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How do you like Before Grain dry?

Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson Member Posts: 556
edited 10 September, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
Looking for feedback from those who feed Before Grain dry food - good, bad, whatever! :)) Isabelle currently eats Taste of the Wild and is doing well on it, but I got her a sample bag of the Tuna Before Grain and she went nuts over it! :D I am highly skeptical that she will eat the wet, as it appears to be pieces of meat (she doesn\'t do chunks), but I might pick up a can or two and try it out anyway.


  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 8 September, 2008
    The Before Grain canned is pate-like. There are no chunks. The beef one does have texture but it's easily smushed up. The canned are only supplemental foods because they do not contain any vitamins or minerals.
  • Nicole ZiembaNicole Ziemba Member Posts: 295
    edited 8 September, 2008
    Yeah, the BG canned is shredded like human canned tuna or chicken. My cats do not like it either. It is not balanced anyways, just meat, no vitamins or such. As for the dry, I was real close to putting my cats on it, bought the chicken and the tuna small bags. The girls like it. I think it is kind of crumbly and too small to chew. My cats basically swallow it whole. As for being called Before Grain, I forgot the formula, but it has higher carbs then a lot of Grain Free foods. As for TOTW, that is too funny because that is what I want to switch my girls too, they went crazy. The carb content is a bit lower then BG and it didn't seem as crumbly. Also, the TOTW has more meat base to it. Good luck with your choice, I know it drives me nuts!!
  • Haley SalitrosHaley Salitros Member Posts: 107
    edited 9 September, 2008
    My cats both enjoyed the Tuna and Chicken BG. I took them off the Tuna because it gave Sneakers the runs. (He's got a fish allergry, we think). The chicken contains a fish oil only, and he's doing way better. My kitten and my adult cat each get 1/2 C. a day split into two meals. They eat for a sit, and then leave a snack for later. It's the first food I've given them that will "fill" them. everything else (Innova, Nature's Varirety Pairie, cheap Purina when I was uneducated....) they have hoovered and whined for more. Sneakers poop is good. Their coats are pretty. It's a reasonable price. I also give a 1/8 can of wet at night as a snack. I just tried BG wet, but it is meat only--not a balanced meal. They had turkey tonight and really liked it. It was pate, not in shreds. My only complaint is that I wish the dry had the same variety as the wet. They only offer tuna, salmon and chicken. For most cats, that variety is good, but my cat can't eat the fish. It's still a new food, so I'm hoping they'll eventually come up with more dry forumlas.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 9 September, 2008
    Callie, your BG canned is shredded meat? :-k The cans I have are pate-like. There is no shredded meat pieces in them. :-k Merrick suggests feed the BG canned alonside the BG dry (or any dry) to provide an extra source of high protein meat. I only eat it as an occasional snack.
  • Nicole ZiembaNicole Ziemba Member Posts: 295
    edited 9 September, 2008
    Well maybe not shreds but it sure wasn\'t a pate like seemed like chicken I would make chickensalad with. It looked like canned meat I would buy. My girls didn\'t like it...they hate human food so I guess they thought it was. We only tried the chicken.
  • Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson Member Posts: 556
    edited 9 September, 2008
    Well I bought a bag of the Tuna flavor to mix in with what\'s left of TOTW. I go back and forth about which kind is the best (in my price range), it drives me nuts! I wish I could be comfortable with just one kind! It makes me wonder how I\'ll ever handle having kids!! :)) I tried the canned BG, too, and agree that it\'s a watery pate style, and she doesn\'t like that either. I got a few Merrick cans, too, and thought it would be a total hit since it\'s kind thick, a little chunky but not big chunks, but its a no go for some reason. :-k I\'ll try the surf n\' turf flavor tomorrow just in case it was a flavor reason. Thanks for all the responses!
  • Nicole ZiembaNicole Ziemba Member Posts: 295
    edited 10 September, 2008
    Good luck Isabelle finding a canned that you like. My girls did not like EVO, Merrick, BG, Spots Stew, and Eagle Pack was a so-so...they like Wellness only. They have expensive taste! :^: How much is the BG vs. the TOTW in your area? The BG is more expensive in my area. I do not remember off the top of my head but I do know that TOTW is only $9.99 for a 5 lb bag. I bought Artemis Maximal for $15.99 for a 4 lb bag, so switching to Taste is an easy decision for me. Good luck Isabelle...
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