I\'m being extra mean to my big bro

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Hello everyone, I came living with my family (my parents and Remy) almost 1.5 years ago when I was only a little kitten of 8 weeks old. I'm half an Abby: my feline mom is a full-bred Abby but had a wonder outside and got pregnant with me. I had 1 sibbling by the way and there was another litter when I was born so I wasn't alone when I was growing up. Since I came in the house I want alllll the attention for me. Of course there is older Remy, 2 years my senior, but I really like to bully him. I've done that from the every first day. I chase him, I hit him, I pester him when he's sleeping especially if he's sleeping somewhere that I want as my sleeping spot, now. Mommy thinks I'm jealous but my parents do give me a lot of attention as well. Hugs everyday and a little play. Still I have this urge to bully my bigger bro Remy. When he had a blockage due to crystals in his urenal tube and he had to go to the vet, I was worried about him and extra nice when he came back. That was a rare occasion for me to be nice to him. This week I did a massive attack on Remy again. I put him in a arm lock, really tight and then try to bite him so he screams. Dad got really angry with me and locked me in the bedroom for 15 minutes but it doesn't face me. I will just continue. Same thing when Remy growls and hisses at me: I totally don't care for that and will continue to pester him. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this issue? Mom and dad are really worried and love me and Remy loads but this can't be a happy situation for any of us. Thanks for the help!


  • Natascha de WaalNatascha de Waal Member Posts: 7
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    Forgot to tell you. We are both neutered and I never really felt my hormones kick in. Mom and dad neutered me to make sure there wasn't going to be more havoc in the house!
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    It sounds like you two have dominance issues... :-/ Well Milo does to be more accurate... He thinks he can be boss now he's full grown (regardless of never having all his male hormones kick in), keeping multiple cats happy all the time is a rare skill... We have Tigmut'hep here who's bigger than either of us Abys, he's older than either of us too and way more bossy! Isis and I agree to love each other and that Tigmut'hep can be the boss as long as we get all the love and affection we need... This is not so hard as we like to sleep with Mummy and Dad, but Tigmut'hep is banned from the bedroom 'cause he snores! ;) So we get to be the bosses of the bedroom and he can run the rest of the house... :) Oh and maybe it helps that Isis is a girl and I'm not a dominant cat even though I was over 2 and a Daddy cat before I was neutered! Feliway spray can help make cats feel calmer and happier too - this comes from the vets. There are also some homoeopathic drops for stress and the like that can help - they certainly helped me settle here and learn how to be a housecat... If you have any further questions just p-mail me and I'll see if I can help! :) Mummy has lots of books on cats and behaviour as well as the fact she knows a lot of other Abyssinian cat breeders who may well have had these sort of issues to deal with in the past... I hope you two sort things out soon and that 2008 is a much more peaceful year for you both... Purrs, Ramses
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