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Don\'t Laugh!

Sarah ManolisSarah Manolis San FranciscoMember Posts: 148
edited 10 July, 2007 in Cat Health
Okay, so I've been having this issue with Jack opening the cabinets and getting inside. He usually only does it when I'm in the kitchen, either cooking or putting away groceries. Lately though, I've been finding him sniffing around the cabinets, pawing them open and poking his head inside. I would always discourage him, but never really took it too seriously. I just thought all he wanted to do was be in a small, dark space, as cats love to do that for whatever reason. Well, I walked into the kitchen this afternoon and you would not believe what I saw. An ENTIRE box of Oatmeal Cream pies opened, destroyed, and scattered all over the floor. My overpriced organic cereal ripped open and scattered into tiny, confetti-like pieces all over the floor. And there, in the middle of it, sleeping like a baby, was Jack. I got very angry. I know you are not supposed to discipline a cat after the fact, but I did give him a very stern talking-to and I shut him up in the dark bathroom while I cleaned. I noticed that some of the cream pies, the ones that weren't destroyed and smashed into the tile on my floor, had been bitten into. Is there anything I should worry about that he could have ingested? If anything, he probably had several bites of the pies and some of the cereal flakes, but if there's something potentially dangerous that I'm not yet aware of, I'd like to know. (Other than the fact that he smells like a giant oatmeal cookie, of course.) Thanks! s & oatmeal jack


  • Phoebe McPhoebodyPhoebe McPhoebody Member Posts: 744
    edited 28 June, 2007
    :)) :)) Oh, said, "Don't laugh!" :D Phoebe's Mommy here: Wow, what a little adventurer you have Jack Sparrow the pirate! If all he got were some oatmeal cookies with that kind if fake cream and a bit of cereal, I would say that he ate nothing that could possibly hurt him. But, I'll bet he had a great time! In fact, I am sure that Phoebe would be quite jealous. Good story!
  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
    edited 28 June, 2007
    Awww Jack, you are such a cutie pie I bet you get away with a lot. I think a small amount of oatmeal pie won't be that bad for you. Just make sure your mom keeps an eye on you. Might I also suggest child proof devises on those cabinet doors. Purrrrs
  • Marta GasperMarta Gasper FairburyMember Posts: 636
    edited 28 June, 2007
    Ooooh oatmeal pies! I loove oatmeal though my purrents won\'t let me have it, selfish things. Just yesterdayI did lick some oatmeal cereal leftovers Meowmy had put on the counter..she was not amused. Anyways, that\'s cute I\'ll tell M to start baking away:))
  • Sarah ManolisSarah Manolis San FranciscoMember Posts: 148
    edited 28 June, 2007
    "Adventurer" is putting it nicely. He does get away with a lot because he is so darn cute, but 14 Oatmeal Cream pies smashed on my floor just took the cake, no pun intended. I really was impressed after my anger died down. He opened a box of cereal and the bag itself. He opened each one of the 14 pies and separated them from their plastic. I almost wonder if he's hiding an accomplice somewhere. s & j
  • kate vonkkate vonk BoiseMember Posts: 1,313
    edited 28 June, 2007
    once dad left some hamburger on the counter to thaw for a bit. well, charlie and i decided to push it off the counter and eat about half a pound. it was really good . we then laid next to it looking at and thinking man, that was good but i'm stuffed.
  • Christa SielskiChrista Sielski ChattanoogaMember Posts: 1,650
    edited 28 June, 2007
    That's cute! I bet he enjoyed it all!! Saki and Leo sometimes get into food themselves. They just got into a bag of popcorn just now. And one time I had a package of Fruit Grain Bars (my favorite) and when I came back, the box was torn open into shreads and all 8 of the bars were torn open and most of them chewed and bitten on. (And lets not forget the crumbs in the carbet). I do my best to keep them out of food but they still find a way to tear into it or take the wrapper instead of the food. :)) :)) That happens too!
