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CatIt Fountain Users, help!

Jess KJess K Member Posts: 539
edited 19 November, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Today was my first day cleaning my Jasper's new CatIt Drinking Dome Fountain. I followed the directions, gave it a thorough cleaning, replaced filter, ect. Then when I went to put it all back together...I ran into issues. When it comes to the part where you fill the dome with water, you have to twist the green spring to keep the blue bubble open. Well...I thought I put it back on correctly...but when I put the dome back on it wouldn't drain! I took it back off and it seems like the blue bubble attached to the spring that drains the water into the unit is getting stuck on the side so it won't stay draining or stay open [it's kinda like, side ways instead of staying in place]. I tried a thousand times taking it apart and attaching and filling but it just won't stay open! I finally just said screw it and figured out a way to keep the green spring in the open position and the blue bubble straight. Then I just filled the fountain by pouring water in the dish area [which I do when it is running low]. I have it all hooked up and it looks/sounds like it's running normally. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it ok to leave the screw in the open position? Is it ok to fill the unit directly from the waterdish instead of draining the dome? Did any of that make sense? Thanks for any help! I'm so annoyed...I should have never listened to the instructions and taken it all apart like it said...Jasper loves his fountain so much I'd hate for it to get ruined somehow...grr...frustration...again thanks!


  • MrD_Sam_RazaMrD_Sam_Raza New ZealandMember Posts: 2,511 ✭✭✭
    edited 18 November, 2007
    I was a little confused with that too. So we leave it in the open position too. It doesn't drain that well, but the fountain works fine and we have had ours for many months and it still runs well. We also top it up with the jug.
  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
    edited 18 November, 2007
    I went for a long time with no big problems and then last month I had the spring that didn't want to spring. I ended up twisting it one way and then the other for a long time and finally got it to work. I don't see why keeping it open would be a problem. I guess it might fill more than it would without but if it seems to be working ok then I would leave it. Another suggestion is to go to the Hagen website. If you look through the FAQ section there are lots of questions and answers and it looks like the ability to post a question. They seem like a good company that would like you to be happy with their product. Good luck!
  • Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
    edited 19 November, 2007
    I wish I could imagine what's going on with your do you fill the dome and put it back in place with the screw thing open and not have water spill out everywhere? If it's working though, I guess you're okay. :) I've found I have the most trouble with the part under the dome where the black wire connects to that black suction thing. I thought I wasn't putting the dome back on correctly, but actually, I found that if that wire doesn't sit properly, the dome won't sit properly, and then the screw thing won't open to drain. You know that little ridge where the black wire is supposed to fit,...but it always kind of pops up or often sits a little off. You might try repositioning that wire part and see if that makes a difference. It helped mine out a bunch, and I almost always have to jiggle that wire part around some to get the dome to sit right. Hope that helps! PS I've also wondered if you can refill it by pouring water into the bowl guess is that it would just mean having a higher level of water in the bowl. :?
  • Theresa BaileyTheresa Bailey Willamette ValleyMember Posts: 17
    edited 19 November, 2007
    Oh yes! I had the same troubles...mine finally died a merciful death at about 8 months. I did like the bubble, but putting it back together after cleaning drove me crazy. You have to burn incense and make offerings to the gods to get it all back properly. I had that same issue with the bubble not seating properly. I always had to pick it up and drop it back down a few times or, as you said, it won't run correctly. What made me crazy was trying to get the top of the bubble (the handle) screwed back on right. Plastic threading should be abolished! If you can put it back with the spring open without getting water all over, I can't see that it would make a difference. Also, I have just added water many times, no problem. But it should be cleaned regularly or the filter will get yucky and there are sanitary reasons it should be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly (imagine having to drink your own backwash - yuck!). I did love the bubble top with the water cascading down it, but when it died, I finally got a Drinkwell and have been very happy with it.
  • Sharon BraatenSharon Braaten Great BarringtonMember Posts: 842
    edited 19 November, 2007
    I gotta tell you guys, we have 2 Drinkwell fountains that we have had over 4 years! Never had a problem. CatIt sound like a pain in da bottom! MOL :))
  • Jess KJess K Member Posts: 539
    edited 19 November, 2007
    Thanks for everyones responses/opinions! I still haven't fixed it...I've just left it as is since it is working just that part isn't working correctly. I emailed the company and they actually emailed me back quite quickly. They had never heard of this problem and actually said you shouldn't remove the valve [even though the instructions had said too]. No solution but they said they would send me a replacement kit. I figure why not as long as it doesn't cost me anything. :-# If they say I have to pay for it then I'm gonna just leave it as is. :?
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