Sylvester Road Kill - Part 2

Sarah MatterSarah Matter Member Posts: 113
edited 24 August, 2008 in Cat Health
Hello All! Well Sly here is doing good. He is now standing and walking around a little. He was doing so well and since I\'m not financially stable right now to deal with his neuter, another x-ray, and vaccines on top of the other kitties. I decided to see it the Humane Society would take him and with his story I was sure that he\'d get adopted out quick. I called a few weeks ago and they said give them a little time to get some animals adopted out and then they\'d take him. Today was the day we were going to drop him off. I was really excited because I knew that he\'s get the proper vet care and this Humane Society is awesome. Sly had accumulated some sores on him that I assumed was from the urine and 2x daily baths. Well the manager said that he had ring worm and refused to take him. She did the black light test and gave us some medicine to treat him with. I\'m at a loss right now because my landlord went bizerk and WILL NOT let me keep him in the house. He has been staying at my mom\'s on the porch, well with the ring worm; there is no way that my mom is letting him back on the porch. I\'m so upset right now, because I am not in a financial state to care for him or IF my other kids get it.... I\'m literally screwed. Another thing that has upset me was that one of the workers there told me that they have 4 cats in quarantine right now with RING WORM. Ugh! Please pray that this ring worm clears up ASAP and that I can find him somewhere to go ASAP. I love him and I really just want what\'s best for him. The lady at the Humane Society suggested that I let him out to be an outside cat! I was so mad... I\'m like this is what happens to outside cats! Right now, I brought him home against my landlord wishes in hope that I can find somewhere for him SOON. I gave him a Lyme-dip tonight and will put some anti fungal medicine on it once he dries. If anyone knows what precautions I should take now that he\'s in my house... he has been away from all the dogs except 2 since he was at my mom\'s. But the 2 dogs have since been around the other dogs. HELP!
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