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How quickly should dried food be used once bag is open?

emma clarkeemma clarke Nottingham Robin Hood CountryMember Posts: 6,819
edited 14 July, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
I started eating that Orijen food a few weeks ago and my mum had bought several 400g bags (as they were half price). Now I've almost ran out and mum doesn't know if to order a 7kg bag. A 7kg bag would last me about 100 days. What mum wants to know is - Is 100 days TOO LONG for a bag of food to be open? Will it go off? She always make sure to seal my bags of food with a clip after she takes any out to keep it airtight. The 7kg bags work out at £4.21/kg whereas a 2.5kg bag is £6.20/kg, that's why she's thinking of ordering the 7kg one, but will it be a false economy? I should add that this food is only available from one website in the UK, where there is a lack of decent quality dried food, so mum can't just go to a shop and buy it. If she could, she would buy the 400g bags.


  • kate vonkkate vonk BoiseMember Posts: 1,313
    edited 10 July, 2007
    besides a clip you might want to invest in an airtight tub. they make ones for pet foods specifically or you can find them a lot of other places that are jsut made for everything storage..
  • Ashley SkalaAshley Skala San FranciscoMember Posts: 92
    edited 10 July, 2007
    That's just what my mom did Oscar, she got an airtight container for the food. Mine looks like the smaller one in the picture: (sorry don't know how to put a click-able link here) It's got a seal around the lid and clamps down with the handle. It works well and the food stays fresher longer. %:D% Meow, MuShu
  • Lisa BLisa B Western WashingtonMember Posts: 129
    edited 10 July, 2007
    MuShu- Thanks for posting that! Meowmy LOVES the container store and is now so excited to see that container that you posted since the bigger one rolls and our current one doesn't and meowmy moves it around a lot to clean and get to. :-/
  • melissa muttermelissa mutter West ChesterMember Posts: 10,189
    edited 10 July, 2007
    Oh we love the COntainer Store too! Here's a clickable link for you: CLICK HERE
  • melissa muttermelissa mutter West ChesterMember Posts: 10,189
    edited 10 July, 2007
    Hrpf! Trying again!! CLICK HERE
  • emma clarkeemma clarke Nottingham Robin Hood CountryMember Posts: 6,819
    edited 10 July, 2007
    Yes, good idea to put it into an airtight tub. It was just that mum wasn't sure if the food would start to deteriorate when the packet was opened, regardless of whether it was stored in an airtight container as 100 days does seem to be a very long time for something to stay crunchy once the packet has been opened. Thanks everyone!
  • Patty StephensPatty Stephens BostonMember Posts: 197
    edited 10 July, 2007
    Blade just be sure to keep it in a cool place in the house. Mommy once did this and it was sitting in a warm spot and fly's where in the container....YUCK! I think they came from the food bc the container was sealed. Not sure though but after that it stayed in a cool spot or sometimes the fridge and we had no problems.
  • Karyn LehmannKaryn Lehmann redlandsMember Posts: 247
    edited 12 July, 2007
    once a bag has been opened (of a naturally preserved food) the general rule is that once air hits the food, decomp starts. You need to go through it in 6-8 weeks in warmer temps and 8-10 weeks in cool temps. you can freeze some and that will stop decomp but an airtight container will not undo time like freezing, but it will help a bit.
  • Nanaho SawanoNanaho Sawano Member Posts: 108
    edited 14 July, 2007
    My human puts our dry food in plastic airtight baggies. If the dry food bag is small enough (ie, under say 4 lb) she might just put the entire dry food bag in one bag. But otherwise she measures out and puts servings of dry food in individual plastic ziplock sandwich bags, and then puts all the full sandwich bags into the original dry food bag (to keep the stuff away from light). She's hoping that that's enough precaution...
  • kate vonkkate vonk BoiseMember Posts: 1,313
    edited 14 July, 2007
    i'm going to seperate some and freeze it. thanks!
  • Ima KittenIma Kitten Nacogdoches, TXMember Posts: 164
    edited 14 July, 2007
    Just so you know, it's good to keep the food in an airtight container, BUT, it's also good to keep the food within it's bag inside the container. The actual inside of the bag helps instead of just dumping the contents.
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