British Shorthair Variants (fluffies)

Janet WestJanet West StroudMember Posts: 2,239
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I have 2 British Shorthair pedigree cats - but one of them HAS GROWN LONG FUR!!! Her name is Tambolina (please see her site) and she is very beautiful. I want to raise the profile of these 'British Shorthair Variants' (fluffies, as they are called in the British Shorthair Breeding World) If you know anyone who has one, or have one yourself, or are interested in them, please let me know....I want to find out all I can about them. They are not recognised by the Cat Fancy in England and I WANT TO RAISE THEIR PROFILE. Any help out there.................?


  • Janet WestJanet West StroudMember Posts: 2,239
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    No-one has replied to me....oooohhhh, I am feeling very lonely.......write to me?.........anyone? many kisses Tambolina
  • Lucy MildridLucy Mildrid SadievilleMember Posts: 8,596
    edited 24 June, 2008
    Whoa, that's really interesting, wish I could help you, but I've never heard of a fluffy Brit... You're a one of a kind beauty ;)
  • Janet WestJanet West StroudMember Posts: 2,239
    edited 24 June, 2008
    Thanks so much to Starlight for writing to us (me and Colin) there anyone else out there that would like to be out friends? Look at our pages (Tambolina and 'Brother' Colin)........ We would love to hear from human person is especially interested in finding any more 'fluffies' out there...British Shorthair Variants like me......we are pure-bred British Shorthairs....but with long fur.....(longhaired shorthairs - bizarre)........!!!!! Much love Tambolina
  • chris garciachris garcia Member Posts: 18
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    Hi! My Missy is a chocolate tabby and she's a longhair, too. When i did a "world-wide" search on the Web for the longhair Brits i found QUITE a few people working with the longhairs exclusively--but they were almost exclusively French and Scandinavian. I think our chances of the English Council of the CatFancy and our own American CFA "accepting" the longhairs is virtually nil--just like, even though the English had to out-cross to the Persians after both world wars, that is now considered practically anathema--though in both periods of our cat breed history, at the time{s} it was the ONLY way to get back good thick cobby type and temperament after the near dissolution of our breed during these times of war. I mean, in those times of world war they even had to use Burmese and other Asian breeds just to keep what few true BritishShorthair were left...GOING. You know what i mean? It's just one of those things where what's accepted and bred in some other countries{longhair breeding programs} and has remained, to this day, as valid in those countries has been "weaned" out and bred out in America and the U.K. because once we got true BritishShorthair "type" and temperament back (the allowable outcrossing to Persian during both world wars as previously mentioned) the cat fancies of both the U.K. and U.S. said, "Ok, enuf, we have a big enuf gene pool again and the breed is SAFE". Kinda like that. It makes sense in that it keeps the BritishShorthair a BritishShorthair, instead of a "PersianBritishShorthair" or some such. I'm so glad you're here--I wouldn't trade my sweet FatMissy longhair for all the Shorthair grands in the world!
  • jane whiteleyjane whiteley Member Posts: 1
    edited 30 July, 2008
    Hi there, I'm a British Shorthair variant mum actually breeds us ...we can be registered and also shown with TICA....we are getting more and more popular because we are sooooo beautiful.
  • Michelle WestMichelle West Member Posts: 1
    edited 6 May, 2012
    I have a British Blue Variant cat who will be turning 1 years old on the 15th may 2012, His name is Gruffalo. For the first 9 months of his life Gruffalo wouldn't or couldn't jump up and would miaow to be picked up and put where he wanted to be, He is still very demanding and if there is food about he pushes his way to be first every time, he lives with 2 cats a british shorthair x tabby (Frizzle)and a pure british Lilac spotted (Paige) we also have a 3 year old lilac Sharpei (Abbey)He goes out now and can climb small trees to clumsily wait for birds he just cant catch them, he also will fall off the work surfaces if he is not thinking and will fall into the bath or sink if he feels like it. it is like living with a giant blue ball of fluff. He loves the dog and quite often headbutts her for attention, he follows me wherever i am in the house, He is the most affectionate blue cat ever, far more than a bog standard british blue, we have had 3 others before him. Would recommend a variant to anyone, though must stress that they are quite high maintenance as their fur will matt and need daily grooming and products to help keep the knots at bay.
  • Jeanette WilksJeanette Wilks Member Posts: 1
    edited 1 February, 2013
    We have a longhaired British Shortheaired too. Hes called Alfi. Hes the most loving cat Ive ever known. We also have Samantha, a normal BS, she hates him ( unless she is in season that is ) She lives upstairs ad he lives downstairs. Its such a same as they loved each other for a year, then something must have happened and they had a big fight, now she hisses and spits at him if they meet up :(
  • Rachael ChamberlainRachael Chamberlain Member Posts: 1
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    I also have a blue variant called squishy, which my son named her and it stuck, as she is very squishy! Her fur can be difficult to look after but I try to make time for her at least every other day. She's happy to stay indoors fortunately. She does go out from time to time but sits in the garden with no interest in going any further, she doesn't tend to jump! She can be quite clumsy :) The vets were quite confused by her and wasn't sure how to register her!! I love her and she makes me smile just by looking at her, she often looks quite grumpy lol
  • Jenka HallJenka Hall Member Posts: 1
    edited 11 October, 2013
    Hi Sounds like you have a 'British Longhair'. They are exactly the same as the 'British Shorthair' in every way except that they have a long coat. In the UK, they are listed as a separate breed. You will find lots of information on the Internet about British Longhairs.
  • Natalie DunbarNatalie Dunbar LondonMember Posts: 1
    edited 3 August, 2014
    Hi there, I too have brought a fluffy bsh. We didn't realise until a week or so that he was becoming fluffy, I hadn't heard of the longhair varient until now. I wouldn't change him for the world now, he's adorable but I am buying another kitten, a friend for him and it's a definite shorthair this time.
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