was a funny moment last year when Mom took me for my annual checkup. We were in the small reception area waiting for my turn, and the vet was busy that day. All the other patients around the time we were there were dogs, so I was not a happy camper. There was a man sitting next to us with his dog, a good-natured mixed breed about the size of a beagle. He was a little too friendly and curious for his own good, and kept nosing around my carrier. I emitted my best low warning growl deep in my throat, meaning, you better watch out, buster. Another lady sitting nearby jokingly said something to the dog like, "Now, you leave the kitty alone." The dog's owner responded, "Shoot, that cat would probably whip his butt." Mom cracked up. Smart man, I thought; his dog better figure that out if he doesn't want a claw in his nose. Either the dog or I was called in about that time, so I didn't get the chance to teach him a lesson. I think he got the message, though.
  • Niki MattsonNiki Mattson St. PaulMember Posts: 20,360
    edited 24 June, 2007
    :)) That's why I'm so glad that my animal hospital has two separate doors, one for cats and one for dogs, with two separate waiting rooms. I can hear those dumb dogs barking away though. I spent some nights there when I was spayed and declawed (3 nights!) and my dental (one night) there were times when I knew the dogs were close by, and I wished they would shut up! At least they were all caged. I remember though, I had a buddy named Perkins who was with me while recuperating from my spay/declaw. He was nice. Wonder what happened to him?
  • Nicole FoxNicole Fox PawsvilleMember Posts: 3,777
    edited 25 June, 2007
    MOL:))!:)) Keep the stories coming Oh I'm sorry to hear that those kitties aren't with you Slick.
  • Gimli_TGMGimli_TGM HurstMember Posts: 29,929 ✭✭
    edited 25 June, 2007
    When dad picked me up after I got spayed, the guy at the desk got confused and thought I was a boy! He told dad, \"I have good news and bad news--first, the surgery went fine, second--your cat is a male.\" Dad said, \"No, she\'s a female.\" The guy said, \"No, he\'s a male.\" Dad said, \"No, I\'ve seen her have kittens with my very own two eyes.\" The guy kept insisting that I was male. But dad said, \"I saw kittens come out of her and she\'s had two litters.\" Then the assistant said, \"Oh, sorry, we got you confused with another cat!\" Dad said it was okay and the guy said, \"It\'s been a long day; it\'s time for a beer!\" MOL Well, it was an animal birth control clinic and they get very busy and there\'s only one vet there, so I imagine they get swamped. You drop off the animal in the morning and you pick the animal the same day, so I would guess they see a lot of animals. I thought they were going to have to put me under when I got my stitches taken out. But I was due to get them out around Thanksgiving and the clinic was closed for 4 days and they aren\'t open on weekends, so we went the first possible day after the holiday, which was a Monday. It seemed like everyone was there to get their stitches taken out! So we waited over an hour, the waiting room was packed. so many dogs! I just hid in the back of my carrier the whole time. I was so terrified and I didn\'t move, they got my stitches out easily. When Isis got spayed, dad and mom went to pick her up. Dad said, \"We\'re here to pick up our tortie, Isis. The vet said, \"Oh, the cat we had to peel off the ceiling!\" MOL Sounds like Isis!
  • Nicole FoxNicole Fox PawsvilleMember Posts: 3,777
    edited 26 June, 2007
    :))!:))!:))!:))These are great.
  • Toni TurcotteToni Turcotte AustinMember Posts: 593
    edited 26 June, 2007
    When Mama and Daddy got me, I was so tiny that they could hold me in the palm of their hands. They took me to the vet the next day to meet my new vet and get a check-up. After the appointment was over, Mama was holding me at the desk while we checked out. The ladies were oohing and aahing over me :)) They asked to hold me. Of course Mama let them. When it was time to go, Mama got me back. That was when Mama noticed a little doggie statue that they had on the counter there. Mama had seen it many times. She put me down next to it. That was when she realized that I was smaller than the statue! MOL!! They knew I was small, but they finally realized how tiny I was. That was when I got the nickname "Peanut".
  • Kelly BrayKelly Bray Stoke-on-TrentMember Posts: 65
    edited 26 June, 2007
    :)):)):)) Hey Chester your story is fantastic, it made me laugh and laugh :)):)):))
  • Nicole FoxNicole Fox PawsvilleMember Posts: 3,777
    edited 29 June, 2007
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