How many kitties have owned your pawrent in their lifetime?

Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
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Kitty mom here: I've grown up w/ cats in my house, which would explain my kitty enthusiasm. My brother got a cat (Crissy) about a year before I was born and then she had kittens right around the same time I came into the world. My parents kept one from the litter (Precious) and she became mine until she ran away from a boarding house while we were on a long vacation away from home. When I was 10 I finally convinced them to let me have another kitty, that's when Sneakers came along. Since then we've added Peanut, Toby, Dusty, and Mia. Phew! That counts 6 kitties that have owned me. I've never been owned by another animal (no dogs, hamsters, rabbits, nothing). What about all you pawrents? %:D%


  • kate vonkkate vonk BoiseMember Posts: 1,313
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    oscar, charlie and pancho are the only cats i've ever had. they are sooo fabulous and because of them i've gone totally cat crazy. however, i guess i've always loved animals. i had pet ducks, rabbits and dogs too.
  • Pamela HaneyPamela Haney Old ForgeMember Posts: 893
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    Oh let's see here, Mom has us 4 plus she had three other kitties when she was young. Plus she has had: 2 dogs, a rabbit, numerous mice, hampsters, gerbils, fish, frogs, lizards, birds, hermit crabs, and a turtle. :) Mom likes to keep a small zoo running at all times.
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
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    This is Delyte. Our family had about four different cats at home, and my person had her own cat, Christopher, who she had to leave at home when she went to grad school. Then she had Sarah, Norah, Silkie, Peri, me, Elektra, and now Stella. She had a dog, Trinket, for a long time that was left with her by an ex-boyfriend and had a long life. When she was a kid she used to try to rescue all kinds of wild animals but they mostly died. She did have a wild rabbit for three years, and several hampsters, and briefly a pet preying mantis and several turtles. Anyone who digs up the yard of her childhood home is going to find a lot of skeletons! She is always feeding outside animals and strays and right now we have Stella's momcat, her brother cat, and two of momcat's kittens. Momcat has had ten kittens in two years and might be pregnant again, but I don't see how she could raise another litter of kittens in the cold. We're trying to find someplace to take these two kittens now who are about 9 weeks old, before it gets too cold.
  • Becky KrailBecky Krail Walnut CreekMember Posts: 69
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    Our Mom lived in the country growing up, so she has been owned by many stray and unwanted animals all her life! In addition to my sister and adoptive siblings Mom has been owned by the following creatures: Cats: Smokey, Captain (Touched mom when she was only a couple days old after being brought home from the hospital! Love at first sight), Meeko, Sassy, Miss Kitty, Marie (Sassy's daughter-all RIP), Cleo. Dogs: Go-Go, Pepi, Midget, Jojo, Cindy, Beethoven, Georgette, Clarke (RIP), Jeannie. Mom was also owned by many bunnies (including a lop ear someone threw away after Easter!), a pig, two horses, several goats, a sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters, hermit crabs and several fish.
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    When Mom was a kid, Morris and Maizey were the family cats. She got Moose and M.J. as a preteen. Then (when she was an adult) came Mickey, Mr. Fez, and Linus. All are DSH, except for Linus who is a European Burmese and Maizey who was a Persian mix. Mom\'s family also had dogs while she was growing up, a Doberman called Morgan and a Lab/Beagle mix called Molly. Mom also had hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs, and tropical fish as a kid. She still keeps an aquarium and takes care of Mr. Fez\'s pet gerbil.
  • Beth CostaBeth Costa Stoneham, MAMember Posts: 252
    edited 24 October, 2007
    Hi, My daddy grew up with many different kitties around, maybe 6 - 8 cats over the years Mommy had goldfish and a turtle growing up. They had some reptiles (geckos, a bearded dragon and an iguana) a while back. They got a beagle named Bella as soon as they got married but Bella died this past June :( That\'s when they picked me:D So, I\'m mommy\'s first cat and daddy\'s first cat that he has owned himself.
  • Forrest JenkinsForrest Jenkins Member Posts: 439
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    We always had animals when I was growing up. -T.C.--my mother's cat, who was around 10 years old when I was born. He was offended at my arrival, and lived on the roof for three days. Then he decided I was alright and slept in my crib when I was big enough. He would also steal my bacon if Mom wasn't watching him. -Smokey and Frisky--littermates for me and my sister. -Tabs and Willy--again, littermates. Tabs was the first cat that was REALLY mine. I went to camp for a week one summer, and she cried at the window every day. She also brought me a present of a decapitated cardinal once when I was in the bath. I really upset her by screaming in terror at her generous gift. -Other past pets--3 dogs, a mouse, a Robin chick who we released, various turtles, iguanas, and a hedgehog. What can I say, I love 'em all!
