Want To Make Your Human: SCREAM!

Amber GonzlaezAmber Gonzlaez San AntonioMember Posts: 9,175
edited 14 September, 2008 in Plus Fun
Bring a grasshopper in from the 2nd story balcony and let it go next to your female human (I found out that it works best if she is sitting on the floor) It will jump on her and she will scream her head off while running around the house trying to brush it off...even though I have already eaten it! HEE HEE!!!! :)):))! Try it! Moe


  • fiddle Kittenfiddle Kitten KalispellMember Posts: 1,867
    edited 12 September, 2008
    yea! :))!:))!:))! I have done the same thing with dead birds! :)) even men freak out then! :))
  • Deb CainDeb Cain San AugustineMember Posts: 14,035
    edited 12 September, 2008
    Oh ya'll, you are right what fun! Plus sneak a live critter in and let it loose on their bed, preferably while they are waking up!:c9:c9:-O::o~a~
  • Elizabeth ClarkeElizabeth Clarke BerkeleyMember Posts: 1,818 ✭✭
    edited 12 September, 2008
    I did this once with a big daddy longlegs! :)) Mom caught me slurping down the last wiggling legs and nearly had a stroke! :))!
  • Kristyn LuksKristyn Luks Member Posts: 32,266
    edited 13 September, 2008
    MOL! I don\'t think I could do something so cruel to my momma. She is petrified of bugs. It doesn\'t matter what type they are...they just freak her out. :))!:))!
  • Leeann BooneLeeann Boone HartfordMember Posts: 2,212
    edited 14 September, 2008
    Oh for those of you that dog siblings, they could find a dead bird deliver it to the back door and start barking their head off!:)) Max did this with a dead woodpecker when mom was just 5 yrs old and grandpa said he's never heard someone scream so loud!:))! Almost 14 years later and mom STILL has a phobia dead birds!:))!
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