Falling Off of Furniture While Resting

Rebecca KuplasRebecca Kuplas Member Posts: 4
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Hi: My name is Wolfie and I was adopted from the streets about 2 years ago. I am FIV+ with stomatitis and my caretakers are doing all they can (diet, cortisone injections every month to ease the pain so that I will eat) to keep me alive and healthy. I have a two part question. My caretakers have looked into other alternatives for my stomatitis, but my vet doesn\'t recommend any of them (pulling teeth as well as using some of the expensive medication used on human aids patients). Does anyone else have experience with FIV/stomatitis and has been able to relieve the symptoms? I am eating Innova EVO (I tried a pre-cursor to the raw food diet and didn\'t do so well on that) with Hi-Vite, Vita Coat and I just started taking Yucca extract. If anyone has success with stomatitis, could you please contact my caretakers with your \"program\"? Also, I have begun to fall off of furniture while I am resting. All of a sudden, I am on the floor with no explanation. I don\'t have any seizure symptoms and either I or my caretakers help me back up to where I was sleeping. This doesn\'t happen every time I rest...just intermittently. Sometimes I fall from the printer that I am sleeping on, other times I fall from the window sill onto a cabinet. Am I just clumsy or do I have a neurological condition? My vet seems to think it\'s the former. I didn\'t use to do this...it just started about 1 month ago. Thank you all for any info you can share with me. My caretakers are really worried about my health and seeing that I have a very happy existence.


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    There are several kitty moms around that are vet techs that may be able to help you but your topic title doesn't really say the seriousness of your issues. My mommy checked it out because I'm clumsy too but maybe the others overlooked it. Try re-posting with a different title. Hunter's mom is awesome with stuff like this and so are a few others. Hopefully you'll catch their attention. Or just p-mail Hunters mom. Always lots of good advice there! Good luck!
  • Rebecca KuplasRebecca Kuplas Member Posts: 4
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    Thank you, I will do that.
  • cris criscris cris BucharestMember Posts: 29
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    Hi! I,m sorry to hear that you are not doing fine. I,m a little bit clumsy myself- i mean i fall down whean i sleep very deeply but this is me and i have always been like this. If you didn't used to do that in the past maybe is something wrong but you didn't said if this thing happens only when you sleep or it happens even when you are awake. Do you have problems walking or when you jump on things- do you stumble? If not and the only time when you fall is when you sleep i think that maybe your sleep is very deep and thai is the cause. You are so relaxed that you fall- DON'T HAVE THE MIND MAP OF THAT PLACE in your mind. Try to speak with other vets. Hope i helped you a bit. Lots of hugs and a lot a lot of health
  • Rebecca KuplasRebecca Kuplas Member Posts: 4
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    Thank you for your response. Yes, it happens only when I sleep. You are probably right, though...I am in a very deep relaxing sleep and lose track of where I am! Thank you again!
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