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
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    I read a quote somewhere, I can't remember where, that said something like, "most people measure their lives in number of years, but for me, I measure mine in the number of cats who have shared their lives with me." Not an exact quote, but I thought it was beautiful. For me, I am on my third kitty life. I had a childhood kitty, Patchess. He died my freshman year of college when he was only 11. He had Feline Leukemia, which we had not known all those years. He was the sweetest, most shy and loving kitty. He was my best friend as a child. At the age of 19, I adopted Sasha. At 20, Abbie came to live with me. The two of them lived to be 19 and 18, respectively. That was my second kitty life. I went through so much with those kitties. Sasha lived in four states with me, Abbie three. I won't begin to tell you how many addresses, bad relationships, good relationships, crises, and wonderful things they shared with me, but our lives together were full and loving. Today, I am on my third kitty life with Binks and Matilda. Binks will be three on Halloween and Matilda will be four in February. I have had Binks since he was five months old and Matilda since she was nine months. They will be the kitties who see my daughter grow into a teenager. These are the kitties who helped me celebrate (ignore) my 40th birthday. It's a whole other kitty life, my third, and each one has been special - and different. Jenna
  • Dana DunnDana Dunn Member Posts: 2,587
    edited 24 October, 2007
    Wow my mom\'s had a lot over the years. She grew up always having at least one kitty own her. Sometime more. There were a few years she was without a kitty and those were the saddest times she remembers! Going from memory (kinda fuzzy at times mol) Sucker Baby, Scruffy, Hot Shot, Pete, Sammy, Sauly, Shamus, Sheba, Nick-Nick, Molly, Petrie, Sheber May, Jesse, Randy, Grace, April, Dallas, Twin, Cleo, Simon, Noah, Mercy, Oly, Oliver, & Rico So 25 kitties? :-O
  • Kristen MaranciakKristen Maranciak PittsburghMember Posts: 560
    edited 24 October, 2007
    Well right now there are 6. Wally...who was the first, Melodie, Buddha Mittens, me Mocha, Sunny and Beamer (who doesn't have a page yet). Then there was Harmony who passed last year and Ari who passed in 2003. Daddy has had a lot of kitties in his life but only a few come to mind right now and that is Cupcake, Tiger, Mama Cat, Roo, and Augie Doggie. Mommy has been owned by 8 and Daddy a lot more.
  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
    edited 24 October, 2007
    Our Daddy was a dog person before! *Hiss* Until he met me. His first cat was Peanut! Now he likes kitties so much he never wants to give up the fosters!! Mia was supposed to be his kitty, but she lives w/ Meowmy. So he's owned by two kitties.
  • Cathy AudorffCathy Audorff Janesville, WisMember Posts: 3,812 ✭✭
    edited 24 October, 2007
    Right now Mommie has the two of us, Bella and me, in the house. BeeJay went to the Rainbow Bridge in March, to join Sneakers and Boots there. Mommie briefly had a kittie named Chico when she was in college-he was found by some friends of her sister, but was FeLv positive and passed to the Bridge when he was little. When she was growing up, her family had two dogs that she remembers, a little mixed breed called Cinderella and a big Black Lab named Blacky. So all together that makes makes 8. Purrrrs, Mufasa
  • Jayne WatsonJayne Watson Member Posts: 53
    edited 25 October, 2007
    My mom and dad had 3 different kitties before Piper & I came along...there was the first, A little ornage tabby named Wally. When mommy and daddy moved to Australia, they left her with mom's mom & dad. They were very sad without her. Then they got 2 little sister cats name Wizard & Bondi. They got sick and went to the Rainbow Bridge:( Mommy & day were so sad without them they thought they'd never get any more. Then they met my sister Piper and me, and they think we're the reincarnation of Bondi & Wizard. We did come in, and immediately made ourselves at home here. No hiding or anything. Mommy & dday don't reralize, but WE picked THEM!!!!!:D
  • Kerstin KaufmannKerstin Kaufmann Member Posts: 9,254
    edited 25 October, 2007
    i'm the first one to really OWN my human. but there were two meouwing before and one seemed to be very convincing... - first one sat on the human for two days without a break (also during sleep) because human called her "beautiful". - second one was dotty (who's now with me on catster) who spent every minute with the two-legged after the two almost had a serious accident. - then came i. and i ignore the 11 rodents who spent altogether 13 years with my unfurred.
