Luna,s Movie theater

Hi and welcome to the movies we got tones of movies playing go to the candy counter bye some snacks and candys the popcorn counter hot butterd popcorn and soda we have tones of movies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Counters popcorn counter Large popcorn=4 treats Medium popcorn=2 treats Small popcorn=1 treat Kids labtop popcorn meal=Free comes with applesauce small bucket of popcorn and some mac and cheese ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Soda counter Sodas sprite coke pepsi water Hi cee mountain dew apple juice grape soda tuna fish juice Large cup=3 treats Medium cup=2 treats Small cup=1 treat ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Candy counter licorice choclate or strawberry? sweet tarts soda caps real yummy candy gum chocolate bar nuts or no nuts? milk duds jolly ranchers gummies M&M,s reese,s peanut butter cups milky way push pops ring pops baked chcolate cookies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Movie counter Show times! Garfeild the tale of two kitties2:00-4:00pm=Pg-13=odie and garfeild are back but theres 2 twin cats the carlile castle prince cat and garfeild tha lazy house cat you see he snuck....garfeild and oddie snuck inside Jhons car and now there traveling in london while jhons with lizzy Pirates of the carribean-7:00pm-10:30pm =Pg-13 about william turner and the crakcen davy jones barbosa jack sparrow elizabeth turner and will turners dad in a battle of getting to davy jones heart! Harry potter and the goblet of fire-1:00pm-3:00pm scary movie though Pg-13 Harry potter and the order of the pheonix-5:30-7:30pm=Pg-13 is it still a kids movie or not? Water horse-1:00am-4:00am=a boy finds a egg it hatches looks like a dragon first and he hides it in the toilet for as long as he can until his parents make him set it go in his lake and it grows into a huge like well it,s got a long neck to horns at the top of it,s head and it.s like a huge turtle body pretty much wallace&gromit the curse of the were-rabbit 2:00pm-4:30pm=G about a huge rabbite eating all the towns crops before the fruit and crop garden show!! Epic movie-10:30pm-12:00pm R=some words kats under age 2 should not hear Black beauty=pg 13=bout a black horse takenn place to place and meeting new horses and more adventure AGES! Wallace&gromit curse of the were rabbit PG-13 2 months old and up Pirates of the carribean PG-13 ages 1 year and up Harry potter both of them PG-13 ages 2 years and up Water horse-pg-13 ages 1 month and up Epic movie-PG-13 1 year and up Epic movie unrated-R-4 years and up Enjoy the movie


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