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April WilkApril Wilk OrlandoMember Posts: 62
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I rescued a kitten the other day, around 5 weeks old who is blind. She was born without eyeballs. We had her tested and she does not have feline leukemia or AIDS. I have been keeping her in a crate in my room, away from the other cats. Of course I also take her out and play with her / have her lay with me on my bed and let her roam around the room. I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there anything special I should know about raising a blind kitten? I have already read about keeping everything in the same place, esp her litter box, food and water and showing her where things are. 2. I have 4 other cats..all adults and a couple of them pretty big. What would be the best way to introduce this little kitten to the rest of the cats? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, April (Stottlemeyer's Mommy)


  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    Glad you took this baby! Blind cats do very well at home. I have juvenile cataracts and lost most of my vision at an early age. - Yes, try not to move anything unless you absolutely have to, including furniture. This kitten should also never be allowed outside. Toys with bells or dragged on the floor so she can hear and follow them will encourage play. - Gradual introduction usually works well. Let your adults sniff blankets she has slept on and explore and sniff your bedroom when she is not in there. after a day or two if going well (no growling or hissing when they sniff her things) then they can try meeting her when she is in her crate and sniff through the bars. If things keep going well then they can meet without barriers but with supervision of course.
  • Maggie BussaMaggie Bussa Member Posts: 191
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    Congrats on opening your heart to a special needs kitty! From all that I have heard about blind kitties is that they adjust very well over a little time to your household. As stated already, this kitty should never be allowed outside and care should be taken that the layout of the house furniture not change drastically. Otherwise, they live very happy, healthy lives and compensate with all their other senses.
  • Tracy OsbornTracy Osborn TigerMember Posts: 77
    edited 17 May, 2008
    First, Congratulations on your new addition! Second, I adopted a blind kitten who became the absolute love of my life! Her name is Mitten and the only reason I don't have a catster page for her is because I don't have good pics of her. She is so well adjusted most people do not even realize she is blind. Oh, and she will be eight in June. I always feel like I got the best end of the deal with her because she is SO sweet but always knew it would be a REALLY long term committment because she is with me no matter what. Adopting special needs kitties or puppies is the best thing in the world. Mitten is just about the best kitty and is so sweet. When she first came to live with me I had three other kitties. She was so tiny for the most part the others just sort of ignored her. As she got older, she began terrorizing her older sisters. I don't really think she got to really enjoy being a kitten because she was also a little slow. But when George came along he was a kitten. And once she got over her 2 week hissing fit (she can't see, but BOY can she smell) she began playing with him and it was like she got to be a kitten all over again. Having George really gave her a new lease on life. Enjoy Lada Marmalade!!
  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
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    Hi! I was born blind and joined my family at about 12 weeks old. i'm very brave and love to explore =) The other kitties seemed to know and accept me. I walk with them. Keep things in their place and soon the kitty will know the layout. Even when mommy does move things, I find them mol! I have never missed the litterbox and climb the cat trees. I use my front feet to feel my way down. Ima happy kitty. Chirps, Christopher
  • Mary HillMary Hill DurantMember Posts: 856
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    Congratulations to you and your new baby! =D> Get ready fer the sweetest experience of your life. Blind kitties and doggies make the best and sweetest pets in the world. |/a/||/a/||/a/|We have a little blind doggy and you would never know she is handicapped or disabled. She acts as if she\'s no different than those with sight.|$| Yoo and yer little one will be blessed also. After all...... Blind Pets See Wif\' Their Hearts;c; ~Sonny~|^|
  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
    edited 18 May, 2008
    You have gotten all sorts of good advice and tips on taking care of this special kitten. We just wanted to add: Bless You for taking her in and giving her a loving, furrever home.;c;;c;;c; It always makes us and our meowmy happy to read about kittens adopting good people, and in this case we are sure you also saved her life!!! Looking forward to seeing her CATSTER page..... Purrs, whisker kisses and head bonks to the new kitten Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong, Benny Grunch & Pete Fountain
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