Boarding cats when on vacation

marie kentmarie kent Member Posts: 1
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Does anyone have any ideas or tips for me on this subject.


  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,806 ✭✭✭
    edited 3 August, 2007
    We have a pet sitter who comes and checks on us, feeds us, cleans our box and plays with us whenever mom has to go away for a few days or more. She's a professional, bonded and insured, and a sweet lady that we all like. |^|
  • Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
    edited 3 August, 2007
    We prefer a cat sitter who comes to our home as well. Your vet might have a recommendation. Or talk to other "cat people", like folks who volunteer at shelters, to find someone reliable.
  • Sarah MinerSarah Miner MaplewoodMember Posts: 3,790
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    I know I would rather stay in my own home while my family is away. We always have a trusted family member come over and hang out with us.
  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattleMember Posts: 2,252
    edited 3 August, 2007
    We prefer staying at home too. The problem is I have behavior issues when mom is away for more than a couple of days. (I have a wire chewing habit). Mom found a nice kennel in our area that Cleo and I stayed in when mom was gone the last time. The cages were all 4x4x8 with a big cat tree that went all the way up. The coolest thing is they have 2 together that has a door that can be opened when there is enough cages available. Cleo and I had the run of two of those areas while mom was gone! We also had our own window to look out and they played bird sounds too. Most kennels charge extra for special one-one time, unfirtunately. Mom said it was worth it since it was around Christmas time, and you guessed it, lots of wires! Mom did not have to worry about anything. They sent her a picture of each of us via email and even fed us a treat for New Years! Different kennels have different features. We have also used Pet Sitters before, but mom still worried about us. Good luck and tell your family to have fin on Vacation!!!
  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
    edited 3 August, 2007
    Please don't make your kitties go somewhere they don't know! When I was little my parents made our two kitties stay at a boarding place and they had them in cages. When they opened the cage to feed one of our kitties it got out and ran away because it didn't want to be there. It wanted to be home but it was too far away to find it. I never saw my Precious again. I was 3 or 4 at the time. :((
  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattleMember Posts: 2,252
    edited 4 August, 2007
    Awww Sneakers! I am so sorry to gear about that happening. The place wher Cleo and I went had sevral doors to go through before we could ever get outside. I can agree that someplaces are better than others. Do your research first. Mom didnt want to have to do that with me, but she figured it would be better than coming home to a fried kitty cat because I chose the wrong cord to chew.... Most all of them are taped down, but it isnt possible To tape Christmas tree cords..... Even if I had some checking in on me twice a day, I would still revert to my chewing habit. Mom doesnt want to take a chance!
  • dace krastsdace krasts SeattleMember Posts: 735
    edited 6 August, 2007
    For cats, staying at home is always better than boarding at a facility. As other kitties have suggested, ask around for a good pet sitter. We have one who's very thorough, dependable, and connects well with us kitties. That pet sitter takes care of us kitties when it's just us at the house. We have another pet sitter stay at the house with us when our dog stays at home too. It's closer to "routine" when someone stays in the house with us. Which means we're all happier even though our people aren't around.
  • Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
    edited 7 August, 2007
    Sebastian, my mommy would always pick the safest method for us. So, when we were kittens (and could get in trouble easily) we were boarded a couple of times. We didn't like it much, but we were safe. Now, we are older and mom feels safe to leave us at home alone with a sitter. For your chewing habit: have you tried Bitter Apple Spray? You get it at Petsmart and probably other pet stores. We used to chew when we were little (don't do it any more) and mom put that stuff on it and it tastes YUCKY!! It's safe for us but just doesn't taste good. That got us out of the habit pretty quick.
  • Janelle StokesJanelle Stokes ChristchurchMember Posts: 28
    edited 7 August, 2007
    I didn't mind being boarded. It depressed me a little that I could see the garden but couldn't get outside but I was okay with it overall. I suppose J thought it would be better for me to be safe and sound in a 5-star cattery than missing her at home where I expect her to be, and she did her research and the people there looked after me and let me have a little run around every day while they cleaned my cage. I tiffed her for a couple of days after she took me out but then I forgave her. I don't know if other cats would be as laid-back about it as I was though.
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