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i only eat kibble

Goolnar HawGoolnar Haw Member Posts: 2,525
edited 25 November, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
i only eat kibble is that ok??? i sometimes eat baby food with my brothers but other then that it\'s just kibble.


  • Stephanie ChangtuStephanie Changtu Miami Fl,Member Posts: 883
    edited 21 November, 2007
    Make sure baby food has no onions though I feed my kitties in special ocations.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 21 November, 2007
    Kibble is ok but it's not species-appropriate. You won't find wild cats eating kibble. A RAW diet is close to what wild cats eat but short of that canned food will work. Many dry foods have very poor quality ingredients: lots of grains, fillers, by products, etc. These are typically the inpexpensive brands found in supermarkets and discount stores. If you can, try a better brand of food that contains meat as the first ingreident or two. Premium is ideal but also expensive. You can buy mid-quality foods in pet stores such as Petco and Petsmart that aren't too expensive. Try eating half canned food and half canned food, too. Canned foods can be eaten every day, not just as a special treat. Be careful; some canned foods are labeled as supplements only (ie, Sheba) and will not provide you with all the nutrients you need. Some cats who eat only dry food will refuse to eat canned food later in life because they don't recognize it as food. This may be a problem if you must eat canned food to help with a medical condition or if you have bad teeth. To avoid this, eat canned food now so you know that it is food and yummy. Just my opinions :)
  • Sharon BraatenSharon Braaten Great BarringtonMember Posts: 842
    edited 23 November, 2007
    I have to agree with Merlin. We have switched to an all canned diet. It took me a while to get used to it, but it is helping my problem with urinary crystals. Check out the thread called "does anyone eat ALL wet food." It is keeping me nice and hydrated which has been a problem in the past. =;
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 24 November, 2007
    It's Stella. I am one of the ones who eats all kibble, and the cheaper the better. [My person just got Eukanuba for sensitive stomachs and nobody in the house or the strays will touch it.] It is probably because I didn't have anything except dry and my Momcats milk when I was young. When my person took me in she tried to give me good canned food but I almost never eat it. I know this is going to be a problem because I am already overweight and do have the problem with urping it up which the Iams Sensitive Stomach did help a lot. It's hard to get stubborn kitties to do what is good for them!
  • Carol CanodeCarol Canode ColumbusMember Posts: 3,178
    edited 25 November, 2007
    I agree with the others; canned (if you don't do raw) is better for kitties. It is a myth that dry food cleans teeth. It actually causes the tooth decay that so many kitties are prone to, especially if there are alot of carbs as fillers. Dry food has also been linked to diabetes in cats. In particular, foods that are high in starches and sugars. Kitties were not designed to break down all this sugar in their diets. Also kitties that eat only dry are subject to urinary crystals and eventually, chronic renal failure. That is because most kittie - even those who drink water - can become chronically dehydrated. Kitties need food with moisture to be healthy. So keep working on making that switch. Wet food is better food!
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