Irene CoughlinIrene Coughlin Jamaica,Queens, New YorkMember Posts: 160
This was such a beautiful video of a 3-legged cat & 2 legged dog that love each other so much. You can check out the video: http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=0Xv--eeBjG8


  • Josalee DeinlaJosalee Deinla Sampaloc, ManilaMember Posts: 56
    edited 17 February, 2011
    aww. ;) this is so touching, it only goes to show that love conquers all. and by all i mean all! :) these pets can teach us a thing or two about love. speaking of love, i read this article about pet weddings. http://www.petshed.com/articles/pet-weddings-dog-cat-marriage.html i might consider getting married when i find THE ONE. lol. and you gotta check this out too, i got it from this story. www.marryyourpet.com this one\'s about humans marrying their pets! :)) some people have lost it. :P
  • Irene CoughlinIrene Coughlin Jamaica,Queens, New YorkMember Posts: 160
    edited 17 February, 2011
    I have nothing against people having pet weddings, it is cute. However, I personally would not spend thousands of $$ on a wedding...even my own wedding-- I would just like it to be simple & romantic. So those humans out there who think it\'s crazy to spend lots of $$ on a pet wedding must be just as crazy if not crazier to spend lots of $$ on their own wedding. Don\'t get me wrong, celebrations are great but weddings are about being married not about the designer gown you wore or how tall your cake was or even how many people attended. It\'s about the love 2 people/pets share and making a forever commitment for better or worse. As for marrying your pet- I think that it is fine as long as it is not taken too seriously & you are just doing it as the ultimate way of showing your ultimate love & admiration for your pet. As long as it\'s not legally taken very seriously. I do feel the legal aspect that is involved with marrying your pet like leaving your pet money & a caregiver to care for them---is what most pet loving people do anyhow without marrying their pet. Many people create trusts for their pets which they include in their wills. It is legal to do in some states. Even a pet honeymoon is ok- as long as it\'s just owner & pet taking a nice relaxing vacation somewhere together; and not a time for intimately consumating the relationship (like how it is for humans); because if the relationship gets to that point it would be beastiality. The pet divorce is what I don\'t understand. Why would you want to divorce your pet? But I guess people are crazy enough to divorce each other over silly stuff, so now we\'re involving animals into our silliness.
  • Aneta KAneta K BrooklynMember Posts: 27
    edited 17 February, 2011
    awwwwwwww thats sooo cute... reall cute, real love story%:D%
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