Should I get another cat? Had 2, 1 died in April... Read on please!

Michele CohenMichele Cohen Owings Mills / BaltimoreMember Posts: 17
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Hi everyone! For 2 years, my household consisted of me, Babes (female, age 13), and Leo (male, age 4), until Leo died in 4/07,. Since then, it's only been me and Babes. I am thinking about getting another younger cat, but not if it will adversely affect her. She is in good health now and I am worried she would deteriorate if she was stressed out. She gets all my attention now and she really enjoys it. She used to get annoyed when Leo (age 4) would want to play with her. She used to always hiss at him. Do you think I should keep things the way they are, or get another younger cat? If I got another one, she would definitely lose some of the attention I give her now. Thanks for any advice. :D


  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
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    First, I'm so sorry about your losing Leo at such a young age. And I totally understand about wanting to share your life with another kitty. I think you have two really good options: 1) Adopt an adult kitty who has a mellow, easy-going personality 2) Adopt two younger sibling kitties. They will have one another to play with and will probably leave your older kitty alone. Either way, introduce them slowly and give your kitty lots of attention during the process. When I got Matilda, Abbie had been the only cat for a year. Before that, she had lived with my kitty, Sasha, for 15 or 16 years. I thought Matilda was mellow, but she was only nine-months old and was quite feisty after bringing her home. That's how Binks came to be. Once he arrived, Matilda had a playmate and the two of them really left Abbie alone. Even when she was battling cancer; they were so good. I think it'll be okay. You just have to really, really research the kitty's personality.
  • Pamela HaneyPamela Haney Old ForgeMember Posts: 893
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    We are very sorry for the loss of Leo. We have a brother and sister at the bridge who were able to welcome Leo to the Bridge and show him around! |:| As far as getting a new cat... Getting a new cat can depends on several conditions. Introducing a young cat to an old cat can be very difficult as old cat can be set in her ways. You mentioned that old cat used to hiss at young cat when young cat wanted to play, which tells me that old cat might just prefer to be left alone. If your kitty does not appear to be bored or lonely wihtout the company of another cat and enjoys getting all your attention, then I would say you probably don't need another cat. You may like to get another, but if your kitty gets stressed out by the presence of another cat then it might not be such a good idea. Obviously you know your kitty the best - if you think your kitty will not care either way then maybe she will be stressed at first but after a while she will get over having a new cat.
  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
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    We were a one-cat home when we had Aragorn. I felt he never wanted another cat in HIS castle! But every cat is different, so it is hard for you to know whether a new cat will be accepted. Have you considered fostering a cat or a kitten? Shelters are always in need of foster parents and that way, if the cat/kitten doesn't meet Babes' approval you're not committed to a lifetime.
  • Michele CohenMichele Cohen Owings Mills / BaltimoreMember Posts: 17
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    Thank you all for your informative replies. My eyes are now open to all the factors to consider before I make a decision. Thanks for sharing your personal stories with me too, and for your kind words on the loss of my Leo... in my heart forever. :(
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    Did the cats ever play together?? If they did I would get another cat it would make her happy. I would consider adopting a shelter cat! |bb|=;
  • Bernie's DadBernie's Dad PittsburghMember Posts: 130
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    Dear Babes, I lost my sister in January of this year. We had been together since we were kitties, over 16 years ago. It was a very hard time for us all. My daddies were heart set on not getting another kitty for me because I'm now 16-1/2 and very set in my ways. I did well for the first few months after Bernie crossed, but daddy noticed that I was crying every morning after he left for work (he could hear thru the door). In August, Daddy found a stray kitten (about 8 weeks old) on the side of the road that needed lots of help. He took her to our home and introduced us slowly. Bo Peep had waaaay too much energy for me! She always wanted to play, but I just like to watch and play for little bits at a time. I've grown to really like her... but I like to sleep more now that I'm in my senior years! This past weekend, my daddies decided that Bo needed a little buddy to keep her company and out of my way. LOL The went to the shelter and adopted Barnaby (who is 3 months old... Bo is now 4 months). They get along WONDERFULLY and it's fun for me to watch them play with each other... I even get in the middle every once in a while! I'm much less stressed now (I wasn't overly stressed before Barnaby came), and I like having the kittens around. I know my daddies miss Bernie terribly.. and I do too. They think of her often. Even though Bo and Barnaby will never replace Bernie, it's wonderful that my daddies made room to save two other kitties and give them a loving home! Whatever you decide, I wish you luck! Purrrs, Maggie :D
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
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    Maggie said it beautifully. And what wonderful daddies she must have!
  • Michele CohenMichele Cohen Owings Mills / BaltimoreMember Posts: 17
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    Dearest Maggie, What a wonderful decision for your Daddies to add another kitty for the other one to play with... and I'm sure they provide a lot of visual entertainment and stimulation for you! And an extra bonus is that an additional kitty went from the shelter into a loving home. Thank you so much for responding... my Mommy was really on the fence and wasn't quite sure what to do... After all, I am set in my ways and love all the attention Mommy gives me... but if we rescue not one but two more babies, they can give each other lots of attention, and Mommy can still give me all the hugs and kisses she gives me now! I will keep you posted about how everything works out. Thank you Maggie and your Daddies! Love, Babes
  • Abby StolbergAbby Stolberg Prairie VillageMember Posts: 9,419
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    Babe and Babe's mom I am very sry for your loss|:| I agree with everything else said in this forum post! We lost our beloved cat Emma in Feb.06, Maggie and her had been together thier entire lives (Emma was a year older than her) But with Maggie's age and our not so cat loving dogs we have decided not to get a cat until Maggie is gone (wich hopefully won't be soon we love our Moo girl!) Or if somthing just happens (fate) Well while looking on petfinder we typed in your location and found some of these rescue kitties in you area- Check them out!. Wishing you much luck. |bb|Maggie and Her Human|bb|
  • Bernie's DadBernie's Dad PittsburghMember Posts: 130
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    Dear Binks, Thank you for the nice comment... and yes, I have the bestest daddies in the entire world. They make sure I get tons of attention, even with those two new little rascals about the house! Dear Babes, Tell your mommy good luck on making a decision about getting a new furpal (or two!) for you! If she has any questions, please tell her to send me a note and I can share more of my experience with her if she'd like! Love and purrs to all, Maggie :D
  • Robin BassRobin Bass Forest HillsMember Posts: 105
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    When I showed up..Sammy and Bradley lived with The Big Girl and Susan. I was 10 weeks ...they were 8 years and 20 pounds a piece. TBG was afraid Sammy would eat me for lunch, but he mentored me. Then TBG saw that even sammy, was getting tired. Brad wanted nothing to do with me. I remained fearless, but TBG knew I needed someone more my age. So she got Fatty...and also she knew that Sam and Brad were going to be moving. Sammy was a little bit annoyed, because I took to Fatty right away. he could hold his own, but he was just my size..he was a month younger. Now it's me and Fatty...we are a duo..although i learned how to roll over and take nips at TBG's finger's from sam. Infact that why TBG got get back at Sammy -who thought he ran the place. Well now I do..I let TBG and Fatty sleep in the big bed at night and I stay on top of the wall unit...My one fear...TBG is thinking about getting a Miane Coon kitty. Those guys are BIG! I mean we're talking Baby Huey (not bad for a name, Huh?) What do you think?
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