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Question for HQ

Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
edited 9 November, 2007 in Plus Informational
Dear HQ, There are rumors abound that some Catsters and Dogsters are complaining to HQ about pages being done with Santy Paws. Since we are a Worldwide Diversified Forum, can you please put the rumors to rest? Many creatures celebrate Christmas/Santy Paws, jewish kittys celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkak, some kittys celebrate Kwanza, hispanic kittys celebrate Three Kings Day and so on. If we weren't so diversified, it wouldn't be as much fun - would it? We all love seeing the different holidays celebrated by our Dogster/Catster friends. Purrs


  • Cathy AudorffCathy Audorff Janesville, WisMember Posts: 3,812 ✭✭
    edited 6 November, 2007
    We agree with Morgan. We love being a diverse community. We love being able to express our religious beliefs/feelings, and our holiday traditions and having others express theirs. We would actually love to see pages of kitties who are celebrating differently from us, because it goes to the heart of being a community and being able to accept everycat and their humans as part of that community. That also includes other nations and their celebrations (let's face it, not all cats on here are American. Not all of them celebrate the 4th of July or Thanksgiving, just as we may not celebrate their national holidays). When another cat or their human is ill, we pray (or purr) for them even though their beliefs may be different from ours, and I hope they would do the same for us. The important thing is that we care about and accept each other, not how we decorate our pages or what we believe in. Purrrrs to everycat, we love you all. Bella and Family
  • Jan ArmstrongJan Armstrong Member Posts: 6,559
    edited 6 November, 2007
    I saw one of the Santa Paws pages in question. I personally didn\'t see anything wrong with it. It is/was a very wonderfully done page and a link to the \"All Fur Fun\" group to go send a letter to Santa Paws. I think that is adorable. In the Pure White Kitty Club, we have Purry Claws and even have a special Litter Box Day story to read. I feel every fur in my 2 groups have the right to celebrate their special holidays in the groups. Since I\'m not up on them, I do need to be told when and what they are. Catster and Dogster members always decorate their pages for each holiday - Christian ... Jewish ... Muslim ... Wiccan ... and I don\'t see what is so different about that page. :-#
  • Lori MalmLori Malm San FranciscoMember Posts: 7,342
    edited 6 November, 2007
    Thanks for your feedback everyone! Please be aware that out of respect for privacy, Catster has a policy not to discuss grievances brought against one member with other members of the Community. While I will not address the details of any complaints, I will tell you that Santa Paws is here to stay!
  • edited 6 November, 2007
    Thank you, HQ! I don\'t know where it went, but there was an International Kitties thread and they talked about the customs, especially Holidays and the food and celebrations, of their countries. So interesting! For Great Kat\'s sake...we are all different. Most of us don\'t even know what city we were born in or where our cat moms and dads are...learning and sharing traditions is so much fun! be bop *trying not to grumble* cole
  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
    edited 6 November, 2007
    Thanks HQ - we appreciate it! We just want to keep being able to celebrate all the customs and traditions of all of our Catster and Dogster friends.
  • Tiffany McConnellTiffany McConnell OmahaMember Posts: 30,862
    edited 6 November, 2007
    *snap clap applause for everykitter thats posted here!* I would add to the convo, but aint much more to be said! =D>
  • Stephanie UmbroStephanie Umbro Sebago Lakes RegionMember Posts: 2,822
    edited 7 November, 2007
    OMC I hadn\'t heard this complaint. Morgan, you are such a wise cat. Yes, we must all learn to be more tolerant of each other. I just have this to say: Who let the humans in! When they show up, cats get into fights and fur flies! I say, if someone\'s page offends another cat, stay away from the page. You don\'t have to hiss and growl at the other cat over it! Eeesh!
  • ZACKandZOEYZACKandZOEY Cave Creek, AZMember Posts: 12,043 ✭✭
    edited 7 November, 2007
    I hadn't hear about this either. But sounds like HQ has the problem all under control. =; I agree with Sebastian & the other kitties. The humans need to let the cats play. And if someone doesn't like what another has on their page, don't go to their page!! Very simple. Plenty of other catster pages to visit. |:|
  • Samantha PittengerSamantha Pittenger NorthernMember Posts: 14,599
    edited 9 November, 2007
    Hey guys! :-h *nibbles RA's cheese* I haven't heard of this either but I agree with RA, if you don't like what you see, look away! I know I do on some cats' pages!
  • ZACKandZOEYZACKandZOEY Cave Creek, AZMember Posts: 12,043 ✭✭
    edited 9 November, 2007
    :-h Hi Boogers!! ;) I sure wish you'd look away from my food!! :))
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