A \"Kitten\"?? Not in my house!!

Linda MorganLinda Morgan Member Posts: 387
edited 11 September, 2007 in Plus Fun
Well on Saturday 9-8-07, mom dad and my girl Katie saw the dogs making a big fuss in the backyard so mom went to go see what it was all about. It turns out the dogs had found a little black KITTEN!! Mom brought it inside and showed Katie and daddy. The kitten is a little girl about 4 months old all black with a bit of white. Since Saturday she has been in our grage but do not worry it has a few kitty beds and stuff to lay on and explore and sleep on. And it is were the food and litter boxes are plus we never really open the garage. Also we have a kitty door were she can go into the doggy space were the dogs can be fed and stay when mom is cooking or if they have muddy feet. When i saw that kitten i was so MAD!! I mean they didn't even ask me if they could bring the kitten into "my" house!! They dogs are a bit mean to the kitty because since Charley died they have kind of lost thier ewspect toward cats because Charlie always showed them a lesson when they got to close!! The kitten is really sweet and wants to snuggl. (says mom and Katie) So far they have been looking to see if somone lost the kitty. No luck so far. And they have even given "IT" A name!!! As of today the little monster is now "CARLI" because she is a bit like my angel brother Charlie. Mom says that we are going to give the Kitten about till next Staurday and if she has not been claimed or found a home we would see from there if we would keep her. She might be a stray because she was super hungry and not in the best health. But i am so mad that mom would even bring a kitten into my house with out asking! GRRR! (mol) But mom does not want to make her a Catster page unless we keep her. We will take some photos but no catster for "Carli":-/ A very mad Princess Grcaie


  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
    edited 10 September, 2007
    MOL!!!!!!!!!! No one got asked if I could come - Mom just fell in love with me. Now everyone loves me. We kittens are LOTS of fun!
  • Lorraine BrinerLorraine Briner Member Posts: 4,098
    edited 10 September, 2007
    Nobody asked if I could come, either! I just showed up - a feral little kitten! Now the Lady is so smitten with me and I am smitten with her, too! It took a long time for her to earn my trust, but boy! Once I did, I became her shadow! :^:
  • Linda MorganLinda Morgan Member Posts: 387
    edited 11 September, 2007
    Hehe you two are cuties!! I know mom is getting a bit attcahed to this kitten! Oh and they changed "it's" name now the lil kitten is name "Maggie" wich is odd because that is our human friend's cats name. (MOL) They named her Maggie because Maggie means Pearl And since she is black it is "Black Peral" MOL! And they say we aren't keeping her:)) Yeah right! they said they weren't keeping shea! look at that now! they say they weren't going to keep me and look how that worked out:))!
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