Girl looking

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Hey my furr-end is looking and can't post but if your interested this is her link so post if you if your interested in her!:^: Newmen Her link


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    I am interested!! i am single, loving and I really like meeting other cats! Expecially girl cats! I'd love to go on a date sometime but I don't know when. Delphie you are sooooo cute! Hope to see you soon! Oreo:-h
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    Newman, thank you for introding me to Delphi! She is my new girlfurriend! Again, thank you Newmen for introducing us! I think I am in love!
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    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH MUHAHAHAHA Delphi dumped you awwwwwwwww you poor kitty Well bye=D>:P:-h%:D%|^|=;:^:;P:))!
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    nevermind you guys are together again%:D% That's GREAT!!
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    Oreo, what is up with you? She NEVER dumped me! We are engaged and happy as ever! Why are you so mean!!!!! :((
  • Claire BuliarClaire Buliar Member Posts: 1,617
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    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!;P|bb|
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    Sorry Max, I didn't mean to do that. You know the shoulder thing, the devil and the angel, well i decided to go with the devil and do that. I know i shouldn't have. It was just that I really liked Delphi at the time but I think I have found someone new. I am really, really sorry. So Sorry, Oreo:(
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    'Tis okay Oreo. Hope we can be buds.
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    Max I heard you had a little spat I'm so happy to see you too together I just hope I can help my brofur find some one too!|^| Best Wishes Newmen
  • Beth HallBeth Hall South ShieldsMember Posts: 329
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    Did you say brother, hmm, is he Black and White? Well heres my link just incase! Baggy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    sorry he is a gray tabby, and has a girl furr-end now!:^:|^|:D
  • claire Fickeclaire Ficke Member Posts: 363
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    Join Tux's dating club!=;
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    I am looking for someone, do you know anybody?
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    hey oreo? why did you freak out like that! anyway im sorry i didnt answer to you first. but i would not have worked out between us anyway. glad you have a girlfriend and i wish you alot of luck!
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