Coccidia and Albon alternatives

Brittany TisdaleBrittany Tisdale Bartlett/MemphisMember Posts: 726
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I have ten kittens right now ranging in age from 7 weeks to 14 weeks, all of which were bottle babies. We have had an absolutely horrible year as far as Coccidia and Giardia are concerned. Right now, all ten of my munchkins have Coccidia and we are on round number five of Albon and it\'s still not working. Three of the kittens have been on Albon on and off since they were a week old (they were about a week premature and are 14 weeks old now), they also had Giardia which took two rounds of Flagyl and two rounds of Panacur to get rid of. I\'m completely changing their litter (as well as putting liners on their boxes) twice a day and the scoops are getting Roccalled after each dump. They are all on pretty high dosages of Albon (today was their tenth day) and a fecal done yesterday showed \"lots of healthy Coccidia\". The vet thinks that since they\'ve been on Albon so many times that the Coccidia has become resistant to the Albon. A friend suggested I try Baycox, but obtaining it has been easier said than done. Are there any other meds besides Albon that can be used to get rid of the Coccidia? Thanks! Foster Mom, Brittany


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    Mom used to use Primor for Coccidia when Albon would no longer work, and would mix it with Metronidazole for Giardia when both problems were present. She would dissolve the pills in water and then dose with a syringe according to body weight. The mixture really makes the cats foam at the mouth, but it always worked for her.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
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    Coccidia Scroll down to treatment. There is a pdf with other drug options.
  • Brittany TisdaleBrittany Tisdale Bartlett/MemphisMember Posts: 726
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    Hunter, thank you SO much! Have you ever heard of/had any luck using Baycox to treat Coccidia?
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