Shots, Spay and 2 days of travel in 7 days???

Shira WildShira Wild New Smyrna Beach, FLMember Posts: 312
edited 27 September, 2007 in Cat Health
Hi! I have a new foster home,*See "Cat passed away hours after seeing the Vet"* and they took me for my shots today, and I'm a little feverish, which can be normal. Against my vets usual "Must weigh 6 LBS and have 2 round of shots on board" she said she would spay me on Friday so that I can ride to NY with my foster parents to my new home, Dad and brother. Foster Mommy is having second thoughts about having me spayed thinking it might be too much stress for me (and her!) The reason they were having me spayed here in FL is at her vet it is 100$ and we know the vet. In NY the vet we know is $250. My uncle went to a low cost spay place in NY for my 2 cousins and they were in horrendous pain for 2 days and that vet didn't give them pain killers. Anyone have any idea's, one way or the other?


  • Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
    edited 25 September, 2007
    Hiya. My sister Cham just had her spay and ended up having quite an ordeal. A little background on her - she's 4.5 months old, has been at her Forever Home for a little over two months, lives with me (her brother) and we have our other brother and sister living a few floors down who we visit almost daily. Cham is the timid one of the bunch but feels totally comfortable and at ease in her new home, and loves her Mommy. Cham's vet is a well-known vet. Cham went in for her spay and spent the night at the hospital (required at this vet). She got into a fight with her e-collar (MOL) and even though there is 24-hr monitoring, ended up getting her paw caught in the towel under her, ripped out a few nails and badly sprained her wrist. She's now in a cast for two weeks, finished 5 days of antibiotics and is hobbling around. Not only that, but both she and my other sister had some liquid retention in their wounds that ended up needing to be drained when they got their stitches out a couple days ago. They both need to take a few days of medicine for that, and need to be checked by the vet again the day after tomorrow. I guess our experience is a rare one (I hope), but I thought you should know that it can happen, and it would be awful for your poor kitty who is already stressed as it is, to have to go through such an ordeal with traveling and all sorts of other stuff. I know Mommy has been making sure Cham is completely comfortable and happy, and it's been worrisome, even though we're in our own home where she's used to and feels at ease. I hope all goes well for you!
  • Shira WildShira Wild New Smyrna Beach, FLMember Posts: 312
    edited 26 September, 2007
    Ok, No spay for Monte\'s Mojo until she gets settled in NY. Too much stress. Speaking of which, my vet, who has seen thousands of cats no doubt, is totally in love with this little girl kitten. She wants me to give her Monte\'s MoJo and she will find me an equally great kitten before I leave for NY on Tuesday. She says she wants HER because she is a female orange tabby that is ticked, not striped, she has very dark brown/red eyes, and she is very submissive, loves to be held like a baby and purrs constantly. Now I already told Monte about MoJo and he really wants her. But if I get him another cat, that\'s be 2 cats that are being put in forever homes. What would you do?
  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
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    I say ask Monte. Explain that this will help 2 kitties find home. If he still wants you than there you are. But at least you asked. Good lucky cutie!
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
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    Would Mojo be an office kitty for the vet? I would choose the place where she could get the most attention and love - and be able to cuddle at night with her person. If they both offer equal amounts of all that, then check with your friend to see if he would be willing to wait for another kitty. If the vet just wants the kitty to be in the office, I'd choose your NY friend, so she can have a real home (not that office kitties have it bad... they just have a different sort of life). If you do take her to NY, I would definitely wait on the surgery. That is a lot to happen to a little body in a short amount of time.
  • Shira WildShira Wild New Smyrna Beach, FLMember Posts: 312
    edited 27 September, 2007
    We\'ve decided to take her to her new Daddy in New York. The vet wants her as her own house pet, but the way MoJo came to me in relation to Orlando passing away....I just think she made it to me at this time to be his. MoJo could have come to me a week earlier, before Orlando passed and I would have given her to the vet. She could have come a week later and Monte\'d already have a new baby. She is meant to have Monte as her Daddy. That\'s all there is to it! And I\'ve canceled her spay. We\'ll have it done in NY after she gets settled in. I also have to give a round of applause to Diesel and Tango. They have been so nice to Monte\'s MoJo. She\'s already comfortable at my house,she loves car rides and I can only hope her new brother Dude will love her and watch over her half as much. Thank all of you for you kind words and input! |:|
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