Who needs a litter box? Mom\'s bed is good enough...

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(( EDIT! - The bulk of this post is NOT important: it is the ramblings of a stressed and frustrated human dealing with a cat who is peeing inappropriately. The solution and answer she finally found is in a post near the end of this thread !)) This will be a long post. Mom doesn't know if my problem is mental, or medical.. So, I's gonna go into all the details that might be important... I try to make it interesting, though! :) Okay. So. I am a kitty who is just about a year old now. My Mommy doesn't know how old I am exactly because she saved me from the streets in January. I used to live with a guy. He was kinda cool and loved me, but he had to move and they wouldn't let him take pets, so he left me outside. :( there's no excuse, but he was used to having kitties who lived outside and could take care of themselves out in the country. I was a little thing, and so hungry so I begged food from the neighbors. They called my Daddy and he came and brought me home to mommy. It was weird there, because it was a big place compared to the tiny apartment I was in before. They loved me and fed me and loved me more. Everything was great! They took me to the vet after a month or so, and got me some shots :( and they also told the vet that they were worried because I'd gone from being a trim bitty kitty to getting pretty hefty. They thought I might be pregnant since I was outside a few days! The doctor said I wasn't, so they just cut back on my food and let me play with my bouncymouse more. well, a few weeks later, they went on a trip to visit some friends and Daddy's Mommy came and watched me... She was weird, so I hid under the bed from her. she found me after a couple hours and was surprise because I had had kittens then. 7 kittens! but 3 were still born. But the other 3 grew up to be pretty little kittens. Mommy put us all in a box after a while and it was good... but after a while she tried to move us some more--she thought my kittens needed more room to crawl--silly human! I kept putting them back until she got the idea. 2 days later, it was time for the kittens to explore the world outside the box! And mom put s in the spare bedroom because she said she didn't want to step on a kitten if she had to pee at night. Silly human. I didn't like that room. My humans didn't sleep there, though there was a lot of room for my kittens in there. I kept trying to carry my kittens over the baby gate and put them in the RIGHT bedroom... and they started to climb the gate too... so mommy and daddy closed the door and came in several times each day to cuddle us and feed us. Mommy and Daddy live in a "single wide trailer" so there isn't a whole lot of room, they say. But Mommy and daddy are good peoples and when Daddy's friends came to Daddy and said "mew, mew, we need a place to stay" mommy and Daddy said "okay." Around this time, mommy and daddy started having "problems"... and they were both kinda sad and unhappy. Mommy says that it's important to understand that daddy has a few 'problems' sometimes and that he has several different people who live inside his head. She says that Daddy's main personality went away and another personality took over and that that personality doesn't like Mommy as much... but that it's trying to help daddy by keeping him from being hurt by Mommy again. So, Daddy still loves me, but he acts a bit strange, and different--even between one minute and the next! But he loves me. Mommy loves me too, but she's really upset about daddy and guilty, and trying REALLY hard to fix something. And in all this, the whole house is being moved around. My and my kittens were moved back into Mommy and daddy's bedroom and bathroom so that Daddy's friends--my aunt and uncle-- could move in. So they moved in and brought their two children with them. .. and then a week or two later, they moved MORE stuff around and auntie, uncle and the two little ones ( Calash's Mom says: two little girls: 4 and 5 years old, relatively good with cats) had the far half of the house, including the room my kittens had been in. Silly humans. My kittens are learning to use the litterbox during all this, and there are LOTS of tempting places to pee, so we're all kept in mommy and daddy's room and bathroom for now. They let me out every now and then, and let the kittens out for supervised play too but not as often. Mommy's getting a bit tightly strung at points and is afraid of us getting hurt, and ends up waking up every time we make a noise--and we make a lot of noise. Daddy's computer speakers make a wonderful crashing noise when we knock them off the desk, after all... She was completely worn out after several nights of us playing the cat olympics over the bed and the high corners of the room, and playing tag in the computer desk, and playing 'tear the stuffing out of the bed' and other fun games. So we all got moved into the bathroom at night. Then for most of the day also as my kittens started leaping and springing over which way and starting to really learn how to use their catbody. Mommy felt really bad about it, and made sure we got to run around in the bedroom and bathroom for a while every day, and occasionally in the whole house... but for the most part, we were in the bathroom, which she kept very safe for us. Meanwhile, mommy worked really hard to clean up the rest of the house so that there wasn't any tempted boxes for us to pee in, or important papers for us to eat. When things settled down, she started letting us run