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Skin conditions

edited 27 February, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
Samie I think has always had some sort of food or environmental allergy. Every couple of months he starts to chew his skin to the point the fur is gone and its raw and nasty. He was on Purina for a very long time until I learned better. I tried Wellness but he didnt do well on that either. The vet wanted me to try and find a food without fish, to see if that may be the cause of his problems. However, thats been impossible. I put him on Taste of the Wild,to see if his issue may be grains. But, after 2 months on it, he's started chewing again. :(( I'm not sure what to do. Anyone know of a food that may be good for allergies? The only formula I found for cats with allergies was Natural Balance but I do not trust that company, and the first ingredient was peas, which I believe cats do not need. Anyway, suggestions are appreciated.


  • Mary ComminsMary Commins AntiochMember Posts: 55,502
    edited 22 February, 2008
    The one that comes to mind when you ask about a food good for a cat thats allergic and that the vet says should stay away from fish is California Naturals by Natura. They have a chicken and brown rice and a lamb and brown rice and others that do not contain fish and are especially formulated for sensitivities to foods. you can check them out here good luck!
  • edited 23 February, 2008
    Thanks I'll have to see if our store carries that or not. And if they even like it. They are sooo picky!
  • Beth CostaBeth Costa Stoneham, MAMember Posts: 252
    edited 23 February, 2008
    Hi- Hector scratches his face and the vet suspects allergies. However, the allergies may be environmental, not food allergies. I am trying corn/wheat and soy free and he's a little better but still scratches sometimes. I may try a total elimination diet next but some research I did on cat allergies showed that cat food is not the most common cause of allergies. Fleas (which Hector does not have) and environmental allergens (dust, mold, the same things we are allergic to) are more common causes than food. However, often cats have both environmental and food allergies so it's a good idea to try a low allergenic diet in any case. Just be prepared that the food may not solve the problem completely. Good luck.
  • edited 23 February, 2008
    Yes I have a dog that has both food & environment allergies. I have an air purifier downstairs where both the cats & dogs do most of their sleeping and playing. We thought his issue was in the winter when everyone was dry but, he chewed himself all last summer. He had to be rushed to an e-vet one night when I got home from work because he chewed himself so bad he had a huge gaping hole in his skin. That was the most extreme his allergy has ever been. After that I put him on Wellness, and he did slightly better, but the other cat really didn't eat it, so we switched to TOTW. Just very frustrating, for both him and me.
  • Sue EnglandSue England Mount Druitt, SydneyMember Posts: 385
    edited 25 February, 2008
    Hi Samie, I suffer skin disease and have done all my life, I have been through almost everything suggestable by vets and dermatologist. Please let me first say thats vets are NOT skin professionals, they are the same as your humans GP, they treat general illenesses but they do not fully understand skin problems. Secondly if you have a possible food related problem then you should do a food trial as it is the ONLY way to figure out if this is food related. You need to select one meat only, this can be chicken, lamb or anything similar but they say things like chicken and lamb are better due to low allergens, once you pick the meat of choice you can ONLY eat that meat, so lets say you pick chicken you can have any part of the chicken, cooked or raw but nothing else. do not worry as you might lack vitamines for a little while but it is no big concern. You need to do this for at least 6 weeks, if there is no rash or itching close to the end of this time then you are allergic to another of the meats you are not eating, at the end of the 6 weeks slowly add one other meat such as lamb do the same again until you see signs of rash or itching. Fish is a big NO NO for itchy cats! also dry food is a big no no, get your humans to read out the ingredients on the back of the dry food packet, you will be shocked. Also you must use flea treatment even if you dont have fleas as one bite from a flea is all it takes, I dont have fleas and never have yet my allergy tests show flea allergy, if a flea gets in the house on mums clothing and bites me and leaves then this might be to blame for my skin problems. If the problem is very difficult you are best to request seeing a skin specialist, apart from that get your humans to well inform themselves with skin probelms in cats as when you see the vet about this they know just as much as you do, again they are not educated about skin problems and can only guess their way through it all. I hope my information will help you a little. Please get better. Jordan P.S Hey Hector, hello there, long time no chat.
  • Elizabeth KElizabeth K ChicagoMember Posts: 11,036
    edited 25 February, 2008
    Here are some foods for allergies: California Natural Eagle Holistic Select Duck Meal & Oatmeal IVD Limited Ingredient Diets Wysong Anergen Here are some foods with no fish: Felidae Chicken & Rice Formula Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Duck À La Veg Nature's Variety Prairie Venison Freeze Dried ZiwiPeak Daily-Cat Cuisine Lamb
  • Judy LinJudy Lin New YorkMember Posts: 33
    edited 25 February, 2008
    Hi Samie DJ, I have skin allergies too. Right now I'm eating Natural Balance venison and green pea. My mom was told by the vet to add omega 3 oil to my food (we use Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs and cats). Also mom puts biotene (we use the brand Biocoat) in my food. Since I'm on Biocoat, I've been a lot less itchy and my coat is shiny and soft.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 25 February, 2008
    Maybe you can seek the advice of a veterinary dermatologist :-k These vets are board certified in treating various skin conditions. American College of Veterinary Dermatology
  • edited 26 February, 2008
    Thanks for all the info guys!! Going to look into those foods as well.
  • Kara DickmanKara Dickman Middle of No WhereMember Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
    edited 27 February, 2008
    Awe the joys of food allergies. We know them well in this house. Liberty has a severe fish allergy (and I have food allergies too). It is very hard to find fish free food. While fish is the most common food allergy in cats there are others. It is possible for it to be chicken (almost impossible to find food without that and a more common allergy then you would imagine), beef or a number of grains. Liberty's current food has been discontinued and she hates chicken. I finally found a new food for her yesterday. It is called Green Pea and Duck and its by Natural Balance. The peas are what they are substituting for rice. Cats need carbs just like humans to maintain fat. They sometimes use peas because it is so rare for cats to be allergic to them. I got it at Petco (on sale this week) but the website ( can easily give you list of the stores that sell it in your area. Best I can tell it has not been out very long. It is a limited ingredient diet that is also grain freee. It takes 3 months on a new diet before you fully know if it is going to work. I have not broken the news to Liberty about having to change foods so I don't know whether she likes it or not. Plus, this is going to be a hard change anyway she is so picky because she has a real fear of being sick. Good Luck!
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