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This morning I had to put my kitty baby Chip to sleep, due to urinary blockage issues. I am distraught, and swore that I would never even consider getting another cat--I just get too attached. We still have Georgie, who was adopted as a kitten when Chip was 3. She is now 5. Chip and Georgie always got along great -- until about two weeks ago when Chip\'s condition worsened. She wanted nothing to do with him and even tried to attack him on several occasions, which broke my heart. Since she came into our home, Georgie has been the alpha cat. My question is this: Do you think that, eventually, Georgie would welcome another brother or sister into the home, or are we best off being a one-cat family? If we did decide to adopt another cat, would it be best to get another neutered male? Kitten or adult? I know I\'m not ready for this at this time, but somehow it\'s comforting thinking about saving another cat when I\'ve lost mine.


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    First of all, please accept my condolences for your loss. It\'s normal to feel grief at the loss of a beloved pet/family member--don\'t try to deny your loss, just follow it where it takes you. Some people can never get another pet when one has died, others go out the next day and come back with a new furbaby. I\'m the latter kind--life is short, and cats are all unique and special, and I am happy to have the opportunity to get to know and love another cat, even though I know I will never forget the cats I have lost. It sounds as if you are headed in the direction of getting another cat, but do it at your own pace. As for the cat relationship issues. Other Catsters probably know more about this than I do, but I think that Georgie started acting mean to Chip when he was dying because she sensed he was dying, and was instinctively afraid of it (leaving aside the issue of whether cats can understand abstract things like the meaning of \"death\" or not). When my Kitty died before Botchan, I brought him into the room where she was lying in a coma, and he took one look and ran away. These cats were littermates and very, very close. But even so, Botchan didn\'t want to have anything to do with his dying sister. As for getting another cat, or rather, what kind of cat you should get if you decide to get another one, I think it\'s a good sign that Georgie got along with Chip--she\'s a sociable girl. I would guess that it\'s likely she\'d get along with a new cat (eventually!) as well. As for sex/age, the rule of thumb says younger cat/opposite sex, but most people have found that this is not necessarily true. However, a kitten who is not set in its ways will probably adapt to Georgie better than an adult (especially because she want to be an alpha cat), and I\'ve found that my adult cats take to kittens more readily because, well, kittens are so darned CUTE, and have yet to have developed any issues regarding territory, power, etc. Georgie will probably be feeling lonely now that Chip is gone (cats grieve, too), and a kitten will be a good distraction. Even if you don\'t choose a kitten, another cat is probably a good idea, because a cat who\'s used to living with another cat can get lonely suddenly being a single cat. As for the sex, in my experience, neutered males tend to be pretty laid back, whereas girls, even if spayed, can have issues with each other (and I\'m a girl myself, so this was NOT meant as a sexist comment!). But if you plan to adopt from a shelter, etc., do make sure to explain your situation to the people at the shelter. They should know which kitten/cat is most likely to get along well as a new member of your family. I think it\'s wonderful that you think that saving another cat\'s life will be a comfort after losing Chip. Just don\'t rush things--give yourself and Georgie a chance to grieve until you feel ready to move on. Purrs, head bonks, and hugs. |:||:||:|
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    Thank you so much for your post. We had Chip\'s funeral a couple hours ago, which was quite sad. (it was difficult officiating while bawling) But Chip is buried in a beautiful spot with many birds singing overhead. I\'m sure he would have loved that! (I read on another post about how it\'s better to cremate rather than bury, because raccoons can dig up the body, so I made my husband haul several loads of rocks and boulders to cover the grave. Chip should be safe now!) We\'ve spent a bit of time today searching the internet for a kitten. While on the phone with a nearby shelter worker, I started sobbing, and the worker advised me that it would probably be best for me and for Georgie if we waited a couple weeks before adopting a new kitten. She said that Georgie probably needs some time to grieve and also some time to \"get lonely.\" She also said that we might be better off getting an older kitten who can defend himself if Georgie doesn\'t welcome him with open paws. She probably has a point about waiting a little longer before adopting, but it\'s just too weird here with only one cat. I will try to hold off a little longer before adopting, but that doesn\'t mean we can\'t look! I think I\'m still in shock that Chippy is gone. Georgie has been sniffing the spots where Chip used to nap. We did let her view Chip\'s body before burial to provide her with some closure, but I can\'t help but wonder what\'s going through her kitty mind. It\'s so heartbreaking.
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    Hi Georgie, I am sooo sorry you lost your buddy Chip |:| I think in time you will accept a new kitty into your home. Without Chip you will get lonely and when you do, let your momma know you are ready for a new friend. It sounds like Chip has a beautiful resting place. I\'m sure he\'s playing happily at the Rainbow Bridge. |/a/| |:|Hugs to you and your family|:|
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    We send soft paw pats and purrs of condolence on your loss of Chip. Our meowmy lost four cats at one time in Hurricane Katrina. We (my sisfur Emma) and I adopted her in May, 2006, Benny joined us in January, 2007 and Pete in November. We agree that a neutered male would be a good choice also. Is there a PetsMart near you? When they have cats/kittens available for adoption it is always noted on the enclosure if the cat/kitten is good with 1) Other cats 2) Dogs 3) children. Take your time, you and Georgie will know when you are ready to be adopted by another cat, and Bless you for going for adoption. Chip had a special place in your heart, and your new furbaby will make a special place also. Please post when a cat/kitten adopts you. Louis Armstrong, Emma Barrett, Benny Grunch & Pete Fountain |:||/a/| P.S. Our meowmy said to tell you her Bridge Angels (littermates - Benny Grunch, Jimmy Dean and Alice Giroir) and Thomas O'Malley were there to meet Chip at the Rainbow Bridge. They will make sure he finds the rivers of cream, the fields of catnip, and all the good places to take a cat nap..
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