Young cat wanted in MI

Misty FurMisty Fur Sw Mi,So. Haven,Kalamazoo,HollMember Posts: 15
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We would like a smart cat . Can you please help us? We want to attempt to toilet train the kitty. Yes, I can accept defeat. Trust me, as long as the kitty will go make kitty messes in her kitty box, we will get along great! !! I have a 12 mo. old human baby and (hopefully soon) a Siberian Husky Dog. We can close the baby's door (with a latch/lock) to keep the cat out of her room at night. Yes, I will watch the baby every second! I will not take my eyes off her! Interaction between pets and small kids always needs to be supervised! I know! I have done this before!! (human baby #2.) I have had cats all my life. Do you have any links or suggestions? that could lead to an adoption?


  • Kristyn LuksKristyn Luks Member Posts: 32,266
    edited 11 July, 2008 Search for local rescues in your area. :) We have a Siberian Husky too and they can be very high prey drive. They need to be socialized at a young age. My Sibe lives with my Dad, while my two cats live with me. :)
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
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    It's Queenie. I am a smart cat, and my person is thinking of trying to find a new home for me and for my brother, Fluff, also a smart cat. I have figured out how to get into the heating ducts in my house--and get back out again, which is very unusual. I am interested in the toilet and know what is done in it. My person was thinking of trying to train me and Fluff and maybe Stella since she is smart too. One drawback is that I do not like dogs much, but I am such a queen that all animals will be subserviant to me! The pictures on my site are not up to date--we broke the camera! I am 11 mos old, and weigh about 10 pounds, and we think I am large enough to use the toilet without falling in. Fluff would be easier as he is so large he wouldn't fit into the toilet. Let us know.
  • Misty FurMisty Fur Sw Mi,So. Haven,Kalamazoo,HollMember Posts: 15
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    Oh! What beautiful kitties you have in IL!!! Aw!!! Yes, I have heard of that website! It\'s wonderful! I\'m looking for a Siberian Husky through rescue on that website! My husky loved the country too much (and the near by older kids) So, I don\'t know if can convince her to come to the city. (city? who likes the city?! yucky! Maybe we will join her in the country!!!) So, Meanwhile, I keep checking Petfinder for a new husky. (to add to my other husky) I wouldn\'t mind having two huskies to keep each other company. They like to be outside and visit inside 50% time or less. So, it would be nice if the dogs could get along with the kitties. but. We can work something out. My biggest problem is that we don\'t have a car (yet.) in the city!!! I don\'t really need a car. We have a bus here. But it does make getting to IL rather difficult. (not impossible, but... really difficult!) I have friends who have cars (and accept gas $ bribes) for a ride. But, I don\'t know if I can convince them to go all the way to IL for a mere cat. Darn it!!!!!!!!!!! I may get a car soon. (other reasons for that! I want to visit family and friends that do not live on the bus route in the city!) So, please, please, PLEASE keep in contact with me!!!!!! I can\'t have more than 2 cats with 2 (outside/in) dogs! I don\'t live in a barn! (which is too bad, because I really like barns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I really only want one cat/kitten. (only because I heard it\'s easier to train young ones... but any cat that is willing to learn... is possible...) Here\'s a great link, if anyone is interested!
  • lynn bermanlynn berman oaklandMember Posts: 19
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    we have some kitties looking for homes, a lady whoadopted 1 kitty from us in feb, says she has toliet trained her cats, and any cat is toilet trainable you just have to go threw the 30-60 process and do it multi times aday and for the full length for them to catch on. however sometimes a cat will want the box too. as its natural to burry its potty\'s. This way just less mess..... There is a lady and her boyfriend trying to place a pair of fixed kitty\'s male is 1yr he likes to gooutside on a tie out- most the day. and will potty outside too(watch your step) and a small fixed female about 5 pounds. She uses the box shes smart too. fast on ehr feet. both lvoe the laser light. The owners are urgently needing to place the pair. If you are interested send aline back ps. the 1yrold cat is good with dogs, people by them have a large blk land n a small dog and a med dog, this cat doesnt care either way. the other kitty will be shy at 1st then snuggles up with her humans & may even groom her dog friend. Neither of these kitties are posted with this rescue, but they contacted me urgently needing to place them.
