We need your input in improving Zealie Lotto!

Kristy EmersonKristy Emerson CopperopolisMember Posts: 4,683
edited 26 March, 2008 in Plus Fun
For those of you who don't know me, my sister is Tillie, one of the dogs who admins the Zealie Lotto group. Today's Zealie Lotto opening was a bit hairy, but everything worked out and there were a lot of laughs to go along with all the craziness! The admins are trying to come up with ways to improve the game, and they really want to hear your ideas! The goal is to include a lot more pups and kitties; the group is over 200 members strong and growing all the time! How many entries do you think we should have? Should we double the entries and have two 100 zealie prizes? Maybe there should be a grand prize and maybe one or two runners up and increase the odds of winning a prize. Maybe we should change what prizes are awarded each time? What would you like to see us do? How can we make it better? Perhaps you have an idea that we haven't thought of. We'd love it hear it! If you haven't already joined the Zealie Lotto group but are interested in doing so, please come on over to the group and check it out! Everyone is welcome!


  • Diane HallwirthDiane Hallwirth PoulsboMember Posts: 20,342
    edited 25 March, 2008
    Hi Cleo *waves* I'm Levi's sister cat, and I liked the idea of adding some cat admins and letting them choose a numbered furry catnip mouse;)
  • Dana DunnDana Dunn Member Posts: 2,587
    edited 25 March, 2008
    **Hugs Turtle** We love the group, but wish there would be a way for more than just 20 pups/kits to join. I know yesterday was funny, but all the spots were gone within like 5 minutes. That kinda bummed us out. I was even wondering if there might be one for dogs & one for cats, but then there are much more doggies than kitties in there so that might not be fair either. Maybe each admin could host a lotto of 20 pups/kits each time? We really love the idea behind the group & are very excited to see it growing, the keeping up with the growth is what will be hard to do.
  • melissa hilbrantmelissa hilbrant Lake ElsinoreMember Posts: 1,151
    edited 25 March, 2008
    i think those are great ideas.... since the group is so large, 200+ kitties and puppies, i think you should have perhapse tripple the entries, making it 60 entries, that way a good fraction of the members could be eligible to win, which would be 300 zealies possible to win.... then you could have maybe, one winner of 100 one winner of 50 two winners of 25 and 5 winners of 20 that way, even though the eligible players went from 20 to 60, which would increase the odds, there would be 9 winners possible, which would actually be better odds of winning any prize. i think it would be a lot more exciting to play, and it would get a lot more kitties and puppies joining in on the fun!
  • Diane HallwirthDiane Hallwirth PoulsboMember Posts: 20,342
    edited 26 March, 2008
    *hugs Oly* We agree that we hope lots more cats and dogs can get in and maybe even increase the odds. When the group started last month, they didn't know if it would be a hit or a flop.... There's a thread in the group page with some ideas, too- sounds like everyone wants to either add more entries each time or add 2 more drawings a month. We will keep you posted on any changes- my brother is drooling at the thought of being able to choose between 60 tennis balls:))
  • Kristy EmersonKristy Emerson CopperopolisMember Posts: 4,683
    edited 26 March, 2008
    :-h Hi Oly, Brody, and Turtle! These are all wonderful ideas, and I know the admins are considering each one. My sister is gonna be happy just knowing there are going to be 60 bags of cookies in the house!
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