Question- new home or new sibling or status quo?

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I think my mom thinks too much, and I don\'t know what to tell her. Would someone please help us? I\'ve been an only kitty for about two years and my mom works a lot. She used to be around a lot more, but because of her multiple jobs, we only really get to hang out at night for a couple hours. She feels badly about this and sometimes thinks that maybe I\'d be better off finding a family who can be around more. But I know she loves me and would miss me terribly if I left. On occasion we go on road trips to visit her parents and my uncle Jackson. Uncle Jackson is a 10 yr old only kitty who likes to ignore me no matter how hard I try to be friends with him. Right now I\'m staying at his house since Mom went out of town for a while. Mom\'s parents think I need a friend since I\'m trying so hard to be friends with Jackson. But Mom and I are confused about what to do. I\'ve had visitors over to my house and it never goes well. I like to chase our roommate\'s dog around the house when she stops by (it\'s cool chasing that stupid rat terrier instead of being the chasee! Thank goodness she pretty much lives with the roommate\'s boyfriend.) And one of the neighbor cats would occasionally sneak into the house when Mom came home and that really didn\'t make me happy. I\'d hide and hiss and then run out and try to hurt him. If he was outside though, I was perfectly content watching him through the glass, but once he intruded in my house, it was a different story. So mom\'s really confused about what to do. Should she give me up to someone who may be able to be home with me more than she is? Or should she get me a friend to keep me company. I\'ve displayed a willingness to be friends with Jackson, but that\'s also at his house. I haven\'t been too happy with others running around in mine. And Mom doesn\'t necessarily think it\'s fair to bring another kitty into a lonely house when she or the roommate isn\'t even home enough for me. So should she just leave things the way they are since it\'s been ok for the past 2 years? I guess she\'s afraid of me hating her if she brings a friend for me but she doesn\'t want me to be lonely either. That and I think she feels our apartment is too small for two kitties to run rampant through. I don\'t know though. Please help her make a good decision for me. Any advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • Michele AshleyMichele Ashley Chattanooga/HixsonMember Posts: 3,161
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    Does your momma have time to take care of 2 kitties? If so a friend would be most excellent. Remember us cats usually dont take to friends right away. If you do get a friend, introduce them slowly and give them time to get to know each other. I would do this when you have some time off work to supervise.
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    It's perfectly normal for you to be less friendly in your own territory than in another cat's territory. It doesn't mean you can't share with a buddy though. If you were to get a new buddy, it would need to live in a room alone for at least a week or so, and your mom will need to swap items from both your spaces so that you can get used to each other's scents. It would also be best to get a cat of the opposite sex, since those pairings typically go a lot more smoothly. Girl/girl pairings can get ugly because the lady cats don't act like ladies toward each other most of the time. The only problem would be that mom would need to be home a good bit at first to help with the transition. Also, you might need a lot of reassurance from her at first. Once everyone is settled though, you would need less time. Either way, it doesn't sound like you need to be re-homed, as that would be very stressful for you. Cats are naturally quite independent, and especially if you get to socialize (yes, chasing that rat terrier is socializing!) with other animals regularly, you probably are not terribly lonely. Mom needs to make sure you have plenty of toys around, and plenty of fun cat things just for you so you can entertain yourself when she isn't home. As long as she is getting that quality time in, you shouldn't need a new home.
  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
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    It's natural to get mad at a kitty when they first enter your home. It's a territory thing. But based on your attitude when visiting w/ other animals I think you'd do fine w/ a friend in your house. It'll take a few days to get used to the idea, but once all the complaining is done I think you two would be the best of buds! Meowmy kept me because my older brother Toby was depressed by being alone all day! It worked out purrfect for us!
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