long hair cat tips!!

Cindy ChaneyCindy Chaney DelawareMember Posts: 6
edited 4 January, 2008 in Choosing the Right Cat
hey if u guys can help what is a way to keep the matts outta my fur?? i got matts so bad that mommy has to shave me....btw do u now how long it takes to groe back fur its growining slowly :D but at lease im not dealing with matts right now :D so please help!!


  • Brittany ReedBrittany Reed Des Moines, IAMember Posts: 133
    edited 4 January, 2008
    Hi! i'm a long haired kitty! My mommy doesnt HAVE to brush me every day, or even every week. i've actually noticed that from switching from science diet a few years ago, to super premium foods, my coat is even better! i use to matt more .. espically around my belly/in my arm pits. mommy gets my hair cut in the summer. she calls it a 'lion cut' but... i think i look pretty fashionable! we love it. that always helps. brushing always helps... and baths help sometimes too. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT use sissors on your baby! our skin is literally tissue paper thin, and we can be cut very easily. PLEASE go to a professional. it is really worth it. and ... btw.. with having long fur, i'm sure you'll find some surprises around the house that were um... ah hem... once attached in one way or an other, so keeping the bum hair trimmed is a good idea. our new sister has long hair too! mommy loves us long haired kitties!
  • naomi codynaomi cody Charm CityMember Posts: 537
    edited 4 January, 2008
    use a detangler during bath time. it's also imperative to be brushed often. so get kitty used to it ASAP. and yes with longhairs watch for clingons. you'll know it when it happens:)) .
  • Brittany ReedBrittany Reed Des Moines, IAMember Posts: 133
    edited 4 January, 2008
    speaking of 'clingons' ... i left one for mommy to find in bed this morning! you should have seen her face!!!!! :))!
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