pleasse help 4 and 5 week old kittens

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This is really complicated but I think all the details should be noted.. My ex has thousands of cats.. well about that many.. there were two litters of kittens born about a week apart, and one of the mothers died when they were about 3 weeks and so they put that litter with the other litters parents.. the ones whose mother died are about a week older than the other litter.. THAT mom stopped producing milk.. and they were feeding the kittens regular cow milk and tuna... i knew this was bad but they wouldn't listen to me.. heres the wierd thing.. one of the kittens who is now 5 weeks old is about the size of a 2 week old kitten. I forced him to give me this kitten and another kittten that is 4 weeks old, and the 4 week old completely towers over the 5 week old kitten! It looks as if it has barley started walking, but it runs and plays and jumps and even eats solid food. I felt horrible for it to be living in those conditions so i took it and another kitten home with me. heres the problem, they haven't pooped in two days. Also, I bought them some kitten milk formula and they WONT drink it. I think they are used to cows milk. I also bought some wet kitten food, and i try mixing the milk in with that, they'll eat it but im worried they arent getting the right nutrients... i tried bottle feeding the little one but she wont take it at all. Also, they are infested with fleas.. I tried washing them with dish soap as i read that that worked, but it didnt work. I also tried a flea comb but every time i look back theere hundreds more fleas! the little one im afraid to bathe and the flea comb is much too big for her.. when i say shes little i mean she can lay down in my hand.. she also gets boogers on her eyes and can't open them.. personality wise they seem fine.. the little one snuggles up to me and purrs and the bigger one likes to play like a normal kitten... the smaller one does seem to sleep more.. im afraid shes anemic but i dont know how to help her.. do you think shes so small because her mother left her or do you think she is just genetically smaller? Also any help with any of the other problem i would REALLY appreciate


  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
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    You need to take all the kittens to a veterinarian so all their health problems can be addressed and all your questions answered. You also need a picture of your kitten or kittens on your page or it will be removed from Catster -- Catster regulations.
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    Definitely take the kittys to the vet!!!! Fleas are a big problem but can be treated and solved with vet care and medication. Do not use store brand flea meds, because some can KILL cats!!!!!! The vet is your best solution.
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    Please take the kittens to your vet as soon as possible. They need the kind of help that cannot be given on a messageboard.
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