around more, through the whole house. it was really great, because my kittens could run from one end of the house to the other. There was so much fun in that, that we didn't even WANT To knock over daddy's speakers anymore (Calash's mommy translates: the destructive energy of the kittens was MUCH more bearable when spread over the whole house, as opposed to focused in one room. They couldn't be loose in the bedroom for 5 minutes without knocking off a piece of PC equipment. And that's after spraying every wire with bitter apple, and using a bazillion twist ties to remove enticing danglies. Kittens will be kittens, I know :) ) Unfortuantly, there were a few potty accidents in here. not just peeing, but poopin' too. It took a week before mommy had room to put down a second litter box for us. It got moved a day later because auntie decided she didn't like where it was siting before (Mommy says it was auntie's idea to put it there... silly humans!) Somewhere in all this, my littlest kitten was given to my Daddy's mommy. I got to visit her at her house once, and didn't seem to go looking for her after either. (They had all been weaned for some time!) Anyway, for a while after the litterbox was put in on the other side of the house, everyone went in the right spots. it was really great, mommy says. we spent all day running around and playing. Things were not being peed on or torn up. and everyone was happy. Every Monday, Mommy changes the litter box. We use a "non clumping clay litter" whatever that means. By the end of he week, the litter box smell pretty icky because of all the pee. So, she bought something called "nature's Miracle litter treatment" and poured some of it into our litter boxes when she changed it on Monday. on Tuesday or wednesday, Uncle told Mommy that i had pee'd on their bed. Auntie had been laying there, and I joined her, then went away and then uncle came and sat down and said I'd left a puddle there! They found several other pieces of clothing and stuff that had been peed on too in their room. Mommy put me in the bathroom :( She dropped a clean towel on the floor in there, a few feet from the litter box and my food.. later that night I'd peed on it once or twice. Daddy came home and mommy discovered a dry bit on the bed kinda near daddy's side that smelled like pee too. So she pulled the blanket off the bed. Then later, she and daddy were brushing their teeth (silly humans) and in the time it took to do that, I'd hopped up onto the bed and peed on daddy's side. So I went back the the bathroom with the litter box. Mommy spent a lot of time sitting with me, and saw me use the litter box for peeing and pooping She changed the towel she left for me once or twice, and tonight, the towel had been dry for about 2 or 3 days. So, when she went to go take a shower, she let me walk around the bedroom with Daddy watching me. Mommy finished her shower, Daddy left the room, and while mommy was watching i snuffled around on the bed about near where I'd pee'd last, then pawed at the sheets like I was trying to dig a hole, scootched forward, squatted... then mommy snatched me up and showed me where the litter box was and closed me back up in the bathroom. :( Calash's mommy interjects, because somethings cannot be said by the cat: her pee appears to be yellow (not bloody or anything), she doens't seem to be in pain when she pees. She's about a year old, and unspayed. She has only recently weaned her kittens completly, and the last kitten to keep begging at the milk bar is the big boy kitten, who is an aggressive biscuit maker. Didn't want to risk tearing anything open. That and money is a bit tight. She will be spayed soon. She isnt' SPRAYING, but is leaving puddles. she has been going in and out of heat cycles. She has been taking her confinement to the bathroom relatively well. Before she and the kittens would try to squeeze under the door to get free (the door being high enough off the ground that it is quite possible) all the time. She hasn't tried to escape at all that way, though, instead, her kittens have "broken in" to join her on several occasions. She's been pretty calm, and rather friendly every time I go in to the bathroom. She darts away, but she's easily picked up and carried backin. she's purring and generally unbothered by it all. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was glad to have a break from the hoard of kittens for a bit. But, to recap: Mom is peeing inapproriatly. She's usin the box without a problem, but wants to pee in bad places. There have been a lot of emotional problems going on around her (mine and my husbands are one of the issues, our live in friends are also having problems. the kittens have not bene having any problems. This monday when I change the litter out completly, I will not put any litter treatment in the box, and see if that helps... but, she's not avoiding the litter box. so I don't know if that's the problem. I know cats with UTI like peeing on soft things, which would fit, but she's turned aside the most recent towel offering in favor of the litter box. Maybe she's mad at us, but why would this start so suddenly? and so randomly? Aunti and uncle are not mean to her at all, out side of removing her from the room sometimes... Any thoughts? I'd really like some answers, or ideas, suggestions, etc. I love my Calashkitty. I have seeing her cooped up in the bathroom when she's already spent so much time in there lately... her kitten was given away on father's day... so that probably isn't the issue... and.. yeah. help? thank you for your time.