  • ISa MISa M MTL, CANADAMember Posts: 11
    edited 28 June, 2007
    Tell your mom not to worry! you might be eating worst things than that ( dirt, sand, bugs)... Personally, when my mum's sleeping I LOOOOVE to open her lingerie drawer and get everything out of there...Yeah, I open the drawer with my paw and grab the most I can and drop it on the floor..Once I woke up my mum by making noises...she caught me...but I just can't help to keep on doing it at night!!!! :))
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
    edited 28 June, 2007
    I LOVE oatmeal. Mommy even has to keep those packets of Aveeno Oatmeal bath where I can't get to them (you aren't supposed to eat that type of oatmeal). Fortunately, our pantry has a regular door that I can't open, because I know how to open drawers and cabinets. Most of ours already have childproof locks on them because of my human sis (who is now five and can open them anyway), so that keeps me from making a mess of the pots and pans. Although I do sometimes like opening the drawer with all the dishtowels and place mats in it and spreading them around the kitchen floor - you know, just for fun! You are a cutie, Jack. Your mommy definitely needs to go to a baby store (or Target) to get some of those locks!
  • Stephanie BettisStephanie Bettis Member Posts: 11
    edited 28 June, 2007
    Mom laughed when she saw your post. Sorry about that! My sister Niki loves to get into the cabinets! Mommy was forever finding things strewn on the counters and floor and also things that had been half eaten. Niki loves to taste-test anything. However, mom decided that enough was enough and she child-proofed everything in the house (I like to see what is going on in the toilet and mom locked those too!).
  • Maryann WolfeMaryann Wolfe HarrisonburgMember Posts: 37
    edited 28 June, 2007
    I'm a cabinet opener, too! I usually confine myself to opening the cabinet under the sink, and Mami yells out, "Do you need a pan? Are you going to cook us some mouse stew?" and when I hear her, I decide that I don't want to cook for anyone else but me! I do get into the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom, though, and this used to scare mami because she keeps laundry detergent and other non-food items in there. She moved my toy on a string out from under there after the day I opened the cabinet, took out the toy, played with it, and hid it under the rug in the living room. I did a good job of hiding it too--if only I hadn't put the rug back upside down, Mami never would have noticed! Seriously, though, I think a little oatmeal won't hurt you-and you wont' have itchy insides. Mami says oatmeal is supposed to make you not itchy.
  • Nancy GraceNancy Grace near Ft. WorthMember Posts: 104
    edited 29 June, 2007
    Just be careful of the cellophane. Too much oatmeal might lead you to constipation. But once in a blue moon won't hurt. Bon Apetite!:-h
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 30 June, 2007
    I\'ve been trying to open cabinets too, so mommy went and put childproof locks on them. Most of the cabinets that were easy to work on contained chemicals (I wonder what that means) so mommy decided not to wait to see how far along I\'d get in that project. Now that the temptation has been removed I\'ve stopped trying to open them. =P She does have a walk in pantry, and I try to sneak in there when she opens it to get ingredients, but it has a human door, and I can\'t get the hang of it. I don\'t try to eat human food, but I do like to inspect all the human food to make sure it\'s properly prepared and/or maintained. MOL!
  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
    edited 30 June, 2007
    My mommy's kitchen cabinets are shut really tight, so I can't get into them, but the one under the bathroom sink isn't. She keeps her scary dryer under there (the loud one that blows out air that I hate) and some brushes too. The door won't clasp anymore, so I love to stick in my paw, open it a tad and then let it bang shut. If I get bored at night I do this over and over and scare mommy. She then gets up and gives me attention. Don't tell her that's why I do it though.:-$ For some weird reason, my brother Jack just loves to be brushed, so every once in a while he'll drag out a brush when I open the door and he rubs all over it. Then mommy says some not so nice words under her breath, adds the brush to our collection and buys a new one. I wouldn't worry about the oatmeal. You probably didn' t eat enough of it to hurt. I hope you had fun because it sounds like your mommy may end it all by getting those awful locks. My mommy keeps saying she's getting a new sink cabinet soon. I hope she doesn't though. I love opening and slamming the door.
  • Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
    edited 30 June, 2007
    Oh, slamming doors is fun! I like to do that too! And the cabinet under the sink is fun too! I can get into all the plumbing and stuff. But my mom has also been talking about "child-proofing". Wonder what child she is thinking about.... They just don't want us to have ANY fun, huh?
  • P IngramP Ingram EaganMember Posts: 7,400
    edited 30 June, 2007
    Felix that is a fun game. Mommy keeps taping shut all the fun bangy cabinets!!!!!!
  • FelixFelix Member Posts: 45,573 ✭✭✭
    edited 30 June, 2007
    Hey, Felix, I like to play that game, too. When I want attention, I go into the kitchen, open the cabinet door under the sink and let it bang shut a few times. This usually works, since it really annoys Mom! If I really want to be bad, I jump onto the kitchen counter, climb onto the microwave, and do the same thing with the upper cabinet doors! Maybe this is a favorite habit of cats named Felix? :))
  • D GarmanD Garman RichmondMember Posts: 745
    edited 30 June, 2007
    Hiya Jack! My foster mommy actually DID name me after Capn' Jack Sparrow. She said I had that pirate spirit, too! Is that who you're named after? Jack's a good name, I think. Maggie used to get in the pots and pans. Until someone accidently shut the door and trapped her in there for a harrowing 3 seconds! MOL!
  • Sue KaufmannSue Kaufmann CranfordMember Posts: 1,465
    edited 1 July, 2007
    Oooooh. You're all giving me ideas!
  • Bonnie SchultzBonnie Schultz MuncieMember Posts: 515
    edited 1 July, 2007
    Our Mommy already has those locks on the doors - but that doesn\'t stop ME!;) I just open them to the stop, then reach in and dig around to see what I can grab! :D Kind like pot-luck! HEE HEE!!!I\'m a stinker!:))
  • Mary SchmitzMary Schmitz MuskegoMember Posts: 744
    edited 2 July, 2007
    Meow, I used to like getting into cabinets too, but my meowmy went over to Menard's one day and bought some of those childproof locks too. I used to love the sound of those cabinet doors slamming and one of her kitchen cabinets was very fun because she kept her kitchen towels in there and they were so soft to lay on.
  • Amanda BeebeAmanda Beebe Member Posts: 12
    edited 2 July, 2007
    Man, I need to find the cabinet where my mom hides the cream pies...the only cabinet I manage to get in all the time has toilet paper, a blow drier, and bathroom stuff in it...I have to find that cabinet for the munchies. Thanks for the laugh!!
  • Goolnar HawGoolnar Haw Member Posts: 2,525
    edited 5 July, 2007
    not to dismiss your concern but did u get any pics???:^:|^|
  • Sarah ManolisSarah Manolis San FranciscoMember Posts: 148
    edited 6 July, 2007
    Haha - no, no pics. I was to surprised/angry at the time to think of preserving the moment for a lifetime ;) s & j
  • Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
    edited 9 July, 2007
    I will have to inspect the bags for oatmeal pies next time my humans come home with bags of food. I always stick my head in them while they are putting the others away. I love it when they get meats that are on the strafoam trays ! I love to lick all the meats but i never really can taste anything. Mom says something about their being plastic over the meats and promptly takes it away from me. This past weekend the little girl was letting me and Jewel lick Salami, untill daddy yelled at her. Me and Jewel dont really open up cabnits but ive taught Jewel how to master opening the bathroom door when someones in there. The door doesnt always catch and its at the end of a long hallway so if you just run really hard and either use your head or your paws you can really fling it open fast. Mommy thinks its funny but daddy gets mad. Although daddy said he almost went potty on me because i scared him when i ran in. I dont think i would have liked that too much:-O .
  • Nancy GraceNancy Grace near Ft. WorthMember Posts: 104
    edited 10 July, 2007
    My Mom had a boyfriend when she was younger that had a cat he called the 'cat from he..' because the cat would find a way to perch above the door frame to the basement steps and jump on the head of whoever happened to be entering. Talking about someone going in their pants! What a great halloween gag that would be.:))
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