Do you talk to yourself?

Tanya MundyTanya Mundy boulderMember Posts: 763
edited 16 May, 2008 in Other Meows & Purrs
I just noticed that my mommy posted 3 times in a row on the last forum, twice as me, once as the Interloper. But what she is scared of, is if I start talkign TO my "sisfur" the Interloper. She's got issues, I sware. sadly, all i can do is look at her and say "oh, mommy mommy mommy...." :D Have you all ever caught yourself talking to yourself? Cat to cat?


  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 15 May, 2008
    Oh, yes, Harvey and Chibi are sniping at each other all the time in Forums. Sometimes Leila and/or Spot will put in their two cents as well. As to REALLY talking to oneself...I, Harvey, do that a lot. I tend to walk around the house making comments on this or that, apparently to myself and not as an effort to communicate my opinions to the other cats or the Human. %:D%
  • Tanya MundyTanya Mundy boulderMember Posts: 763
    edited 16 May, 2008
    Harvey, That's cause you are an opinionated cat, who just wants to remind everyone that they are not living up to par. I talk, sing, chip, and whine to myself all day and night. mommy or daddy will "yell" down, "horus, are you ok" to me, but i ignore them and go on with my daily commentary.
  • Jo MillerJo Miller Member Posts: 1,915
    edited 16 May, 2008
    :)) we talk to each other quite a bit in the one group we belong to. Usually \"picking on\" each other. :r
  • Deb CainDeb Cain San AugustineMember Posts: 14,035
    edited 16 May, 2008
    I talk and mutter to myself @ the house. I am an only child, so other than my pawrents, there is no one else to talk to, and sometimes things just need to be spoken! In some of my groups my cousins and I can carry on & on with each other! MOL
  • Gimli_TGMGimli_TGM HurstMember Posts: 29,929 ✭✭
    edited 16 May, 2008
    I walk around the house talking to myself all the time. My meowmie says I do it when I'm in my "momma-cat mood." I walk around the house trilling and I sound like a mom-cat calling for her kittens. Sometimes, late at night, when mom and dad are very tired and they are trying to fall asleep, I will do my momma-cat impurrsonation really loud and dad will say, "Gimli, be quiet!" :)) Mom thinks it's cute though, even if its loud and she thinks it sounds cute.
  • Niki MattsonNiki Mattson St. PaulMember Posts: 20,360
    edited 16 May, 2008
    After Mommy goes to bed and Sandy the Suck-Up goes to bed with her, I go to the living room and chat it up for about five minutes, and no, I don't squeak, I actually Meow! Today the Schwans man came and I chatted at him too, from across the room, but he didn't pay any attention to me :-/
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 16 May, 2008
    I talk to myself while I play. I "mrep". Sometimes I also go "meee!" when I'm bouncing off the walls (I still get the kitten crazies on occasion :r). But I have more fun going "mrrreeeww" in a whiny tone. It gets mom to say "Baby cat, are you ok?" to me without fail. :D I've trained mom well. :))
  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
    edited 16 May, 2008
    Do I talk to myself? Hmmmmmm???? Talk to myself. I don\'t think I talk to myself. Meow, maybe . . . I\'m not sure. Am I talking to myself or talking for others to hear? I don\'t think anyone at home listens. Why would I talk to myself . . . I\'m not going to answer myself! Everyone knows something is REALLY wrong with you when you answer yourself. But if you answer yourself, that means you must be talking to yourself. But I\'m not answering myself so I must not be talking to myself. No . . . I don\'t talk to myself! :D
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