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    other than a health problem, i'd clean ALL surfaces she pottys on with an enzime cleaner like Natures Miracle. even if you clean up a cats mess with normal cleaning products, they can still smell it, and think... oh i pottied here before... i'll do it again! ummm... could be behavior problem, but take her to the vet asap and rule out any urine problems first! then if that is not the problem, your vet should be able to help you with the behavior problem, or refer you to someone who can. GOOD LUCK! I've delt with SO much cat pee it is rediculas. Natures Miracle works wonders! I SWEAR!
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    90% of her pottied upon surfaces can be tossed in the washer. For those, we've put in about half a cup of baking soda in each load. Anyone know if that's "good enough"? Im still going to go out and buy something more suited to, say, spraying on or some such. (as matresses aren't exactly machine washable :) ) More, I"m wondering if I need to go back and rewash stuff... I'm hoping it's not a medical problem be cause my local vet is a bit... ...well.. As stated, they told us that she wasn't pregnant (not that they couldn't tell, but that she Was Not.) about 3 or 4 weeks before we had kittens... (and the sad bit is, we'd ALL (vet too) discussed it and said that if she was, we'd have a 'kitty abortion' done, to help cut down on the over population problem... so, if we'd known, we could have done things very differently...)... they kinda in and ouus as quickly as possible... and they've charged me 10$ to demonstraight how to trim claws.... and did a pretty poor job of it too. I've already been told that it'll cost 35$ jsut to have him see her... and they're a walk in, no appointment clinic, so I KNOW he'll try to kick me out before too long... I guess I really jsut should try and find another vet... but... well.. I guess it's one of those things: I live in Alabama: I could EASILY end up with someone who is 12 times worse. :( and I have no clue if either of the two vets I deal with day to day up there would know a behavioral problem if it peed on them. Thank you Athena! Your advice and thogths really do mean alot to us! :) I"ll buy some nature's mirical asap! :D
  • Brittany ReedBrittany Reed Des Moines, IAMember Posts: 133
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    ya know, it may be worth driving some where else to take her to a vet. i wouldnt go back to the same one. ask your friends for references etc. ya know? as for natures miracle... OMC! it is amazing. mommy has got a huge puddle of pee (from me) out of her bed with it. AMAZING stuff. i would absolutely get it. please take her to a vet just to be sure! good luck!
