Mommy kept me safe when tornadoes were coming last week

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Last week we had bad storms in Lake County and Orange County, Florida. Late at night our weather radio went off warning us of a coming tornado! My mommy woke up my boy (her teenage son) and put us both in the laundry room--the only room without windows. He didn't like to be woken up and I didn't like to be locked in the laundry room. Mommy and Daddy called lots of friends to wake them up. I sure hope that everyone one of my cat friends has a weather radio! Thankfully, the tornado missed our house. It touched down about ten minutes from our house. There were over 50 homes either destroyed or damaged. No humans were seriously hurt and I haven't heard a pet report. One of Mommy's cow0rkers had to evacuate her mobile home. She wrapped her three kitties in a blanket and put them in the van. Everyone went to Grandma's house for the night. Their mobile home was okay but it's better to be safe. I do not like storms at all and we are having so many of them! If your family doesn't have a weather radio, please have your mommy or daddy order one. They can get one from Radio Shack online. We have one that has a loud buzzer for 30-60 seconds. It will wake you up! Then a man comes on and reads the warnings and recommendations. My mommy can set it for our specific area. It is enough warning to get you up out of bed or turn off a video or something and put on the local weather. Every kitty should also have an emergency carrier ready to go with a collar with emergency contacts and a soft blankie just in case. Let's all keep safe!!! Every family should have an emergency box in their safe room---flashlight, extra batteries (don't store the batteries in the flashlight as they might corrode), battery powered radio, glowsticks, work gloves (for removing broken glass blocking escape routes), old shoes, basic set of clothes. It would be bad to be ousted from one's home in pajamas and bare feet with debris all over.


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    I agree with you, Lagolas! My meowmy tries to keep me safe as much as possible. :) Thanks for the helpful hints! Purrs of friendship, Kiwi
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    Omg that's terrifying! I'm glad to hear you guys are alright! Bless for you for keeping your furbaby kitty safe during that time, I'm sure it was pretty scary for the both of you.
  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
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    Ooh, thanks for giving us two items to add to our emergency stuff. Mom hadn\'t thought about the gloves and shoes. We already keep a radio that can work on batteries, extra batteries, candles, matches, glowsticks, water, kitty food (already have a litter box in our basement), pillows and blankets too. We don\'t have a weather radio, but we have sirens in our area that blast like mad if severe weather is coming. Plus, we have our own catdar. Felix is 100% accurate on the bad weather stuff. He\'s even better than the weather people :)) Anytime bad weather is near our house, regardless what the news is saying, he heads under the bed. Mom knows it\'s safe when he comes out. Now, if there is tornadic activity on the news or the sirens go off, she will drag him hissing and clawing from under the bed and stuff him into his carrier like she does with us. Then it\'s off to the basement. Felix always beats the sirens too! The house we live in is in one of the worst hit neighborhoods from what folks here call \"The Big One\". Louisville, KY was hit with #4 and #5s back in 1974 and even though mom didn\'t live in this house, she remembers going to the basement with her parents and it being scary. Our great grandpa lives a few blocks from our (now) house and he lived there during the big one. He lost half his roof, but luckily they all hid in the basement and were ok. Some people who are younger than mom laugh becasue she really goes to the basement if funnel clouds have been spotted anywhere near, but no one who was alive back then does. And EVERYBODY who was alive remembers it. People still talk about it too every year on that day. In one of our famous parks, you can still see areas that were hit because the growth is so much younger than the areas surrounding it. That 24 hour period was one of the worst in history and if you put April 3 1974 in google, the very first thing that pops up is the super outbreak. It was the second worst storm in the 1900\'s. So mom doesn\'t mess around with tornados at all. Stay safe and stay prepared catsters. Sometimes mother nature can be one mean woman. Purrs, Jack
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    Hey guys, while mom was checking our stuff and making additions, she realized one more thing everyone should have in their emergency kit, a first aid kit. Ours isn\'t really extensive, but it will do in a pinch. We also have a fire extinguisher. You should all ask your parents to make tags for your pet carriers too. Each of ours has a laminated ID securely fastened to the handle. On one side is our picture. The other side has our name, our description, mom\'s contact info, emergency contact info, vet(s) info, our food, any illnesses/medications we need, our microchip numbers and anything else mom thinks is important. After Hurricane Katrina, mom made them for us just in case we get blown away or lost from her somehow. We are purring that never happens, but mom likes to be prepared. Living right where so many lives were lost and houses destroyed, mom is a little paranoid about tornados. :r
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    Jack thats agreat idea about having your picture and information on the carrier. My carrier has my name, basic info and my vets phone number on it from when i had to go to the Emergency vet last year. This reminded mom of how much Jewel needs her own carrier. Luckily we've never had to leave the house at the same time so we've been sharing. Last summer, before Jewel lived here in the apartment, the smoke/carbon monixide dectector kept going off in the laundry room which is right next door. The other 3 apartments in the building and mom had called the front office because there wasn't a fire but they were scared of the carbon monixide. Luckily there was 2 doors to the outside that the humans had opened to get fresh air in but the alarm kept going off and the front office kept telling everyone not to call the fire department because it would cost them a lot of money ! I was going nuts inside meowing and running around. Mom didn't know if it was because of the alarm or because i smelt something funny. Mom put my carrier and my food bin by the door and decided to call the front office one more time ( the alarms in our apartment weren't going off at all, and she tests them regularly). They FINALLY sent a maintence guy who just replaced the dectector and left. within 5 minutes it was going off again. All the humans were getting PISSED. The guy came back and everyone INSISTED he get an instrument to measure the carbon monixide levels. It came back normal but the alarm kept going off. Eventually he re-ducttapped the dryer vent to the wall and it stopped. Everyone was yelling at him that the duct tape didnt work the first time, why would you just duct tape over it again instead of fixing it right? but he said thats all they ever do. Mom was so mad.
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