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Anne Marie McCarneyAnne Marie McCarney ReadingMember Posts: 31
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So, i'm the proud owner of a new kitten. I have had cats before, but never a kitten. He's 8 weeks old, and I hate to say it, but I can't wait for him to grow up! I am not used to the energy this little guy has! The worst thing is leaving at home. I have a 9-5 job so I'm out most of the day, but I feel horrible about leaving him all alone in my studio apartment all day. Will he get used to this or will it affect his behavior?


  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    What a pretty kitty you are, ninja (a name no doubt deserved ;))! Mom says that kittens of a certain personality will be energetic long after they've grown in size. Some people say that orange tabbies tend to fall in that category, so look out! Anyway, I'm double the size I was when I came home, and still jump and swat at a moment's notice. Mom and dad are both students, so they're home a lot more than you probably will, but she suggests that the kitten probably feels as energetic as you think he is because he waits for you to come home and play with him! Daddy says that when he's home and mommy's not, I often do take catnaps, but as soon as mom comes home I'm all "play! play! play!". Mommy doesn't get the mellow me unless it's between semesters or summer jobs, and she's home with me during the day. As cats are nocturnal animals, you'll probably sleep most of the day when not playing with your toys, and wait for your tired mom to come home and expect her to act as if she went out to take a nap instead of working all day. You might even try to keep her up at night (mommy didn't really like that. MOL.). Mommy says that your mom can probably tire you faster if she buys interactive toys that stimulate lots of vigourous activity in short bursts. Try a cat fisher, or feather wand, or other long distance toy. Jumping, chasing and swatting are good ways to channel that energy into play rather than destructive behavior, which can occur at the end of the day with a bored kitten. Also giving you things to explore during the day (a kitty tunnel, a fort, or any other cat appropriate structure like a cat condo or tree) will avoid mischief while your mom is away from home. Mom found out that I will on occasion play during the day when she came home to find an entire roll of toilet paper shredded on the bathroom floor about 2 weeks into our new life together. The best solution, she found, was to remove temptation targets (toilet paper, short paper or waste bins that can be attacked, any non-essential electronics that come with enticingly chewy cords), and provide outlets for exploration (see above).
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    Little kittens on their own can and will get up to lots of mischief. This is one of the reasons mum always says there should be someone home during the day when she adopts out her kittens and that if that cant be arranged there should be another pet in the house to keep that kitten company so they wont get lonely. Without either of those two things you have a difficult situation. One option is to hire a petsitter to visit during the day to check up on the kitten, it could just be a friend of neighbor, or if you can you can stop over at your lunch-hour. Another option is to get those cat-sitter videos, I've never tried them myself but I hear good things about them.
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    Bailey is my first kitten too but i am a stay at home mom at the moment so i dont know what to say for your situation besides my kitten sleeps all day and doesnt do anything until late in the evening. When i have left my boy at home hes been fine all day and just sleeps so ive foudn the experience to be quite easy. i handle my kittens hyper enegry with ltos of toys to keep him busy i reccomend it! kittens love to play!:D
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    I would leave Ninja in a smallish space where he can't get into too much trouble at first. Gradually give him more room to explore while you are gone. Also, make sure your house is kitten proofed. All mini blind cords should be out of his reach, electric cords should be covered or protected and you should make sure there aren't any fragile items he could break. It's like having a toddler in the house! You have to crawl around as low as you can to see things on their level. It's been a while since I had a small kitten, but I worked full time when I did. Binks and Matilda were already a little older when I adopted them, although I did keep Binks in a room by himself for a while so I could properly introduce him to Matilda and Abbie. If you have someone who can come in during the day, that might be a good option. Many petsitters offer that service, but it can be expensive and I don't know your budget. Make sure Ninja has lots of clawing and climbing toys. That will keep him very well occupied! Congratulations. He's so cute!!!!!
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    Hey! I used to have the same problem, but i left pleanty of toys for my baby, and gave him tons of tlc! Your cat will probably get used to being left alone, and will jump for joy when he sees you!;c;
  • Yochonluvr N-Yochonluvr N- Member Posts: 2
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    Hey! I used to have the same problem, but i left pleanty of toys for my baby, and gave him tons of tlc! Your cat will probably get used to being left alone, and will jump for joy when he sees you!;c;
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    all the other kitties are right...make sure you give Ninja extra loves & play time when you get home too...this will help you bond with each other (& provide stress relief)... congrats & good luck! :D
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