  • Cassandra NoneCassandra None Member Posts: 406
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    Wow, sweetie! You have your hands full with kits and momma cat. What I have experienced is this: initially when my cats (and I have a good handful of 'em) pee and/or poop on our bed it's typically an emotional-based response to something. Sure the visiting folks didn't abuse the cats in any way, you don't scream or shout or swat but they can pick up on your tension, your stress, your anxieties. Believe me, when I went through menopause my cats were all over the house making messes. "Oh, what were you doing on your 38th birthday, dear?" "Uh, cleaning up cat grenades and watered holes." :)) And, yes, you will have to rewash if you used anything other than an enzymatic cleaning solution. Even if you can't see it, can't smell it, they can. Think flashing neon sign that reads, "Hey!! Pee and Poop HERE!!!" with a pointy arrow. You need the enzymatic stuff to neutralize the enzymes the cats left. Bottom line, like others have said rule out the physical first. Then consider the emotional-behavioral. Cheers!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Yeah, rule out physical problems. While UTI and Crystals in the urine are more of a male cat problem (more common), it can happen to girl cats if they hold it in. All it could have taken is having her litter box placed where she did not like it, and her holding things in for a couple of days waiting for you to change your mind could have done it. Also while your guests might have been friendly to the kitty, one bad experience (someone tripping on their tail while they were getting in the box) might have made kitty decide the litter box was bad, and... well same result. And as someone else said, it sounds like she is picking up on your stress, but it might just have made her physically sick rather than having it be an emotional problem. I'm guessing money is tight, but if you can do find a different vet to see her. The one that did was obviously out of his/her depth.
  • Jennifer ColbertJennifer Colbert JasperMember Posts: 21 ✭✭
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    Sorry to thread necro, but I wanted to share with everyone what the problem was: She was an unspayed female cat. her kittens were weaned, and she was started to go through heat cycles again. Her peeing was a "hey! Are there any sexy man-cats around?" sort of thing. Marking her territory and 'advertising' as it were. The solution was the get her fixed! it took a few days for the 'ready to mate' to work out of her system, but she hasn't peed out side the litter box since. :) Again, I'm VERY sorry to bump this ancient thread, but.. I didn't see this as an answer anywhere online, or in this thread. So.. If I can help someone by bumping and sharing my experience.. that's awesome. FEMALE CATS MARK TOO! :D
  • Jennifer ColbertJennifer Colbert JasperMember Posts: 21 ✭✭
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    Y'know, I think this is a common enough problem that it's worth thread necroing AGAIN on: In the six years since my update, Calash STILL has some litterbox problems. She will pee on any fabric left on the floor IF the literbox is 'too dirty' for her, but as long as we keep that box nice and clean, there are no messes :) She will also pee on our bed, but if, and only if she's feeling really upset or insecure about something. Last time it was when she accidentally slipped out into my roommate's "apartment" and spent several hours outside of her territory, unable to get back in, with a strange, but pretty chill, cat near by. So the way we fix THAT is to make sure she gets a lot of love and attention whenever she asks for it (and she asks!), and if she pees on the bed, give her even more love. No problem is unsolvable guys. You just have to keep working at it. :) |r||r||r||r||r|
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    Mr D peeed on me while I was sleeping which was way out of character so I took him to the vet to find out he had a UTI. I suppose it was his way of saying he needed help. But it is good to mention it as some think their cats are just been naughty :r
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    @Jennifer Colbert said:
    Y'know, I think this is a common enough problem that it's worth thread necroing AGAIN on: In the six years since my update, Calash STILL has some litterbox problems. She will pee on any fabric left on the floor IF the literbox is 'too dirty' for her, but as long as we keep that box nice and clean, there are no messes :) She will also pee on our bed, but if, and only if she's feeling really upset or insecure about something. Last time it was when she accidentally slipped out into my roommate's "apartment" and spent several hours jelqing outside of her territory, unable to get back in, with a strange, but pretty chill, cat near by. So the way we fix THAT is to make sure she gets a lot of love and attention whenever she asks for it (and she asks!), and if she pees on the bed, give her even more love. No problem is unsolvable guys. You just have to keep working at it. :) |r||r||r||r||r|

    Thanks for the update Jennifer... I am still trying to find the best solution for the Problem you described in your earlier post which is " how to clean up her mess on unwashable surfaces such as matresses." Did you find any suitable solution for that yet?

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