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Christa SielskiChrista Sielski ChattanoogaMember Posts: 1,650
edited 29 June, 2007 in Cat Health
I woke up this morning and I saw a flea on my bed. I tried to kill it but I don't know what happened. And I let Luca and Simba outside and I saw they were scratching more today then ever. I saw a flea on Luca's ear as well. I brushed all the fur (most of it) off their blankets and I may toss out their cat bed (covered in fur and maybe be full of fleas). I'm gonna have their blankets washed well. We are going to the store to get them flea medication and look for some flea spray to spray around the house. I got a few fleas on myself but I wacked them off yet they still got a bite off me. What is the best flea medication I can use on Luca, Simba, Saki, and Leo?? I was thinking about Advandage for cats or Frontline Plus. Are those very good? And what about a good flea spray to spray on their bedding and around our home? Is there a good spray for both cats and humans?? I really don't like fleas and I think I'm the one for spreading it to Saki and Leo. I never noticed until today. I always hold Luca and Simba close and the fleas could be jumping on me and when I go upstairs they jump off onto Saki and Leo. But I want to stop it before it becomes out of control. Please help! Thank you!


  • Ashley SkalaAshley Skala San FranciscoMember Posts: 92
    edited 28 June, 2007
    I've been told repeatitively to not use Hartz over the counter flea medication! From what I've been told it looks like frontline or advantage is the best way to go. Most people said Advantage is the best. Just consider if they need tick treatment as well as flea treatment (if they are outside/inside-outside cats)...frontline is for both. Good luck! Fleas can be tricky little buggers to kill if you're infested. Meow! Mushu
  • Adrienne HynekAdrienne Hynek Burlington, MAMember Posts: 10
    edited 28 June, 2007
    When I was first rescued, my mom saw a flea on me. WE used Frontline and she hasn't come across another flea. Good luck!
  • Sara Anne LeMoineSara Anne LeMoine Falls ChurchMember Posts: 36
    edited 28 June, 2007
    Our mom just used Advantage and we had a good experience with it. She's never given us flea medication before and was a little apprehensive about it. But she did her research and decided on Advantage. We had no adverse reactions and we're flea free!
  • Maryann WolfeMaryann Wolfe HarrisonburgMember Posts: 37
    edited 28 June, 2007
    Hi! I'm flea free after Mami put Advantage on me. I was miserable this weekend when she got back from NC. I tried and tried to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes, I had to open them again and bite and itch. Mami didn't know what was wrong with me, until she held me upside down and saw several creatures on my belly. She called the vet first thing on Monday, and by Monday night, I took a much-needed cat nap. I'm all back to normal now. Mami isn't, though. She insists that the fleas that leave me alone are living under the computer desk. She says she got her ankle bit this morning when trying to email someone (silly lady--never would have happened if she'd been playing with me like she was supposed to!). My grandmami said to get some borax powder and put it on the carpet where the fleas are and vacuum it up, and they should go away. Mami is going to try it tomorrow. Grandmami says Mami better do something because the fleas will bite her now and leave me alone.
  • Christa SielskiChrista Sielski ChattanoogaMember Posts: 1,650
    edited 28 June, 2007
    Thanks everyone!! :D We got something little for the month (because it was last minute at the store) and hopefully next month we can get something like Frontline or Advandage. And we found some flea spray by accident actually! We stopped by ACE Hardware store to get some Japanese beetle traps and found a spray we can spray on clothing, frabrics, pet beds, and around the house. But it's specifically for cats and dogs, which is good. I washed their blankets and I hope they're flea free. We're putting the medication on them tomorrow when we can control them better so they don't lick it off. Hope this works!! Thanks again everyone for your advice and suggestions!!! :D:D Very appreciated!!
  • Lisa BLisa B Western WashingtonMember Posts: 129
    edited 29 June, 2007
    Luca! We're in the same boat! Meowmy found a couple fleas on us about 4 hours ago, and she's a germaphobe, she thinks that fleas are really yucky! We were able to make it to the pet store on time and bought Advantage. Now they are washing all of the sheets and the clothes that were on the floor. Does the spray from ACE you found work? If so, could you tell us the brand so meowmy can go pick some up tomorrow? I keep telling her that she only found ONE on me, but she keeps insisting that they're everywhere. Thanks in advance!! Good luck getting those fleas out!
  • Christa SielskiChrista Sielski ChattanoogaMember Posts: 1,650
    edited 29 June, 2007
    Sure Kale!! She sprayed it last night on our beds and the can said it kills on contact and later she'll bang on our beds to see if it did work. Don't worry, we'll tell you!! :D:D
  • Christa SielskiChrista Sielski ChattanoogaMember Posts: 1,650
    edited 29 June, 2007
    Hi Kale!! I have it! Mommy thinks it worked. Here's the name of it. ACE Flea & Tick Killer For Pet and Home Use around the home and on dogs & cats Kills on contact It should be in the insecticide section of the store. Just make sure you read the entire back label first and you should be good!! ;);)
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