    edited 25 October, 2007
    My mommy had a d-o-g when she was little, but doesn't remember it. When my mommy was about 9, her family got Greyfoot, who soon gave birth to Fudge, Pudge, Sputters, and Buttons. Fudge was the twin of Pudge, but the runt. Greyfoot was a very bad mother and spent more time hitting her kittens than caring for them. My grandma had to give Greyfoot to a farm where she could be more wild. They didn't have Greyfoot too long. The other (besides Fudge) kittens found homes, although sadly Pudge died during an overdose of his first kitty vaccines. They kept Fudge and he became a quite wonderful cat from what I'm told. He was full of adventures, even catching a rabbit and bringing it home still alive where he set it loose IN the house! He was very sweet and Mommy really liked him a lot. He lived for many, many years and survived moving from MI to FL. He used up about 18 cat lives and finally died peacefully of kidney failure when he was very old. Mommy was catless for a couple of years after she got married and lived in an apartment. Then she and my daddy got a house and a cat to see if they could be good parents before having a baby. When they had kept Spock for a year, they decided to try a baby. Spock (I'm told---he crossed the Rainbow Bridge the day I came into their home) was a beautiful, beautiful Maine Coon who was highly intelligent. He knew many human words and was very caring of the baby they had. Before the baby was born, Spock tried out all the baby toys, clothes, furniture, etc. After the baby came home, Spock never went in the nursery. He would sit outside the thresh-hold for one year looking in. He never messed with the baby stuff again! Spock was almost 17 when he passed on in March. I was a rescue, dumped at a kind man's house, who cared for me until he heard about my mommy's loss and let me go home with her that sad day. My daddy wasn't raised with cats and his parents are not cat people. I make sure to be a nuisance to them when they come over to make up for their lack of cat affection!
  • JessicaJessica Long Island, New YorkMember Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭
    edited 25 October, 2007
    Aside from us four, our meowmy had another cat for eight years named Kitty.
  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
    edited 25 October, 2007
    Mom has had lots of kitties. Her family always had them around when she was little. Her house was always the one where kitties would just show up because we always left food out. Her childhood kitties were: Grits, Peaches, Tinker, Fats Domino, Cricket, and British. As an adult she has me, LuLu, Furie and now is sort of fostering Leggs.
  • robyn nrobyn n Member Posts: 234
    edited 26 October, 2007
    OH wow, lets see. as a child My first cat Sammy I got when I was 4 and lived to be a ripe old age of 26. Kelsey and Mason our Blue points Chloe my calico mainx And Maria our Egyption Mau who could win over even the biggest cat hater, and her offspring. Married life Turbo our Russian Blue One of the most amazing cats I ever had. his Brother BJ Jake & Rico Post Married life The Twins Sunny and Speckle *victims of vehicular catslaughter* :(( Emma my sons first cat. Currently Charm, LittleOne, and the newest addition my son just brought home, Stormy/Handsome. That doesn't include my roomates cat Shortcake, or her daughters Cloudy.
  • naomi codynaomi cody Charm CityMember Posts: 537
    edited 26 October, 2007
    i'm the proud mommy of killer and spike. i was the "sister" of pudge (rainbow bridge) for 17 yrs. my parents' 1st kid was snoopy our doggy. i've had 2 goldfish and 3 betta as well. the mommy
  • Jo MillerJo Miller Member Posts: 1,915
    edited 26 October, 2007
    Well, Meowmy\'s on number 2 and 3 right now (me and Kritter). Before us, she had Nighty and 4 DOGS. There are 2 dogs that live with us now, but they \"are\" Daddy\'s. Meowmy wants to know if barn cats count? If they do, the total is probably close to (if not over) 50.:-O :?
  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
    edited 26 October, 2007
    Oh Goodness! This is fun! Sundance (Mom's first ever, sadly he died at 4 months old), Nikki, Willie, Willie's 3 adopted kittens (he raised them and they all got adopted), Kaiser Wilhelm, Conan the Bavarian, Ghost, Cinderella, Sundance 2 (Feral), Morris (got adopted), Rocky (got adopted), Mucho, Dillon (got adopted), Fuzzy, 5 litters of kittens (all got adopted)from Cinderella and Ghost - they were a neighbor's cats and Mom finally stole them both and had them spayed and kept them. And us - Me, Max, Jesse James, Lakoda, Apache, Amigo, Jessica and Elmer That's a whole lot of Cats!
  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
    edited 26 October, 2007
    If you want to count my foster kitties, I also had Benny (adopted), Jango (adopted) and Gabby (yet to be adopted)... That's 9! Whew!
