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I can\'t stop begging for human food!

Donna MillerDonna Miller CarpentersvilleMember Posts: 10
edited 14 October, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
I am addicted to people food. My humans put me in a room when they eat because I'll climb into their plates and take their food. The humans try to tell me 'no', but I don't listen very well...gee, I'm just a baby |^| My humans are wondering if anybody has tips on how to train me not to beg and steal the people food. I eat the Meow Mix they leave out for my sister Maxie too, but I'd rather have the people food.


  • Tara WTara W St. PaulMember Posts: 939
    edited 30 September, 2008
    You are begging and stealing people food because Meow Mix is nutritionally incomplete for a cat. Your body wants REAL food and so you're always hungry. Ask your humans to please look into getting you a better diet, preferably a high quality canned food if not a raw diet. There are many threads regarding proper nutrition here on catster, so just take a look at a few threads for recommendations. We are raw fed kitties and would obviously recommend that.
  • Sam GresockSam Gresock Lexington, SCMember Posts: 27
    edited 1 October, 2008
    Has your mom tried feeding you in another room before they eat? We disagree that you are necessarily hungry because you eat Meow Mix. We are eating Evo and Wellness and I STILL beg when Mom is cooking or packing her lunch. We also think this might be because you are still a kitten. Our mom would probably just put us in another room if we were getting on the table or bothering them while eating. Our dog bro and sis have food issues and bark while Mom and Dad eat. So, they started to give them rawhides or separate them. Sometimes that is the easiest way. Kitties are difficult to \"train\" sometimes.
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 5 October, 2008
    Your people just need to keep you off the table or sofa, wherever they eat, when they are eating. Also if you jump up they might (gently!) make the ssss noise kitties naturally hate when they put you back on the floor. And never, ever, give in to your whining! I know it's hard because you're so cute, but they must do it. If it means putting you in another room while they eat, so be it. They have to remember, it won't be cute when you get big.
  • Donna MillerDonna Miller CarpentersvilleMember Posts: 10
    edited 9 October, 2008
    My human mommie thanks everybody for their advice. I'm getting a little better. They put me in another room when they eat and I'm getting better at not begging so much, but I really LOVE chicken and scratched my human mommy last night when she cooked some for her lunch today...oops :? My human mommy tries not to feed me people food (except some chicken :-#), but the older humans (especially grandpa) still slips me nibbles when mommy isn't around to say "no" I tried stealing some pear juice from my human, but I got in trouble. She said it was too sweet and might give me a tummy ache, so I didn't get any. I got a Pounce treat for being a good girl during her dinner though. ~a~
  • Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
    edited 13 October, 2008
    I eat wellness and i still beg for food. The thing its im overweight! Moms caught me trying to climb into the garbage, licking grease off our tailgating gril. For me, I think its just the hunt of food and to see what i can get away with. As soon as someone catches me i run and hide because i know im bad. When mom feeds us i usually eat a few bites and walk away. If i am denied human food all day ( which is 99% of the time) i am fine eating my own food. I dont go on the table anymore but ill put my front paws on your leg when your eating, or try to knock your arm when you have food on your fork. Or if your eating on the couch ill sit right next to you and look really really cute.
  • keri cruzkeri cruz BrooklynMember Posts: 57
    edited 14 October, 2008
    my kitty love people food mostly meats like pork or ham stuff like that i try not to but my baby like it so much i feel bad:-#
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