Cat Sack?

Erin DoxseeErin Doxsee Member Posts: 7
edited 5 September, 2007 in Grooming
Well, my humans seem to have taken some interest in some kind of cat sack thing they saw on Amazon. It looks to be a cruel torture devise. Is is essentially a bag that they would zip me up in with my head sticking out, I guess there are zippers by each leg so they can take one leg out at a time and cut my nails without receiving the scratching they so greatly deserve for performing such an atrocity. Does anyone else's humans have one of these, and if so, what do theky think of them?


  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
    edited 9 August, 2007
    Hi Pippin. We have seen that torture device too. It doens't look like much fun. We would also be interested to hear if anyone has it.
  • Forrest JenkinsForrest Jenkins Member Posts: 439
    edited 9 August, 2007
    Mine tolerate the clipping (not happily), but I believe there is an episode of E!'s "The Girls Next Door" in which Bridget gets her grouchy cat's teeth cleaned, and the groomer uses one of those "cat jackets." It appeared to work fine, and other than indignantly bathing herself from within the cat tree after such horrific abuse, Gizmo didn't react at all poorly. Just the same as most cats when you insist they comply with something for their own good.
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
    edited 11 August, 2007
    I have a cat sack, it's called a Klaw Kontrol Bag. I don't mind the bag itself (it can actually be used as a carrier too for short trips), but I HATE having my nails clipped. Putting me in the bag is the only way Mom can clip my nails and apply Soft Paws nail caps. Mom does not know why I hate having my nails done so much. She has never hurt me or clipped my nails too short before. I just HATE the procedure and I guess it's scary - what if Mom cuts my entire paw off accidently? I am also still a kitten and would rather do anything else but have my nails done. It's better than being de-clawed though. I only stay in the bag long enough to get my nails done and I walk out of the bag slowly when I'm done and forgive Mom immediately and get petted. It can also be used to give medication, clean ears, brush teeth, ect. Mom has given me medication in the past and brushes my teeth too, neither of which I mind too much - it's just "manicures" that I hate! If anycat is interested, the site is
  • Forrest JenkinsForrest Jenkins Member Posts: 439
    edited 12 August, 2007
    Linus, My Mother handles my paws, and my sister's when we are almost asleep, but just awake enough to appreciate a good chin scratch. She pets our paws, picks them up, presses the pads, until we start to perk up, and then she gives a chin scratch or head rub until we settle back down. This way, we associate the paw-handling with relaxing time and being petted. We don't like getting our nails clipped, but we don't throw a fit the way we did at first. It's good to know all the uses for the cat sack though! Mother hasn't had to give us any meds since we were little babies and very easy to control. If we prove impossible to pill later, we will try to make sure she doesn't find out where to get one of those "straight jackets." LOL.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 14 August, 2007
    I'm with Herr too. Meowmy just waits until I am asleep, then she trims my nails as quickly as can be. If I wake, she takes the time to get me back into sleepy mode. She also strokes my paws when I'm not getting any pawicures, because if she only did that at pawicure time, I'd quickly wise up to it. :)) Getting pilled, OTOH, is difficult, so shhhh! Don't tell meowmy about that torture device! :-$
  • Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
    edited 5 September, 2007
    I got mom in the face with my claws again(THIS time was an accident i swear) and she decided that was it, either she was cutting my claws so she could get softpaws or i was going to the V-E-T to get youknowwhat done. I also use my claws sometimes on Harley by accident and they would get stuck in his collar. Mom has 4 days off every week because of her schedule so she would spend lots of time rubbing my paws and head while i was half asleep. usually id only let her do 2 or 3 nails a day and then hide from her for a few days. But then i heard her talking to daddy about this torture device thing you mentioned. Daddy said it was dumb to pay for it, mom just had to show me who was boss. (this comming from the man whos still afraid to kiss my head because he's afraid of getting scratched). ANYWAY i let mom do 3 paws all in a row the next time she tried. Then wouldn't let her do the last paw for over a week. Last night daddy ended up holding me while i was sleepy. he rubbed my head and chin and i stretched because i was so relaxed and mom grabbed hold of the last paw and just rubbed it for a while. then she cut all my nails! I only tried to pull away once! When she was done i checked my paw to make sure all my toes were still there. Moms going to order softpaws very soon and continue trimming my nails. She told me i have to let her do it or im getting shoved into some torture device.
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