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Amee BarnettAmee Barnett Morgantown, WVMember Posts: 31
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I'm Willow and I'm new on Catster. My human thinks I am part Maine Coon.. I look like one and I act like one too! If you look at my pics and you think she's right, could you let her know? I was discovered all alone outside, so she doesn't have any way to know for sure.


  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 3 May, 2008
    Aw, Willow, you\'re SO cute! (Especially the photos of you eating off a spoon and with your (?) Human). I wish there were a better view of your tail, and I\'d like to see photos of what you look like now, but I\'m going to say what I don\'t usually say to Catsters who ask, \"Is my cat Maine Coon?\" From having seen hundreds of Maine Coons in cat shows and on the Internet for the past year, my best guess is that you are almost definitely part Maine Coon. First, the shape of your muzzle is typical of Maine Coons and not of the typical American domestic long hair. Second, your eye set and shape are typical of Maine Coons (and pretty!). Third, you are a brown classic (blotched) tabby (meaning that you have whirls, instead of stripes, as in a mackerel tabby), and that is the most common color class among pedigreed Maine Coons. I say \"pedigreed Maine Coons\" because I am not so familiar with those \"real\" Maine Coons who still make up part of the moggy population of Maine and nearby states (my brother had one). I think, but am not sure, that the blotched tabby design is more common in pedigreed cats than in indigenous cats, but I\'m only an amateur cat geneticist. The blotched tabby design is also seen in purebred American Shorthairs (NOT to be confused with domestic shorthairs), which would open up the possibility of your having American Shorthair blood, but in that case, your face and body shape would be very different. The picture of you lying next to the television seems to indicate that you have the long body shape typical of a Maine Coon. You also have a nice neck ruff, which is not limited to Maine Coons nor required (I don\'t have one), but which is typical of the breed. From what I can see of your tail, it\'s bushy enough for you to be a Maine Coon (although I would like to see how long it is; Maine Coons should have tails that are about as long as their torsos, although that\'s not always the case). The only thing that seems a bit off is your ears. You have nice ear furnishings (hair coming out of your ears), but the shape and size of your ears puts me more in mind of a regular domestic cat (Maine Coons tend to have very tall, pointy ears, or slightly smaller, rounder ones). But the spacing between your ears is the orthodox one ear\'s width--if you were Norwegian Forest Cat, for example, you\'d have much smaller, rounder ears set farther apart. Actually, if someone told me you were a pedigreed Maine Coon, I wouldn\'t doubt them (as long as you could produce a pedigree!)--meaning that you look very, very much like a purebred Maine Coon. However, while anything is possible, the likelihood of someone\'s expensive pet getting lost outside (smart people who spend hundreds of dollars for pedigreed animals don\'t let them out of the house!) is pretty small. I would guess that there\'s a higher probability that you are a Maine Coon mix, BUT that you had a purebred ancestor as a parent or grandparent. Actually, the likelihood of THAT is also getting smaller, now that so many breeders will only sell altered cats, or require that their kittens be altered by the new owner. In any event, I think you can tell people that your cat is at least part Maine Coon, AND a beautiful kitty besides. (Well, of course--we Maine Coons are known for being beautiful!)
  • Elizabeth KElizabeth K ChicagoMember Posts: 11,036
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    Hi Willow! You are gorgeous! I don't have anything to add really except that-- and that I agree with Leila. Your face/head shape does look Maine Coon-like.
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