  • Brandee NicholdonBrandee Nicholdon IthacaMember Posts: 16
    edited 27 October, 2007
    Well my meowmy was never owned by any kittys before me. Her parents didn't like cats and there were not really any strays to befriend in her rural stretch of Alaska. My Daddy had a couple, especially one that used to lay in the crib with him and protect him when he was a baby. They are both kitty crazy though. Another cat has not come to own them yet since I crossed the bridge because they have been moving around a lot but they can hardly wait. Meowmy is on Catster and Petfinder everyday looking at kittys preparing for when they settle down.
  • Sarah ThompsonSarah Thompson Blanchard OklahomaMember Posts: 23
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    My mum wants to speak now:) so instead of mol shes going to say lol Well heres a list of cats I owned(not in order) Sassy Silvia Barbie Bob Poopsie-I saved this one from a dog once I had to kick the dog so hard to let MY cat go I couldve sued whoevers dog that was to train him like that! :( Whitey Big Head Wierd Head ChinaDoll Angel Calvin Marshal Cat williams Ling Ling Sunday Milk shake Cutie
  • Leo ShadowLeo Shadow Member Posts: 53
    edited 28 October, 2007
    When my meowmy was born Mr Gray adopted her right away. He would try to cuddle w/ her every chance he got. Luckily Grandma didn't believe all that kitty smothering the baby nonsense that the neighbors did. By the time meowmy was a toddler she couldn't sleep w/o a kitty in her bed. When she moved at 2 Sunshine showed up to take Mr Gray's place as kitty gardian. Sunshine had 2 kittens which Mom named Pebbles and Bam-Bam. She gave away Pebbles, but Bam-Bam was her companion until she was a teenager. Then she met a cute kitten on her paper route that she named Sneakers because he had 7 toed white feet. Shortly there after another 7 toed kitty showed up with very long toe nails that clicked on the floor so he was promptly named Cleats. After they passed Mom and Grandma resued Velvet who was on death row at the shelter. Now Grandma has Velvet and Mom has my brother Leo and Me (her Shadow). She has also been owned by several dogs, 2 hamsters, 2 bunnies and a horse, but has always had a least one kitty companion watching over her.
  • edited 29 October, 2007
    Well not everyone in my "family" is my real family so... I've had Boots Newt Peppy Storm Sabrina So what five cats... 8 fish, 3 hermit crabs, 1 dog, 1 tadpole (he died before he made it to frog hood), and 1 frog. I remember all the names of these animals too. Right now we have 2 cats, 1 dog, 2 fish, and 2 hermit crabs. Actually now that I think about it I have had three dogs, but I only really count Brittany because the other two died/given away before they reaced a year old. P.S. I'm only 13 right now so I have had a good amount.
  • Darlene WagnerDarlene Wagner MilwaukeeMember Posts: 1,075
    edited 29 October, 2007
    Since mommy was a little girl she has had: Cats: Poostie, Stinker I and Stinker II, Binky, many house-guests that were staying until they could find a good home Dogs: Cotton, Chewy, Benji, a few house-guests that stayed until they could find a good home Hamsters -6 Gerbils-8 Mice-2 Birds-4 Newts-4 Rabbit-1 Guinea Pigs-2 Wildlife: 1 robin (baby fell out of nest) 2 squirrels (wild-hand tamed) 6 baby bunnies (mom left them or was killed) 1 baby duck (found in yard-no mom anywhere) 1 turtle (snapping turtle found in road) ...and probably more she can't remember- her daddy and her always brought home animals ;)
  • Kat L-Kat L- Los AngelesMember Posts: 53
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    Sophie's my first kitten, but I have had many other pets before. I have had two ratties (Basil and Rocky), experience with hamsters, and two Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads (Spottie and Dottie). I currently have two bettas (Machete- crowntail and El Wray- veiltail), my Miniature Pinscher Gustav, and of course Sophie (the newest addition to the family!). |^|
  • Ramona NRamona N Member Posts: 27
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    Autumn is moms first own kitty and dad already had a cat before but it wasn't completely his (it was his moms and he was kinda disgusted by it (it was a "sphinx") :?).
  • cat shepherdcat shepherd KnoxvilleMember Posts: 6,314
    edited 30 October, 2007
    Mom's had a bunch of foster kitties, but if we count all of them, it would take 2-3 pages to list them all!! Her first kitty was named Tiger. A gray tabby. She didn't have him long. He brought dead birds in the garage and her Mom made her Dad find a new home for him. Her next kitty was Maggie. She got her from some friends. Maggie was about 8 when Mom got her. She lived 5 years with Mom. She was a tortie Persian mix. Then there was Sophie (who is still here), me, Sugar, Spicey and Ollie. So that's 7 that have claimed her. :D
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