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I refuse to eat wetfood!

janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
edited 3 October, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
Meowma is trying to transition us to at least half our food being canned, but we have a small problem. I am 12, and rocky is 8, and we have never had wet food. We have refused to eat any of the wet foods Meowma has brought home, from cheapy kind to the real expensive stuff. Meowma even took our dry food away, so now we are eating NOTHING. Well, Meowma did have to get my medicine into me, so broke down and squished up five of the semisoft pounce kitty treats in a teaspoon of cooked squash and my 1.5 cc of Lactalose, with a tablespoon of water, and I did eat that (using less of the kitty treats did not fool me into eating!) Well, we know we can't just eat cheap kitty treats for the rest of our lives, so does anyone have any suggestions? For instance, how can we make the human ditch this stupid idea of changing our food? Anyway, Meow:))


  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,807 ✭✭✭
    edited 1 October, 2008
    Any changes to your diet should be done gradually. Changing too quickly can cause digestive upset, and not eating at all can cause hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease). I'd suggest your human keep you on your dry diet while trying different flavors of wet until you find something you'll accept. Then, over time, you can start eating more wet and less dry. If worse comes to worst, a decent quality dry food is likely fine as long as you're drinking enough water and don't have health problems where a dry diet would be contraindicated. In that case, your human might want to try offering water in various locations and from different vessels (bowls, glasses, fountains, faucets, etc.) to make sure you're getting enough water.
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 1 October, 2008
    Boo Boo you must eat, even if it is dry food, if you are to switch to wet or even partially you have to do it slowly, here is a link that may be some help. Good luck:)
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 1 October, 2008
    I should have said "this afternoon we are eating nothing", as Meowma only didn't give us any dry for the afternoon, just to see if we would est any of the canned stuff if there wasn't a whole bown of dry around. It didn't work. She still has six or seven little cans to offer, though, so we will have "nothing" for a half day every day intil something gives. Actually, it would not be so important, especially at our ages, except that I have been to the vet twice in as many weeks due to constipation-- I do drink plenty of water, the vet says wet food may help me, plus Meowma needs to mix my meds into someting I will eat. Otherwise she will have to force me to take it through oral syringe, and thats too traumatic for both of us. And Rocky is prone to getting UTIs, and not drinking--so wet food would help him as well. If we will not eat any of the wet food, then Meowma may have to give up. She was just hoping that maybe someone knows of a brand that really picky kitties will eat. If it's not the best for us that's ok, as we do get 'good stuff' for our dry food. Thanks all!
  • Janet PlymireJanet Plymire IllinoisMember Posts: 344
    edited 2 October, 2008
    BooBoo could you list what canned foods you have tried so far so we know what else to suggest to you? P.S. Say meow to your brother Rocky for me...from one Snowshoe to another :D
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 3 October, 2008
    Bandit, Rocky says howdy--and to tell you he's loving all the rejected canned food BooBoo won't eat! At least the 'junk food' ones- he won't try the more expensive type either. So far we have tried Wellness, Nutro Natural in the pouch, Eukanuba and one other Meowma forgets...also Meow mix in the little tub and Fancy Feast which at least Rocky is eating, and we have Avoderm and Sophisti-cat left to try this week. Meowma does not want to open more than one a day, so this is taking a while!
  • Janet PlymireJanet Plymire IllinoisMember Posts: 344
    edited 3 October, 2008
    We were eating Wellness for several months and suddenly became tired of it...don\'t know why. So mom, in her desperation to keep us eating, bought some canned Friskies :-O. I know, it has Meat by-products in it, but we\'re eating it and it is low carb, so it\'s safe for my diabetic brother too. Our favorite is the Chicken & Liver flavor =; She won\'t buy us anything with wheat gluten in it though, that is usually the flavors that contain gravy. She still slips in a can of Wellness every now and then, sometimes we\'ll eat it, other times we walk away. :-k Some others you may want to try are: California Natural Eagle Pack Nature\'s Variety EVO I\'ll probably get blasted for telling you this, but give the Friskies canned a try. I think it\'s better than the Nutro pouches or the Meow Mix. Maybe offer it as a snack, just a little at a time. Make you think you\'re getting something special, MOL. :)) You gotta eat, so I hope your mom finds something you\'ll like. Even if canned food is half your diet and the other half dry, it\'s better than no canned at all. Oh, another trick you could try is to crush up some of your favorite kibble, and lightly sprinkle it over the canned food. I\'ve heard this works for some resistant kitties. Good Luck and keep us posted how you\'re doing.
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