Where are all the Abyssinians? My mom has lots of questions!

Julianna CharlesJulianna Charles AlamedaMember Posts: 20
edited 28 December, 2007 in Abyssinian
Hi, I am four months old and my mom who has been owned cats for many, many, years finds me very different form other cats. I had hoped to find some Abyssinians to ask if I am normal ! Lilly Rose


  • shannan coghillshannan coghill windowsill/norfolkMember Posts: 2
    edited 21 September, 2007
    I am sure you're normal, our breed is very unique.
  • Jacquie HookeyJacquie Hookey BuckinghamshireMember Posts: 96
    edited 24 September, 2007
    Oh yes and very talented too! After all it's not just everycat who can turn the TV on using the remote control if they're Mummy is silly enough to shut the bedroom door and leave them outside! ;) Heck if that doesn't work I can even turn the volume up until it wakes 'em up and they get up and open the door for me and my little 'sis, 'cause after all if the bed is good enough for Mummy & Dad it's good enough for us Aby's! :)
  • Jacquie HookeyJacquie Hookey BuckinghamshireMember Posts: 96
    edited 24 September, 2007
    My half-brother's right, there's no limit to our talents! I'm known round here as the Abyssinian Retriever 'cause I find all the lost stuff! :)
  • Rebecca WooRebecca Woo OaklandMember Posts: 78
    edited 5 December, 2007
    I called China once and I loved to talk. I loved to play. I loved to be walked on a leash. I was fascinated with shinny things. I was a Fetcher. Kenny
  • Natascha de WaalNatascha de Waal Member Posts: 7
    edited 18 December, 2007
    We are a verrry special breed indeed. We do things differently than other cats, we act differently than other cats but we are soooo loving and smart. I\'m totally different from my \"brother\" Milo but we are typical Abyssinians. I can get moody, especially if Milo is bugging me too much or if my parents are away & my grandparents take care of us. Milo on the other hand has too much energy all of the time and get jealous when it gets to attention. Although our family has had many many cats over the years, our grandparents wonder why we can\'t be like ordinary house cats! Yes, we can be difficult but we make up for it with our intelligence, love and attention to our mom & dad %:D%
  • Jacquie HookeyJacquie Hookey BuckinghamshireMember Posts: 96
    edited 28 December, 2007
    Oh you're so right Remy! When we want love, we want it NOW! ;) But much of the time we're happy playing round the house or in our run... We both love to climb in the run and make Mummy laugh as we look like huge squirrels! But when we're indoors we're not at all destructive and have never had to be told off got picking and scratching at furniture - unlike many of Mummy's former cats... As long as we have toys to play with and some form of company we're very easy going, though I get very upset when Mummy's not around... Even if Dad and the boy are home with me, I just hate Mummy not being somewhere I can get to her when I want! Isis is not as clingy about Mummy, but neither of us like to travel without the other even if it's only a short trip we're much happier together... :)
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