How to remove urine?

Kimi HKimi H SunderlandMember Posts: 2,257
edited 23 February, 2008 in Grooming
This is more of a people than a kitty grooming question, but I couldn't think of an appropriate forum to post it in... also I wanted the place to get the most good ideas for this! So, Duffy, in a fit of kitty bossiness, got into a tiff with my roommate's cat and retaliated by peeing all over the laundry pile. My roommate was not as concerned about the rest of the laundry... except his main target was her expensive, discontinued-style Victoria's Secret bra!!! We'd really like some good ideas from laundry pros who have been there with kitty urine stains who might know the best way to get this garment back into pristine shape... er, as pristine as it gets after that, anyway. Thanks Duffy, way to promote Roomie Relations around here... I promised her I'd get on here and solicit the help of "a bajillion benevolent cat owners who probably all have had to launder kitty pee on delicates at some point." I hope I was right and at least a few other kitties have done this! Anybody know what we can do to get the bra clean again? know... maybe I should crosspost this to the behavior forum, too. *does so*


  • Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson Member Posts: 556
    edited 21 February, 2008
    Ya know, I would toss the bra! Cat pee is the hardest thing I\'ve ever had to get out of carpet, and I imagine non-washiable clothing is next to imossible. :(( I used a mixture of peroxide and dish soap (veeerry little soap) on carpet that had been peed on, and it worked pretty well, but it would probably ruin the color of the bra if it\'s not already white or cream. Or you could try taking it to the dry cleaners and see what they think.
  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
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    duffy\'s mom: i have an idea on how to get some ideas...i\'ll post your question on yahoo answers-i have an account. i\'ll probably get more idiotic comments than actual intelligent answers, but ynk (You Never Know)
  • naomi codynaomi cody Charm CityMember Posts: 537
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    honestly, i never had a problem getting the smell out. soak the bra in hot water with laundry detergent. then wash as usual. oxy clean mixed in with the soak water may help. it's supposed to be good on protein stains. it's worked for me.
  • Kat WhickerKat Whicker ToledoMember Posts: 1,695
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    I worked at a vet clinic and got peed on alot. Try getting a pet stain and order remover that works for cloths. one to try is Simple Solution. It says its for carpets but it also says it can be used on clothing. I get the big jug. be sure to check if you have to dilute it or not. I feel ya there. little miss Angel butt will leek all over my shirts if she disaproves of her litter. I have to get the same brand every time or else she throws a fit.
  • Kimi HKimi H SunderlandMember Posts: 2,257
    edited 23 February, 2008
    Thank you everyone! My roomie appreciates it too. I have passed on all your suggestions from both threads. I knew Catster could help save the day! If you think of anything else keep the ideas coming! The other day I found the source of an odor that I thought must surely be from a kitty pee spot... my male roomie's sneakers! He walks around in the snow in 'em and then of course they get wet and stinky. YIKES. I Febreezed his shoes, mol!
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