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Momma doesn\'t know what to do about litter box

Laurel NgLaurel Ng WoodsideMember Posts: 93
edited 21 August, 2008 in Kitten Corner
Hi, I just got my forever home 2 days ago. Momma got me from the vet's office. They found me "out back" and I was starving and all alone. They think I was left behind on accident so my birth momma didn't have time to teach me anything about using a litter box or cleaning myself or anything like that. I've kind of been going potty in the wrong spots and even though Momma and Daddy gave me my own litter box and I'm in a big room all by myself with my food and litter box, I'm not using it. Can you help my Momma? She's not mad, just worried because I guess my sister's already knew what to do when they came home and she has never had to teach a kitty how to potty in the "box".


  • Thea PowellThea Powell Member Posts: 852
    edited 20 August, 2008
    First thing I would do is make sure that you clean the spots withvinigar or bleach that way she will not want to go there any more. Second I would add some of the accidents to her litter that way the smell will attract her as "this place is ok to use". Then every time you catch her you move her (in the process of eliminating - she will probably hold it till she is settled again) to the litter box. You are pretty much telling her not "here but here" One last question when you put her in the room did you first put her in the box? I always do that when I move or move the litter or have a new kitty. It is a way to say "and this it the bathroom" Hope some of these suggestions help, it will take ime though so please be patient. Also it may just be that she will never be a perfect kitty with regards to releiving herself she may always have accidents. OH and one more thing if it persists have her checked for UTI. I'm sure there are other catsters out there who will have even better suggestions.
  • Lisa HoweLisa Howe ToledoMember Posts: 513
    edited 20 August, 2008
    You can also use a litter called Cat Attract, I heard it works. Good Luck
  • Nicole JonesNicole Jones Fort CollinsMember Posts: 128
    edited 21 August, 2008
    Try mixing Cat Attract with litter, or use regular dirt in a pan. Then as the days go on, slowly add more litter and less dirt.
  • Laurel NgLaurel Ng WoodsideMember Posts: 93
    edited 21 August, 2008
    |/h/| I\'m such a good boy (According to Momma). Momma spent lots and lots of time with me today and helped me learn how to use my litter box. I used it 4 times after she showed me what to do. She showed me that I have to scratch a hole and all that stuff. Gee, I feel silly that I was scared of this box thing. She said I need to stay in my little area for a little while longer to make sure I know what to do and then I can come out and socialize with everyone else. I\'m gonna show them all I\'m a good boy and then watch out when I get to come out and play with my sisters and the big dog. I think I\'ll be the life of the party! ~a~ Thank you for helping my Momma so much with your responses. I guess we can all use a little help now and then.
  • Thea PowellThea Powell Member Posts: 852
    edited 21 August, 2008
    Wonderful new Akira, have lots of fun in your new forever home:-h
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