  • Kat WhickerKat Whicker ToledoMember Posts: 1,695
    edited 18 May, 2010 cats for adoption in michigan
  • lynn bermanlynn berman oaklandMember Posts: 19
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    If you are still looking to adopt a Kitty or cat, Please send an email me me. we have lots of kitties needing URGENT homes. please send a email. mostly girls a few boys(black):)
  • lynn bermanlynn berman oaklandMember Posts: 19
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    if you are still looking for a kitty please reply Have 1 tha tmight fit your bill
  • Hannah EastmanHannah Eastman ChicagoMember Posts: 880
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    u can try looking at shelters in your area. or u can try using petfinder. or rescuse groups
  • Barbara FruinBarbara Fruin Member Posts: 614
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    My Siberian cat was toilet-trained the old-fashioned way(& she would flush), but there are toilet-training kits you can buy now. It's not hard. They just either will, or they won't. Only time will tell.
  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
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    I have three kittens needing homes, but live in South Louisana, so we are too far....MOL..MOL. Thought I would share a funny story about cats and toilets. When Emma and Louie adopted me I was living in a FEMA trailer on a friend's property. Lost my home, four cats and all my possessions in Hurricane Katrina. One quiet Sunday afternoon, I was stretched out on the sofa when I heard the toilet flush!!! Since I was the only human in the place I was surprised. I jumped up and looked down toward the bathroom area. Louie was sitting on the toilet seat, and Emma was on the back of the toilet. They both seemed somewhat surprised at the noise, and kept looking down at the water. Unfortunately, neither of them used the toilet, but I sitll laugh at the memory. Good luck in your kitten hunt. As others have suggested, please be sure the Husky you adopt has either been around cats, or you train him/her. A friend of ours here on CATSTER lost a foster kitten went her Husky went after it, thinking it was prey. The New Orleans Kitties
  • lynn bermanlynn berman oaklandMember Posts: 19
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    What state are you in? :-k
  • Ana MilenkovicAna Milenkovic NisMember Posts: 3
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    I know that the russian blue is one of the smartest cats in the world. My neighbors have one, and he is soooooo cute.:)
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
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    I pooped in the toilet once with no training, and we had another Burmese girl visiting a few weeks ago who started p'ing in the toilet about halfway thru her stay. Meowma is single, and rarely closes the door, so Brandy learned that fast what goes on in the bathroom. Us Burmese are SMART KITTIES!!!!
  • lynn bermanlynn berman oaklandMember Posts: 19
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    ar eyou still looking for a cat? we are in Michigan, Have a Kitty who is uyp for adoption, hes a SPECIAL baby. hes 5months tinie as ever...... been with cas and dogs for adoption, Also have Other Cat too. Kitten been arround children too. hes under URGENT for a home.
  • lynn bermanlynn berman oaklandMember Posts: 19
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    our rescue has a Russian blue siamese mix for adoptopn 5 months- ok w/. cats kids, dogs once settled in. Small. an adult Female Siamese, Shes ok with dogs and this lil kitten She nursed it after its mom died. adopt the pair & a discountis issued plus a starter kit included.(a 100-150.00 value)- under urgent we are in oakland county mi, message me plz...... can be seen NOW!!! if u want lol theya re not posted on this sight though
  • maya shemolewitzmaya shemolewitz holonMember Posts: 85
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    I'm sure you will be a great home, but I have never understood the logic behind toilet training a cat. (maybe someone who has managed to get their cat to do it can explain it to me) I agree that cleaning the litter box(es) can be a hassle when you are super busy, let alone when raising a one year old infant, and have five cats as I do; but with one or two cats it's a no biggie you can clean it every other day and he'll be okay. or if you can, buy something like the cat ginnie, the electric litter box, that does all the scooping up for you and you only have to empty.
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