Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
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I was just at the vet monday because i was itchy( no other symptoms). Turns out I had some sort of Allergy ( the vet thought it was probably seasonal or food related). She gave me a steroid shot and within a few hours I stopped itching!! ;c; But last night ( thursday) I couldn't stop sneezing! It was almost non-stop all night. I was doing it when dad got home at 3pm and continued still when mom left for work at 4am this morning. Mom felt bad leaving me when she went to work but she called the vet and got me an appointment for first thing monday morning. The thing is shes been home from work for an hour now and i haven't sneezed. My eyes weren't watery and I played as I was sneezing. Did/Do I just have a cold and maybe my bodys fighting it? Is it just part of my allergies? Oh one last thing, Harley doesn't seem sick at all. No sneezing and his eyes are good too. Mom figured if it was an upper respitory infection we would both probably end up with it.


  • Jayne WatsonJayne Watson Member Posts: 53
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    Glad you stopped sneezing now! I had a bit of a cold once and sneezed a lot, but then I got lots of catnaps and kept warm and was okay:D Sometimes I just get some dust or something in my nose and it tickles!!! It is great your meowmy is taking you to see the doctor, just to make sure. I hope you continue to feel better. You have a great meowmy to worry & take care of you so well!!! |^|
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    Is there anything in your house that could be causing allergies? Incense , fires in fireplaces, perfumes, household cleaners, scented candles??? It really sounds more allergy like than cold like. I'd take the wait and watch approach. If it is a kitty cold, antibiotics will take carte of the secondary bacterial infection (runny nose eyes, etc.( but will do nothing to the virus itself. You have to fight that one off yourself. As long as you are eating and drinking normally and not acting lethargic, your om can watch you for additional symptoms.
  • Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
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    Well im not sneezing as much but mom found two loose stools so far in the litterbox today and is pretty sure they are mine. My eyes are watery too. Dad told mom that while she was at work I was being EXTRA mushy. Since mom got home Ive been playing a lot with my mouses. Moms definitly glad she made the vet appointment now - shes thinking maybe its an upper respirtory infection. She said she wants me to drink extra water because shes figuring from my eyes watering and me sneezing im probably loosing a lot of water.
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    Kitties with URI's tend go down hill fast. Be very watchful of food and water intake. A kitty that cannot smell will not eat. If he's not eatting get the smelliest wet food and offer it up. You may even want to warm it up a little bit to entice the flavor. Sometimes if you put just 1 or 2 cc's of it in their mouth they taste it and chow down. If the discharge is clear, that's better, but get his checked out on Monday and keep us informed.|:|
  • Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
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    Well, we just got back from the vet. The vet says I probably just have a regular cold because even though my eyes were runny a few days ago they look good now and my sinius (sp?) felt good to her too. My lungs sounded good as well. I didn't even sneeze at all while I was at the vet. She was supprised that I was playing with my favorite red mousey while I was on the exam table because that showed her 1. I didn't feel sick and 2. I wasn't scared or afraid of being at the vet. Dr. says if im not ALL better by friday or if i get worse to call and they will most likely give me an antibiotic but for now we are just going to let the cold run its course. Mom has to watch Harley though to make sure he doesn't get sick too.
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